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Mainstream South Korean actor Kim Ji Soo, who is known for his work in ‘River Where The Moon Rises’ drama series, and movies like ‘Strong Girl Bong Soon’ and ‘My First First Love’, has been blamed for sexual assault by a previous classmate. The informer additionally guaranteed that the actor enjoyed school bullying.

According to reports, an unknown web user, who professed to be Soo’s previous classmate, set a post blaming the well famous actor for being a “womanizer” during school days. The mysterious user further claimed that Soo, who had a well built body than his classmates, acted like a “gangster”. He made others pay for his cigarettes and used to blackmail them.

“The unanimous posted that he was tormented by Kim Ji Soo and his gang of friends in 2008, The Unanimous continued that he was at his third year middle school. The word bullying was not sufficient to explain everything. The poster continued that kind of school violence like being made an outcast, violence, blackmailing, insults, and abusive language,” the online poster read, according to Soompi.

“In the event that acting is the thing that you (Soo) need to do, do it. Be that as it may, keep the title of ‘school savagery culprit’ before your name perpetually in your heart. Like me, the endless number of individuals you harassed won’t ever fail to remember that memory,” the unanimous composed further.

Before long the online post spread quickly in the internet, and more individuals approached with stunning charges against the actor. One poster considered Soo a “womanizer” and blamed him for filming himself engaging in sexual relations in the school washroom.

Kim Ji Soo Apologizes.

The complaints provoked the actor to share a manually written conciliatory note on his official Instagram handle. The actor stated: “I genuinely apologize to individuals who endured as a result of me. There is no reason for my past unfortunate behavior. They were things that can’t be excused.”

His apology continues

I sincerely apologize to those who suffered from me.
What about the past misbehavior
There is no excuse.
These were actions that could not be forgiven.

As I started acting, I covered my past
Receiving undeserved attention from the public
I think I've come this far.

But in the heart of the past
There was always a feeling of guilt
It's too late to turn back regrets
It always came to me with great anxiety.
The dark past has always crushed me.

Seeing myself acting as an actor
We deeply atone for those who have suffered for a long time,
I will reflect on and regret my past, which I will not be able to wash my entire life.

Because of that individual's great fault
Broadcasters, production crew, actors, and drama scenes
To the staff members who have kept silently
It is painful and sinful to do enormous damage.
Because of me, the drama no longer
I sincerely hope that no damage will occur.

To all those who have been damaged by me
On my knees, I sincerely apologize

Soo’s Agency Kyeast Entertainment stated that an investigations to verify the allegations is under way.

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