Mr. Queen Episode 19 The Big brother and the little sister

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Episode 19 Starts with Byeong In holding the Queen by throat asking her who she is and what she has done with So Yong? If she does not answer, he is going to kill her. She tells him she did nothing, just when she opened her eyes, she was in this woman’s body. Byeong In drags her back and asks her where So Yong is now. The Queen replies that she does not know whether So Yong is dead or alive. Byeong In asks her, if she is not So Yong, how does she remember their past memories? She tells him that those memories of So Yong started coming back to her. 

Hearing the Soldiers coming, Byeongin asks her to take his hand and run for her life while she has time. She hesitates, thinking what is he up to now? ByeongIn tells her to get up, if she has So Yongs memories, So Yong is still somewhere inside her. He asks her when did this start happening? and she tells him after she fell into the lake.

Soldiers arrive at the spot now, Byeong In takes the sword making the Queen think that he is going to kill her. But no, he asks the soldiers to let them go. His second in command is not letting this happen. Telling ByeongIn that he is full of himself, they are going to attack the Queen. Byeong In fights the soldiers and starts running down the cliff path with the Queen. Suddenly to confront the hideous masked man. They have seen him once recognise him and ByeongIn starts fighting with the man protecting the Queen. Doing so he gets injured. The Queen throws a stone towards the man to distract him and they continue to run down the path again. 

ByeongIn cannot run any further. Holding his bleeding wound. She tries to tend to the wound crying. He wants her to run and hide, but she would not leave him. He hands over the conspiring note signed by all the ministers, telling her it can save her, so she should run quickly. Seeing that she is not going to leave him like that, big brother asks the little sister, can she remember them playing hide and seek in their childhood? and she cries, good girl if you do, before I count to ten go and hide. He tells her. And the masked man is seen coming towards them again. Byong gathers his remaining strength, and fights and she, counting to ten, runs to hide. Turning back she sees Byeong falling down. 

Hearing the advancing soldiers too, she looks back to see Byeong In falling down. She hides behind a big tree in the forest. Seeing Byeong fall, the soldiers look for her. They miss her and start going down the cliff. The masked man is also gone now, and she keeps crying seated under the tree, and unable to bear the sorrow. Byeong In remains dying remembering their younger days’ sweet memories.

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