K-pop stars BTS condemn rise in anti-Asian violence and discrimination

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K-pop group BTS posted online that they condemn the increase of violence towards Asians and said that they have sometimes been caused to feel upset even with racial slurs.

“We remain against racial discrimination,” the well known mainstream Korean band said in the proclamation, which was shared on the group’s Twitter page. “We denounce brutality. You, I and we as a whole reserve the option to be recognized. We will stand together.”

BTS’ comments come fourteen days after a shooter killed eight individuals at three Georgia spas. Six of the casualties were ladies of Asian origin, including four Koreans. Supporters are pushing the Justice Department to seek after hate crime charges in the shootings.

Heartful violations against Asians expanded by almost 150% in 2020, generally in New York and Los Angeles, as indicated by the Center for the study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino.

They said that they review times when they confronted discrimination as Asians. BTS further expressed that they were even inquired as to why Asians communicate in English.

While communicating their “misery and outrage,” BTS additionally offered “their sincere sympathies to the individuals who have lost their friends and family.”

“We can’t portray the agony of turning into the subject of scorn and viciousness for such an extent,” the group said. “Our own experience couldn’t measure up to the occasions that have occurred in the course of recent weeks. However, these encounters were sufficient to cause us to feel vulnerable and cut down our self-esteem.”

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