“Mr. Queen” Shin Hye Sun is getting negative comments from Netizens

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As of late, a mask company declared that they have picked “Mr. Queen” Lead Actress Shin Hye Sun as their main model. Nonetheless, they got reaction from Korean netizens.

During the pandemic, wearing of face masks has gotten a day by day and mandatory everyday practice for everybody around the globe. The item has become a need, and request is high. In Korea, the medical care company, We Must M reported their most current brand envoy – “Mr. Queen” Lead ,Shin Hye Sun. As indicated by We Must M Ceo, they picked Shin Hye Sun in view of her kind and bright image that suit their brand image well.

After the declaration, South Korean netizens communicated their resistance towards the We Must M’s decision. Such disappointment towards the model decision comes from her participating in the hit show “Mr. Queen”

Korean netizens guarantee that the drama “Mr. Queen” was problematic and was supposed to be a creation from an author who has offered negative remarks about South Korea. Some netizens blame the show for misshaping history with its depiction of Queen Shin Jeong.

Beside negative reaction from the drama’s supposed inappropriate depiction of verifiable statistical data points, netizens straightforwardly pummeled “Mr. Queen” lead entertainer, Shin Hye Sun, for her assertions, preceding the arrival of the disputable show.Netizens addressed Shin Hye Sun’s goals after the entertainer communicated that she would have regretted denying the drama in the wake of perusing the disputable content.

Since the declaration, netizens have been flooding We Must M’s landing page with fights their choice of picking “Mr. Queen” entertainer Shin Hye Sun as their most current brand minister.

“Mr. Queen” delivered its last scene on February 14, finishing on the most elevated note conceivable with a cross country rating of 17.24% in South Korea and 18.554% in the metropolitan region. The show stars entertainer Shin Hye Sun and entertainer Kim Jong Hyun. Korean culture pundit Kim Heon Sik portrays the show, saying, “Mr. Queen” includes a one of a kind mix of a typical body-trade story and recorded settings. Its funny and entertaining tones and solid account have kept individuals glued to the drama.

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