Kim Jung-hyun’s Remarkable Transition Discussed in Esquire Photoshoot

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According to Han Cinema News, Kim Jung-hyun made a remarkable transition as the lead actor in “Mr. Queen”. The drama proved a solid success for tvN. Kim Jung-hyun plays the young King Cheoljong in this fusion comedy with Shin Hye-sun as the leading actress. Shin Hye-sun plays the role of a modern day male chef who time slipped into the Joseon era. The drama opened with a rating of 8% in its first episode and by the ninth episode had ratings going up to 12% with the drama not even reaching its mid season. 

“Start Up” only got as far as 5.4% and “it’s okay not to be okay” getting as far as 7.3% and “secret forest 2” at 9.4% this might be the selling point of “Mr. Queen” in some ways. 

Kim Jung-hyun, a graduate of the Korea National University of Arts, proved that he is well suited to justify a well written script into a beautiful act. He has proved having better luck in situation comedies. Kim Jung-hyun’s  collection of unusual talents, has proved highly appropriate for “Mr. Queen”, he often had to transit from the serious royal to strong comedic timing at very little notice. Although “Crash landing on you” was his first big break dramatically improving his name recognition, “Mr. Queen” has proven his talents into a better demonstration. 

Photo by Esquire

“Mr. Queen” was not the first comedy Kim Jung-hyun appeared in,  He first became well known via the situation comedy “Laughter in Waikiki” in 2018. The actor claimed at an interview that in his rule for comedy, whatever the outline is, whether he can make his fellow cast and crew laugh, he claims that he does this through precise technique.

Photo by Esquire

Kim Jung-hyun shared his technique for “Mr. Queen” saying that he does not think it is a comedy and acts according to the comedy oriented rule. He just tries to improvise the situation of the role being played. He claimed that it is hard work to communicate the message effectively to his viewers. But if the viewers are happy, he knows he has done the job well. 

Kim Jung-hyun thinks that the next year or two would be crucial for his career, and he is determined to work hard; he still does not have a new confirmed project. However, his fans are eagerly waiting for a drama starring Kim Jung-hyun.


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