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ASTRO’S Singer entertainer Cha Eun Woo participated in a series of interviews after wrapping up his tvN drama “True beauty”, staring there as the Male lead cool guy, stated that he would like to explore his talent further.

Based on the hit webtoon, “True beauty” is a romantic comedy about a girl named Lim Ju Gueong (Moon Ga Young), a high schooler who uses makeup to hide her insecurities in her looks. Cha Eun Woo Co-starred as Lee Su Ho, a popular student who has his own emotional wounds hidden.

In an interview with OSEN, he said that he had felt pressured about the comments saying that he resembled the webtoon character, ASTRO member Moonbin has told him that the character looked like him. He said that he was thinking if that was true, Su Ho is a very cool character, so he thought they were only fifty percent similar. 

Continuing he said that the drama is three dimensional than a webtoon which is two dimensional. So  the drama had to have a different appeal than the webtoon. It should make the webtoon more enjoyable. 

In an interview with Herald POP, Cha Eun Woo stated that his ASTRO members supported him throughout the drama, Rocky and Jin Jin would send him proof that they were watching the broadcast, and would also joke around and tell him to give them the spoilers for the next episode. Sanha and MJ would shout, “Lim Ju Gyeong! Ju Gyeong!” whenever they saw him. Sanha would do impressions of him from the drama. Moon Bin has told him that he did the action scenes in the drama well”

He said that he enjoyed working with the “True beauty” team. It was fun to work with His Co-stars, Moon Ga Young and Hwang In Yeop. he said that they had great chemistry together. He really had felt that he was in high school, because they were all around the same age. He said that they used to do a lot of jokes as well. This experience was special for him, because he started trainee life when he was in High School, so he had some regrets about missing out on high school life. Through this drama,  he had experienced a little of school life with friends.

In an interview with Sports Donga, Cha Eun Woo said that  “True Beauty” is a mix of a lot of elements from a variety of genres from Comedy, action, horror to thriller. He said that it was a chance for him to indirectly experience all those different genres. Jang Hye Jin has told him that he was good at comedy, and she thought he was surprisingly funny, and has recommended that he try comedy. Production Director Kim Sang Hyup has told him that he did action well. He stated that he wants to try both genres someday. 

Cha Eun Woo further stated that he wants to break out of the cool guy image and really wants to try new things. Telling that there are a lot of things that he hasn’t been able to show yet. And he thinks that if he slowly reveals each character ability one by one, he will be able to naturally break through that kind of judgement. Stating that he has the confidence to do a role that will break his image into pieces one day.


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