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I thought it would be a huge stormy ending. But it wasn’t the fun factor missing. That may be the cause. Anyway I accept that it is difficult to wind up things like that. But the team has done a wonderful job in winding up the drama. Without coming to a sad ending. They put both sides and the intermediate side all living. Everyone going to their respective places happily. The King is missing the Bong Hwan spirit in the Queen, yet he loves her. I would have loved it if the Queen had a little more of Bong Hwan in her at the Finale. Remember when she played the perfect Queen, the King did not like it. And told her to be her normal self. He is probably tired of perfect ladies in court. He needed some flow. If the Queen became a balanced spirited person, not speaking to the king formally, just calling him by name. That would have been better. 

I liked the Royal seal incident. Grand Queen Dowager gave a good show here. And the Queen planning ahead what might happen, and taking proper action by allocating that duty to Kim Hwan was a perfect addition. Whenever Special director Hong was involved, there was comedy. Even in this last show Kim Hwan is confused about CheolJong being a woman because his friend Lee Seng Mang was finally found to be a woman, the Queen. He has no sense to understand this might be the king. Even he is called Jong Cheol.  And CheolJong asking “are you going to a government post?” Was fun. 

I must say the dialogues are managed wonderfully. Excellent Script and Dialogues. 

BongHwan returning and remembering everything is perfect. And he understands that corruption cannot be prevented. History repeats no matter how developed the society is. But even the most developed systems, corruption happens. 

Altogether I enjoyed this drama. Thanks for a wonderful story. 10/10

Mahesha Idddagoda

I am a passionate writer. I love Korean Drama, So I decided to blog about them. I love writing reviews.

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