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Jungkook opens standing in an old dusty monochrome room with furniture covered in white cloth. Indicating that this is from a past memory. Lyrics “You in my imagination are so vivid” indicates that he remembers his mates and they are not there anymore. Then suddenly we are focused to Jimin standing in a similar room saying, “as if you are right there but I reach out my hand and you suddenly disappear” He too is unable to reach his friends. This is a sad situation. All monochrome images bring the feeling. Suddenly Jungkook is back on the same room as before saying ” From all the memories stored in my heart I gather the once of you, link them together” V’s baritone is taking us to the next phase beautifully in a same kind of environment ” Gazing at them projected across the room I see you with every burst of pain” a nice kind of transformation. He too remembers and the Chorus shows Jin walking in to the room, but no one is there.

He is seeing the other members in a different room. They are like past statues not moving. RM suddenly starts saying “decay too far absorbing no light and water sealing my wounded heart with a rootless, leafless vow. Two glasses placed side by side, their role never fulfilled, just as they were since you last touched them” This brings the gist of the story. I feel by those words, that they were on a mission and has parted without accomplishing it. Jin sees them but he is in another level and cannot reach his friends. Jin says ” from all the memories stored in my heart, I gather the once of you,” he turns back and now the others are in the same room but if you notice the video you will see the arrangement is changed. Indicating another phase. Jungkook sings ” Gazing at them projected across the room, I feel you with every burst of pain” He is the only one who can see and feel jin it seems like. Jin has a Time measure. He holds it in his hand and watches the sand falling. meaning he is passing his time in another place and wanting to reach them but will time be able to catch up with theirs? Jungkook has a time glass too and he looks at it. Their time at that place has run out. He feels it.

Now Suga is in another plain. “Don’t have to be right. Just wanted you to stay the way you are. Kind hearted, always smiling, but” he sings. Right back Jin is watching others but now J Hope has joined Sugar but he is on another side, as Jin turns towards those two. J Hope sings “If tears can be measured, it took this long, but I’ve barely made it by your side.” Now Jungkook says “and found you” as Jin turns back, His time in that place is running out fast. Unable to reach Jungkook and either Suga and J Hope. Jin’s plain is destroyed his time out unable to reach anyone. Now V sings ” From all the memories stored in my heart I gather the once of you, link them together.” as the place is being destroyed. ” Jimin sings “ Gazing at them projected across the room, I fall asleep with you vivid in my arms ” He appears in another completely different place as jin start to run back saying “The words you whisper, resonance wonder aimlessly around the room” He is in a completely different place again unable to reach any of his friends. in the sky Isolated. and a new beginning. He wonders aimlessly around.

Next frame they are all together. Jimin “ The fragrance I smell, the warmth I feel As long as it lasts, as long as it lasts” By what Jimin says I think although they are in different places now as long as the memory is there they are together. Yes, I am right, they are all in different places. and Jin singing “You in my imagination, are so vivid” and V sings ” As if you are right there, but I reach out my hand and you suddenly disappear” and he tries to reach the place where Jin was and he is not there.

This Music Video was all monochrome. Fits with the mood. Based on a movie, The gist of the song is, that they were once there all together to fulfill a mission. But somehow they were unable to fulfill it to the extent they thought as RM’s lyrics say. Before mission complete they had to go their own ways separately. but they all missed each other and feel for each other. Although they are unable to reach, the love and the cause is not forgotten. Just like a movie the Music Video is well planned and each emotion and frame well put together. Beautiful lyricism. I love this song.

Mahesha Idddagoda

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