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Our lead strikes up a speculative association with the dedicated attorney of Geumga Plaza to attempt to save the structure from destruction. Being the longshot is another experience for our Vincenzo, and he battles to adjust to this new climate. However, with his remarkable techniques and his new attorney colleague’s in and out information on their adversary, they may very well get an opportunity.

Scene 2 of Vincenzo starts with Vincenzo himself pulling Seok-Do up from the window as he moans about the scar that Vincenzo may well have left him. He advises his thugs to assault… similarly as cops show up and scatter them prior to everything detonates into confusion.

In the consequence of this, Yu-Chan approaches Vincenzo and converses with him about his measuring tape stunt. He advises Vincenzo to return home however he won’t do as such, encouraging to battle for the structure and get it back. As he leaves, a columnist shows up to address Vincenzo yet he’s clearly effectively left.

With him out of the picture, different occupants consider showing Vincenzo a thing or two. Indeed, paying little thought to what they do, they all choose to stay together for now.

Vincenzo heads to the medical clinic and addresses the Geumga Plaza occupant Jo Young-woon hit by the feared truck, who turns out to be bad yet at the same time alive. He discusses the structure and begs him to annihilate the structure before Babel do.

3 years back we see a little bit of the room holding the gold underground. It turns out there’s an exceptional contraption with the basement, which sets off charges to annihilate the establishments on the off chance that anybody attempts to break in.

This gathering with Wang Shaolin at last cuts us forward 2 years after the fact where the news uncovers that he kicked the bucket of a heart failure after a dip. After this, Vincenzo attempted to get the gold across to this structure. Be that as it may, we’re as yet not totally sure how.

In the present, Vincenzo puts forth a valiant effort to attempt to discover a route into the sanctuary however keeps on raising his voice which, obviously, surprises the priests.

In the mean time, Cha-Young is near wrapping up the Babel case, given her Father has no more aces in the hole to play. Nonetheless, she unexpectedly gets a visit from Joon-Woo who affirms that Babel’s drug division have called with dire news. One of the quarantined researchers have disappeared.

This makes Cha-Young head out and address the Chairman of Babel straightforwardly yet he disregards her hello as she by and by heads off course to her vehicle. Cha-Young at last talks herself up as she goes to see her Father.

Vincenzo addresses Yu-Chan also and figures out how to persuade him to confide in the consigliere until further notice. Yu-Chan gives permission to see every one of the reports on Babel.

While he glances through them, Cha-Young appears and claims she’s lost her wallet. Obviously, this is each of the a ploy to see the Babel archives. Well Vincenzo has contemplations on Babel, calling them all butt nuggets. Given Cha-Young is as of now there she’s shocked as Yu-Chan steers Vincenzo’s detesting toward Law Firm Wusang, which Cha-Young clearly works for.

Cha-Young follows him out and the two breeze up eating food together. While they hang tight for their dishes, Cha-Young advises him to make a beeline for Italy. A fight breaks out in the café however, which prompts Vincenzo’s food spilling everywhere on his lap.

This definitely takes him back to Chef Toto where he makes him saffron risotto. Indeed he lets the food out and tells the gourmet specialist it poses a flavor like spewed child food. Toto is taken a back when he hears this however, as Vincenzo takes off to see Deok-Jin, the mobster working at Investment and Development.

With a Bill of Indictment close by, Vincenzo powers a gathering and sits with this chief. The envelope he has is totally unfilled however, which is a ploy to get in the room with this man. Vincenzo takes steps threatening to take his family and kidnap him, as we hear another reference to The Godfather. It appears to work as well.

Back at the workplace they get familiar with how this activity functions. In spite of being unlawful, Law Firm Wusang coercively remove the occupants one week after the notification and afterwards crush the non-neighborhoods as a method of scaring the remainder of the inhabitants.

At the point when the inhabitants leave, they’re given a little settlement yet it’s insufficient, particularly given how unlawful this is.

While they work on a solution, Vincenzo and Yu-Chan head out together for a beverage where Vincenzo learns the significance behind the title of his law office. Just, he gets an unpropitious call from somebody out in the downpour who we later discover is the informant. Yu-Chan before long hangs up however and the pair keep drinking together.

In the mean time, mixed around this story is a different plot line including Prosecutor Myung-Hee. She’s being made the fall casualty for a few financial specialists yet she’s having totally none of it.

Seung-Hyeok appears however and urges her to join his law office. With Babel bunch on their side, he makes a persuading argument as Myung-Hee concedes that the liquor is getting to her. On the back of this, Myung-Hee delivers her notification, asserting she’s tired of being her supervisor’s dog.

After this, she appears as Woosung Law Firm as a senior legal advisor. With her solidly set to dominate, Cha-Young isn’t actually excited to see her. Every other person be that as it may, is cheerful given Cha-Young’s conduct.

Indeed, the group hold a meeting where Seung-Hyeok goes over his arrangement to expel those inside Geumga Plaza. Cha-Young is upset however, particularly with the manner in which she’s been pushed out of this activity. She laments the occupants for not moving out voluntarily, showing she’s totally unsympathetic to their predicament.

Vincenzo makes a beeline for Yu-Chan ‘s condo and learns interestingly that Cha-Young is his daughter. The photos of her up on the divider are altogether different from the character we’ve come to see here however.

In any case, Cha-Young comes smashing in and reports that there’s a major issue with the building. Before she can declare the destruction date, that specialist informant telephones Yu-Chan and requests to meet.

In any case, he hurries out to find out the status of him while Vincenzo finds out about the destruction of Geumga Plaza. Cha-Young declares that she couldn’t care less about the occupants however, she simply thinks often about her own business and her Father’s wellbeing.

Vincenzo considers how he can deal with assisting them, as he appears at the Geumga Plaza meeting. The just one missing is Yu-Chan who’s clearly out at his gathering.

With time running fast, every one of our characters consider precisely what to do to attempt to save Geumga Plaza. Day goes to night and Park Seok-Do organizes every one of the diggers. Just, when they arrive they’re halted by an extemporaneous gathering outside brimming with dancing, food slows down and fire-breathers.

It’s a beautiful quick ploy, one that sees the spot overflowing with individuals. At the point when Cha-Young shows up she sees Vincenzo and the others celebrating which puts a wry grin across her face. What’s more, presently we perceive how this became.

Vincenzo put his own face and genuine name all over web-based media to make this a prominent occasion on Outstagram. As they gaze each other down, Vincenzo offers his glass of wine.

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