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Opening In Italy, Vincenzo is at an affluent mafia man’s grape plantation. This man, Emilio, is the top of a huge mafia family in Italy. Vincenzo is a legal advisor for another enormous mafia family in Italy. Emilio doesn’t tune in to Vincenzo and furthermore affronts him as a savage Asian man.

During the time they were talking, a harvest duster has been tidying the grape plantation. In any case, this harvest duster has been putting gas on the grape plantation. Vincenzo leaves and tells the man that he is the savage and strikes a match as he strolls to his vehicle and torches the whole grape plantation.

He returns to his impressive family home where we see that Vincenzo is the adopted child of a mafia chief. He is likewise a top attorney for the family. Yet, his adopted father has kicked the bucket so the birth child, who is envious of Vincenzo, attempts to murder him and sends professional killers to Vincenzo’s loft. Vincenzo kills the killers and furthermore sends his sibling an warning by exploding his vehicle. He reveals to him not to trouble him in any case, sometime later, he will explode the vehicle while he is in it. Vincenzo leaves leaves Italy telling his sibling never to look for him.

In Korea

Vincenzo travels to Korea but gets robbed by a fake driver in a pretty comical scene. However, his presence alarms the NIS agency that he is there. There is one man named Ahn Ki-suk whose job is to look into Italian business. He never has anything to do, but he jumps to attention as soon as the alert comes in that Vincenzo is in the country because he knows who Vincenzo is. He alerts his boss, however, his boss does not care at all.

Going back to Vincenzo, left in a dirty abandoned lot on the outskirts of the city with only $50, takes a bus to Seoul. His only goal of being in Korea is to get the tons of gold out of the basement of a building in Seoul. This gold originally belonged to a Chinese mafia who hid his gold in a safe location. The location was in a secret basement of this building in Korea. However we don’t know the connection between Vincenzo’s ownership of the building.

The landlord of the building works for Vincenzo. He never welcomes people who want to purchase the building because he knows that the basement is filled with gold. However, the Babel Group really wants to purchase this building in order to demolish it and build another building in its place. The Babel Group is huge business. they are the main villains of this show.

The building

Vincenzo, visits through the structure where we discover who every one of the inhabitants are. They are altogether humble entrepreneurs who all own their own shops in the structure. The inhabitants would prefer not to move to another structure. So they are against Vincenzo and don’t confide in him. On the base floor is the most current occupant who is a Buddhist priest. The passageway to the mystery, gold room is directly under this Buddhist Priest’s residence.

In a pleasantly comical move, Vincenzo will be living in the flimsy structure, we get an entertaining showering scene where the water is additional cold and afterward quite hot however it likewise lets out the water as opposed to running in a constant flow. In this way, his shower isn’t unwinding. He attempts to rest that evening, however a bird pesters him at his window, alongside getting with the fear of being burglarized, is all a wreck of a greeting to Korea.

The following morning, we discover that his mom is in prison and legal advisor Hong Yoo-chan is her legal counselor. This attorney is likewise an occupant in the structure Vincenzo claims his.

There is some silly buffoonery where we see Vincenzo eating at the Italian restaurant at the building. The owner is a fraud Italian gourmet expert. The Italian owner sincerely attempts to make due with being bona fide Italian, however he is 100% phony (counterfeit hair, counterfeit mustache, counterfeit food) and Vincenzo shows him that.

Vincenzo attempts to get his coat cleaned at the laundry in the building, however the laundry gives him trouble and the owner doesn’t accept that the material of the coat is costly. He winds up contracting it a few sizes however he may have done that deliberately in light of the fact that the inhabitants don’t confide in Vincenzo at all and think that he works for Babel bunch. He assembles a conference to attempt to persuade them that he is their ally, yet they don’t trust him.


Babel bunch attorney goes to the Building and attempts to get it. Vincenzo and the property manager, Jo Young-woon, will not sell. It doesn’t make any difference how much the cost is on the grounds that they have many millions in gold in the mysterious storm cellar so they are not intrigued by any means.

This prompts hooligans attacking Jo Young-woon and his family and driving Jo Young-woon to sign the paper work to offer the building to them. He and his family are being tied up the entire evening. He attempts to reveal everything to Vincenzo the following morning while at the same time driving, and essentially gets everything out while on the telephone, yet he gets hit by a truck while in his clarification.

The hooligans that bought the Building go to the structure toward the beginning of the day and fundamentally tell every one of the occupants that they own it now and it is going to be obliterated to construct the new Babel building. What’s more, they menace the inhabitants around to leave right away. Yet, Vincenzo turns out in a dramatic heroic way and stops them.

The hooligans attempt to menace Vincenzo as well, however Vincenzo ain’t the one to be harassed. In a brisk and careful move, he utilizes the laundry measuring tape, ties the supervisor up around the hand, at that point hangs him outside the closest window.

He advises him, “I will get this structure back, and every one of you will pay for all your unlawful dealings since this structure belongs to me”

One significant side story to note is of Vincenzo’s Mother’s attorney, Hong Yoo-chan, who is essentially a decent free legal advisor who works for individuals. His girl, nonetheless, is an attorney that works for Babel bunch. Her name is Hong Cha-young. She is magnificent at her specific employment and has no regret for what she does. Their story is quite interesting in light of the fact that he attempts to abandon her and she resembles, you can’t disown me. This leads her to being at the building when the hooligans attempt and take it over so this is her first meeting with Vincenzo.


Vincenzo is beautiful, elegantly composed, all around acted, and humorous! The same writer who wrote “Fiery Priest” is composing “Vincenzo” so you know there will be heaps of amusing circumstances that are played straight. Everybody looks great in it, particularly Song Joong-ki who is neat as far as possible up from his past job in Arthdal Chronicles. He looks really astounding. Simply perceiving what he looks like is all that could possibly be needed to look at the primary scene.

The drama has utilized Italian culture and Chinese Culture with Korean Culture, all mafia. Song Joong-Ki Speaks Italian in this drama really good. I find mix of cultures are good in a way to produce a different kind of effect. Without being tied up to one system all the time. It is the creators creativity that matters to make a drama unique. Here the writer makes satire out of it. Very good if you can make the viewer laugh, that is all what matters. The best ridicule in today’s episode is the Italian culinary specialist in Korea, who is a fake, but tries to show off his Italian act thinking all are idiots. However Vincenzo calls the culinary specialist out for being phony.

The cool quiet collectedness of Vincenzo just as the satire and style and the way that he conducts himself. Furthermore he is the legend of the show. I totally love the first episode. I can hardly wait for episode 2!

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