Vincenzo Episode 4: Review and Recap Revenge begins

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Episode 4 of Vincenzo begins right on the epiphany of that shocking last episode, with the white truck of doom ploughing into both Yu-Chan and Vincenzo. Cha Young rushes to the scene dropping the umbrella in shock, as Vincenzo and Yu-Chan are rushed to the hospital.

Yu-Chan is pronounced dead while Vincenzo is still alive. With both Vincenzo and Yu-Chan out of the picture, Babel’s new drug is approved. Cha-Young continues to weep for her Father, but in the midst of this, a body is washed up on the shore, and believes to be the researcher.

Cha-Young packs up her Father’s things, including a photo of her and Yu-Chan together. The residents of the building starts to think about the good things Vincenzo has been doing for the community. At the hospital, Vincenzo wakes up and seems absolutely fine.

When Cha-Young finds out about the dead researcher, she heads into the law firm and hands in her letter of resignation. Meanwhile, an angry Vincenzo heads back to the restaurant and revisits the horrific event that took the life of Yu-Chan. Meanwhile, Chairman Jung receives a nasty surprise with his pillow full of needles.

While the law firm deliberates over who could have sent it, Cha-Young returns to the law firm and announces loudly and proudly that Law Firm Jipuragi is coming back to life. However, that is until she is called to the police station to justify where she was at the night of the incident.

Cha-Young has an alibi, a neighbor who has seen her where she was during the incident, which proves it was not her. Meanwhile, Joon-Woo shows up and exerts his authority. It was Vincenzo who brings CCTV footage with the time stamp proving where she was at the time of the incident and manages to get her out.

Joon-Woo also meets Vincenzo, pronouncing his name correctly and claiming that he did a background check on him in the past. While Cha-Young gets rid of her old assistant, Vincenzo and Cha-Young head out together. While drinking, Vincenzo encourages her to shut down the law firm and hits her with some home truths, including how there’s no way she’ll be able to win against Babel.

Cha-Young wants to team up with Vincenzo, to take down those responsible. Finally both of them come to agreement on their own terms and head in to visit an inmate who was responsible for driving the truck.

Vincenzo asks for who hired him, which shows up the name Mr Pyo. While Cha-Young fumes over being unable to do anything to stop Mr Lee, Vincenzo knows exactly what to do and loudly proclaims that he’s been helping them and he thanks the man profusely for what he’s done. and he promises to use his testimony to re-investigate the case before leaving.

This, of course, became problematic for Mr Lee who’s stopped by the inmates and gets beaten down. After stabbing him in the neck, he’s left to die while the prison guards look the other way. Word of this reaches Vincenzo and Cha-Young, as the latter asks Vincenzo not to do anything that will get people killed from now on.

Vincenzo manages to tie up and interrogate Mr Pyo and his senior in an abandoned building. He eventually kills them both , as it seems, dropping off the bloody clothes at the launderette where Myung-Hee happens to be.

Vincenzo phones and scares the lawyer, hiring the truck of doom which suddenly stops right in front of the store where men and women dressed as cleaners enter and request the workers to move and give way to cleaning as they fills the store with gases. This, as it turns out, is all Vincenzo as he shows up with his trademark lighter and lights the match when they’re done.

Much like in episode 1, Vincenzo drops the lighter and watches as fire spreads throughout the building, consuming the interior hungrily with the RDU-90 stock. As Vincenzo and the others speed away from the warehouse, the authorities are called to try in vain to put out the fire.

All the residents inside Geumga Plaza were the ones responsible for fumigating the place, getting their own back on Babel. While the Chairman Jang watching helplessly, the real boss steps forward, It is Jang Joon-Woo who watches the building burn down to the ground.

Vincenzo is seen saying in Italian ” I will win”.

Episode review:

Finally Vincenzo gets the balance right, with a much more measurable blend of comedy and drama.

The death of Mr Hong is just the stimulus this series needed to shift from unwanted clumsy comedy with dark drama to a much more driven and smooth transition between the two states.

Now the humor is much more stable and actually makes sense in the context of the characters and their roles.

Cha-Young’s cute moments are a lot more nicer with her now she’s decided to leave Babel, while the over-the-top mannerisms from Joon-Woo make much more sense.

This sets the battle lines up nicely between Babel and Geumga Plaza.

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