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The Grand Queen Dowager, thinks now only with one day left to coronation, every minute counts. And when they put the Donchak believers in their place, why are they fighting back harder? What she has been hearing is not good. Jwageun thinks fighting means the more your opponent steps away the more you believe your actions are justified and become angrier. Therefore , the only solution is giving them a harsh lesson. Jwa Geun is going to utilize cannons to get them under control.

In the morning Grand Dowager asks JwaGeun, seeing him carry a sword, does he think the palace is not safe anymore? JwaGeun says that the sword was a gift from the Queen. Actually he has some bad news this morning. ByeongIn sacrificed his life to save the Queen. So the Queen is alive. The king was the one who saved the Queen.  Hearing that the King and the Queen are both alive? Grand Queen Dowager wonders is no one there competent anymore or, are they that clever.

Jwagen trying to tell something then stopping says that day they were planning to give poisoned ice to the Queen, Park the deaf and blind lady was there. And it makes him suspicious. He draws his sward. She can’t see. But she can hear. JwaGeun thinks Park was the rat leaking information. 

Meanwhile at the camp, the Queen thinks there is a way to get into the palace. They need fresh ingredients for cooking. And especially the Grand Dowager is very picky on food. The gate to ingredients delivery will not be closed.  Cheoljong now needs some information about the wagon for Royal offerings. 

Manbook says at the palace, there is a system for royal offerings. Everyday, the royal kitchen receives about 50 wagons on top of that, there are special offerings every month. And he goes on and on in detail making it boring for others to listen..  The Queen tells him to Get it simple. Come to the point.

Sixty two wagons will enter the palace. On the morning of the enthronement ceremony. Because of the state of emergency, the King is sure that they will inspect the Royal offerings more frequently and thoroughly. The Queen looking at ManBook tells the king, But if there is a wagon no one knows about? The secret wagon of the head inspector. A flashback was given how the special inspectors wagon goes in. He comes running and quickly takes the wagon telling it belongs to them and let them in. 

The Queen tells the King, that the head inspector tends to swap them. Swap? She tells, those high ranking officials do not have a refined pallet like her. King now being enlightened about another fraud, asks does he swap them? Manbook says “With ingredients slightly less inferior”

The head inspector’s secret wagon carries the ingredients he uses to swap with the Royal offerings. With ManBook contributing, Only a handful of people know that.

Now the boss of the camp says it should not be called the Palace, It should be called the den of thieves. ManBook tells the King that he is sorry he just considered it as a custom. The King tells Rotten trees are bound to have holes, and we can use those holes to our advantage, and the Queen makes everyone Join hands in fighting. 

They leave, coming to the place where ByeongIn died. They bury him there before leaving. Understanding the Queen’s sorrow, the King let her pay due respect for ByeongIn. Allowing her to bury him herself.

The blind lady tries to write the message and hearing someone behind her she stops. JwaGeun kills her.

King and Queen and the small grupe arrive at another point where the seven men are staying. They are happy to see the king alive. The Queen thinks after walking through this cold weather, what she needs is a can of bear. She asks if this place is not that great, why are we here? The King tells her that place is a safe place not revealed to any one. Q: It would be hard to reveal even if you wanted to.

They cook roast yams Manbook and the Queen arguing about the perfect time to roast a potato. Because this is their last chance, they must have a good meal.  And the King looks at his hungry Queen ravenous over potatoes burning her mouth with the hot potato smiling.

They watch and laugh over Manbook and Choi being awkward and openly trying to hide their love.  The King takes a piece to Dam Hwan’s father, and offers him a potato seating himself in a lower seat. The man ask why the king is asking for trouble. The group gathered there are people who have positions and ranks, and someone like him is bound to die any time. If the others turn a blind eye towards people like him, they can live a peaceful life in comfort. 

Cheoljong tells him that there was a time he spent a hard life, with everyone in his family killed. And while surviving to take revenge, he saw people’s misery, and wanted to build a better Joseon. Their guide tells him that he thought everyone behind the palace walls was the same, but after meeting the King, that opinion changed. 

The King tells him I will show you a better Joseon and asks the Queen what the term for selecting the king was, was it Vot…?  The Queen tells him yes Voting, but that does not mean you can change things that easily.  The man laughs, and tells, here we have a crazy King and a Crazy Queen. Better get some rest, they have a lot to do tomorrow. 

The King and Queen have a discussion before going to sleep. Cheoljong asks her since she knows about the future, will he win this time? She looks at him and says that he will lose. He thought she chose him because he would win. her theory of choosing the winning side. But she tells him she has put all her eggs in one basket. And that is him. Whether he wins or loses she will help him.  And he promises her that he will do his best even if he loses.

Meanwhile Yeongpyeon and Special Director Hong are discussing what might have happened to the king and the Queen. And Yeong Pyeon suggests that they use Hwang, 

Hwang comes with food to them. And he is collecting a petition to release them. But Hong chases him away, breaking his heart telling him that he has been using Hwan all this time to get information. And calling him a fool and not to come and see them any longer. He throws the food away. Hwang leaves down hearted. Hong, after breaking the lad’s heart, hurts his heart so much, starts crying. And he asks Yeongpyeon, why is he looking at him like that, are you blaming me? and Yeongpyeon replies he has never seen such a shameful show.

Cheoljong sleeps with his wife and he is watching her sleeping and dreaming of having a nice bear mixing it with water and mixing with soju golden ratio Somag. 

In the morning Dowager Jo runs into her shrine seeing the late king’s portrait burning in her dream. And the fire swallowed the entire seonwanjeon hall. And in her dream she was stuck there with the fire. 

The Grand Dowager is drinking a special healthy drink not wasting a single drop and asks her maids to do her makeup to perfection, because it is the coronation ceremony day. 

In the prayer room, the new King to be, a little boy is seated in prayer, Jwageun tells him that for his safety no one was invited. Only soldiers can come. And even his royal family was not invited.  The boy tries to protest not being happy for his parents not to be there. But Jwageun takes authority saying My word is the only word. And the frightened boy accepts. 

Meanwhile the king and the Queen get into the swapped Wagon and go inside the palace. Jwageun checks the cart. And nothing on top. To make sure he puts his sword down the cart where the king and the Queen is hiding. And the episode ends leaving the next to the finale episode.

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