BTS uploaded their big hit Dynamite back on GRAMMY awards show again

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BTS’s Supper hit top chart song “Dynamite” was removed from the Grammy awards after their anti fans reported that it is unfair that BTS fans “Army” has been purchasing the album online multiple times and that made the song top up the charts again. It never went off the charts before, and this was the first time such an incident happened. This happened just before being nominated for the awards.

BTS has a huge fan base and we do not know how this happened. There was an announcement of a virtual concert of Dynamite on Facebook. It went viral. May be this might have been the reason for the huge buying trend. Somehow it was disappointing.

BTS however, Uploaded their video again on GRAMMY . Showing an Angelic style Dynamite Again. Good work BTS, I Don’t know how the multiple buying happened and what really was the cause to it, BTS stopped uploading their content suddenly while other companies are continuing to upload their content. on YouTube. Fans were disappointed. Did BTS abandon them?

Of course not, They have started uploading their content for their fans again. BTS might not be responsible for the fan’s buying trend. But I don’t know the Army buying multiple copies is fair. Anything BTS sells well. What do you think? Is It OK to multiple buy?

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