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This song is so technical, and the movie cuts into different shots so quickly making it easier for the viewer to figure out. Intro Starts with Suga dressed as a King, sitting in an old gloomy kind of a mystery ghost haunted palace. The music sounds like old time folk saga and “Myonggeum ilha Ddaechwita Harab Shinda Yea” means like he is giving permission to something. May be a marching slogan. I don’t know exactly. My Korean is not that good. This is my understanding. If you know any better version, Pls let me know in the comments at the very bottom of this page. Then he looks at the palace courtyard. they are filled with bodies. (Actually they used straw bags to make them see like Human bodies.) Sounds like destruction. is going to happen.

Then the scene is switched to an old time street. A man wearing a kind of hat that folks usually use to cover from sunlight as well as cover their faces from other people recognizing them, (men in disguise or people who want to hide their identity) walks by. The bullock cart also helps to indicate that old time period. He lifts his head and the scene is changed to a historical market. I think they used a drama set up for the street market, because it reminds me of many historical Korean drama sets I’ve seen and Sugar is standing in the middle of it. The people in the market remind of historical times by their dress cord, all occupied in their activities. With “yeh” Suga lifts his head up and we see his eyes, and the eye of the frightened bull, and suddenly a person chopping meat. Indicate fear, suffering and pain.

Then the scene is switched to modern era Suga rapping in front of an old era building. Connecting the past and present. “Daechwita daechwita sound it loud Daechwita” slogan, and back to the old scene with Suga wearing the hat turning back connects the past and present memories or pain. and back to modern era rapping madly, and again he is in the old time butcher shop while the rapping goes on. This scene of back and forth is shown several times and then the old time Suga also raps walking in the old street madly ” Say it loud Daechwita” He raps in the market without his hat on now exposed, so he has no fear now. ” Glitter glitter look at my crown glitter” “Remember the days gone by remember” Jin and Jungkook are seen collapsing to each other and fighting in the streets behind Sugar ” We so fly we so fly privet jet we so fly” raps Suga freely. Next scene, he is back in the castle as the king.

Putting together the scenes so far, I see him trying to say that gone are the days you made us suffer. This can be anything, freedom of expression, days of fear and pain, and the butcher shop can be an indication of those days of sufferings to the core. The bull and the eyes of the bull flashing back and forth old time suffering folk and Suga covered with the hat grunts “Uh” indicates those days of hiding without expressing himself. Then he transcends from the old to new without the hat. Now he is fearless. Indirectly saying that, coming are the days where you can walk freely without hiding and express yourself freely.

Next verse “Born a slave now a king” connects the scene of the poor people in the market and suffering, now transformed to a king with power. every one bows down to him. “Berserk tiger Gwanghae flow” Born in a ditch but rise up a dragoon” “That’s the way I live” he keeps rapping in the courtyard, while every one is in their heads bowed to the ground ” Sorry but don’t worry” “I got lots to loose“Shove the past into a rice chest” “I am about to dine on what I know is mine” Next scene he has turned to a modern gangster Suga from the King Suga.

If we analyze this fierce word play, Born a slave now he is a powerful king. In Korean society, a slave can never become a king. Berserk tiger is a destructive beast from the stories. Gwanghae, was a tragic king troubled by the various threats to his crown, finally became a tyrant. I assume that is what he means by saying “Gwanghae flow“. he tries to tell that he doesn’t care, he knows he has various threats but he is a destructive tiger. Both tiger and dragon are symbols of Royalty and power. So he lives the life of a dragon. “I got lots to loose” can mean no matter how people try to harm him he is still secure. He is over flowing. Shove the past into a rice chest can be the indication of a piece of history of Prince Sado, who was not given an opportunity to express himself or to reign. At the age of 27 he was executed by order of his father and died of starvation by being confined in a rice chest. So Suga may be saying that he is not the kind to go in the rice chest. He is about to claim what truly is his, his freedom of expression.

Let’s go to King Suga turned into modern gangster Suga “Shut up, yeah, you calling me a pup, yeah” He is inside a room. Again in a flash he is back as King. “I was born a tiger” back in a flash he is in the modern era ” I ain’t no week pill-popper like you” he is not a person who takes pills for free. Again King Suga pointing at people on their heads to the ground “Pathetic putting on a talent show” Modern Suga ” Not gonna lie what a shit show” Again King Suga “I got no pretensions just kill ‘em all” Back again modern gangster “Ain’t no exceptions I watch you fall” King: “Flexing I got none I don’t need one” “Who’s the king who’s the boss”You all know my name” All shit-talk they got no game Off with their heads”

If we analyze this part, Modern Suga is saying that he is not a week puppy or a pill popper. And he is not going to lie about their bad show. While the King in him says, that he was a born tiger meaning he is a strong person. He is not going to put up with people doing a pathetic talent show. and off with their heads. While old time king would have done off with their heads, Modern Sug has no exceptions, will get them down. He is telling indirectly that he is at the top and everyone knows his name. And indirectly telling everyone to work hard for their success without waiting for others to hand you over everything in a silver plate.

Next scene we are shown that the King has lined up all the pill poppers captive and he is about to behead someone. Then we see the king rapping, upstairs of the castle. “Daechwita daechwita sound it loud Daechwita“. He is collecting the fallen heads in boxes. He has a good collection piling up hah! He looks back, we are in another scene now in the modern era depicting a car arriving making a smoky sandy pollution. Again the king is upstairs rapping “Dechwita” . Now modern Sug is in the car enjoying and smiling, so many quick transitions back and forth to the king and people to die and the sandy pollution causing by the car. After seeing the sarcastic smile on the King’s face, I come to think that is he trying to say or ask the question “has things really changed bro?”

It seems like he has achieved all his goals and gone to the highest, but he wants to touch the ground so badly but it is impossible. There is no solution just keep going up and up.

Now modern sug is rapping “Hit this town then cut and run in a jet” Now he seem to have faster means and getting fiercer. “This country’s too small to hold me in yet” Woo, who says time is money? My time is worth more than that.” Sug now raps inside the car. “Tic tok, got a stick up your ass” “I’m about to spit in your face“. So those tic tockers wasting time, he is about to spit on their face. Indirectly saying do not waste your time on useless gossip. “Revenues keep going (soo soo soo soo) up-up-up-up-up-up and up” “Everyday, Bang PD keeps dancing on-on-on-on-on-on and on” and we go back to the king’s sarcastic face again. “I’m so thankful I’m a genius” raps modern Sug again. “That’s your excuse for popping pills, cry me a river you just got no skills” So he is calling himself a genius and also telling those who call themselves a genius and not doing anything till they are given everything, is no excuse. He is using his words as a sward to tell them that they got no skills. and the King points his finger down indicating they have no excuse. down with them.

Now modern Sug is tied up in front of the castle with fires burning around him and he raps “I got everything I wanted, what more’ll make me feel contented?” “I wanted clothes, clothes, then money, money, then goal, goal now what’s next” He has achieved everything and achieved his goal. Now his eyes are tied too. ” Yeah what’s next, here comes my reality check there’s nowhere higher” “I only looked up and now I want to look down and put my feet on the ground I’m a king I’m a boss” ” Remember my name” “All shit-talk they got no game” “Off with their heads” “I’m a king I’m a boss” “You all know my name All shit-talk they got no game” “Off with their heads“. Hear come the King again.

Now this part is interesting. The King who was was born a slave and became the king, confronts the genius who claims he has achieved all his goals. only to be the victim of the tyrant king. They are both Suga of course. Even in front of the King, the genius is not afraid. He keep saying “Dechwita play it loud” slogan. All the people who were on their heads down the flor are now sitting with their heads up nodding with the genius. May be they too are not afraid anymore. The king seems like, he has killed the genius Suga. The boy wakes up again removing the cloth covering his eyes. The person who was going to kill him with the sward bows to him and hands him a gun. Sug walks with the gun and confronts his King personality and shoots.

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To me this indicates that their haters are no haters any more. They have become his fans now. Together they overcome the tyrant. This can mean any tyrant, Can be his own tyrant self. Or can be his haters. Since the King and the modern genius keep saying similar words, this can mean a duality in a single person.

Sug has gone to such bold and fierce wordplay this time. Even Bang PD is not spared. He proves that a song writer can use his pen and words and they are better than a sward. He shows that even today is no different than the days gone by. People like him, need more horizons than locked in a small space. He used to live hidden in the past without expressing and now he is powerful and can express himself boldly without fear and also slash his opponents straightaway. No matter what, his haters turn into his fans.

I like the Audacity of him to write this song and perform it on stage in a country like South Korea or anywhere. That’s why I love this wordplay.


I am adding this later after watching the making of the music video. Sug says, at the market, the butcher he met was the one standing to chop his head off. That is interesting. So my theory of the spy is right. Someone hiding passes the message to the butcher. Social uprising against the tyrant. So the butcher saves his life and gives him the gun to kill the monster. just as the tyrant Gwanghae was expelled.

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