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True beauty is based on a popular webtoon. The main character, the Lim Ju Kyung (Moon Ga Young) is a girl with an ugly face. Since childhood she has been referred to as the ugly faced girl taking her mothers looks than her fathers. At high school she gets bullied and loses her self confidence because of bullying. After the bullies set up a trap and records her asking a man out for dating, and the man telling her to look at the mirror of herself, she is heartbroken. The video is already on the web, and she cannot go back to her school anymore. 

She climbs up a high building and stands on the roof top thinking of jumping and killing herself. Then she happens to see on a billboard, opposite the road the news of a tragic suicide death of an idol and to that date he would be 18 years old if he lived. She wants to live after that and the boy Lee Su-Ho (Cha Eun Woo) comes and rescues her from the rooftop angry and emotional Su Ho shouts at her for being unable to think of the suffering and guilt her loved once would have to undergo if she did die. Unable to see her rescuer because her glasses went smashing, she figures out the person must have undergone some kind of a bad experience. And she tells him not to think too much about it and be happy. Since the person died would not like him being unhappy. 

Back at home she finds out that because her father had a huge debt due to a bad investment made, they have to sell the house and go to the house they were living in before. She becomes happy since she will no longer have to have the set of bullies. And she will have to go to a new school. 

Wanting to start a new life, she masters makeup from YouTube and completely changes her image even her family members cannot believe that she is such a beauty. She attends the local school, and Su Ho is also in the same class. A bright and popular boy who did not mix with others. He cannot recognise her at school, because of her new image. And she finds all her classmates liking her. Wanting to put her image on the internet, which becomes popular instantly. She finds out that changing a little bit has a big effect. 

At home, when she removes her makeup, her cheeky brother takes a photo of her and threatens her that he will upload it to the internet bribing her if she can bring him a comic book he will not do so. 

She goes to the same comic book store she used to go to ten years ago. And the owner adores her. Inside the store she is about to take the book from the shelf, someone behind her grabs the book. In the struggle to take the book they both stumble on the floor, now she is without make up he recognises her. She recognizes him as the student from the new school. Will he be able to recognise her? Let us see.


The first episode is quite promising and fun and all high school elements are there. What’s wrong in applying some makeup and changing your personality if you can improve on it? I think she did the right thing. The make up and her beauty has given her personality. 

Su Ho seems to suffer from an emotional wound. A friend or someone has jumped from the rooftop. Why? He has a link to that incident. That is yet to be found. He seems quite well off. But he lives alone. That is a question. Too. playing the cool guy suits him. Cha Eun Woo is good in his acting. The drama has yet to go and we have to see his acting much more in future episodes. He does quite well in this one though.

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