Mr. Queen Episode 19.2 Coming back from the dead

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Now the night has approached the forest, and she starts working down slowly. Going down without knowing any direction. She opens the document and starts crying. What could she do with it when she is alone by herself? She could not do anything but watch people die in front of her. And she sits down thinking no matter how hard people try, some things are not meant to happen. 

Suddenly she spots a night light and a person walking towards her, his face covered with a mask. She has no energy left, so she stays there, whatever happens there is no point in running. She was exhausted.

Now the man with the light comes towards her and stops, she stays where she is without looking up. My Queen! It was Cheoljong.

He starts hugging her happily seeing that she was alive, thanking the heavens. She looks at him with surprise and starts crying hugging him back crying like a baby with all her sorrows all blending in his reassuring shoulders. Telling him that Hong Yong, Choi and Kim ByeongIn all died because of her. The King reasuars her that Choi and Hong Yon are safe. 

Cheoljong takes her to the camp they are all staying in. Where she meets Choi and Hong, they tell her that many people went out looking for her, but the only one who found her was the King. 

Tending to her wound, the king asks her why she did come this far while she is pregnant? And she replies you did not come home for days, so I came to greet you. I had no choice.

She keeps awkwardly telling not wanting to tell emotionally, and not wanting to expose her feelings. Cheoljong tells her that she does not have to explain. He knows what she is trying to say. He promises her that he will never leave her alone like that. 

Back at the palace, JwaGeun asks the man whether his injury is serious. He is okay. And he will be as good as new with the medicine. JwaGeun hands him the medicine. And asks him whether he remembers the group who attacked them. The man says it was a familiar face, and flashback of the King walking coming to his mind, he says it was the King.

Hwajin goes putting on posters telling the King is not dead. While Lord Kim is lying in bed sick with the news, a servant comes running to him with the poster found on the street. 

Byeong in’s assistant tells his father that ByeongIn is dead and JwaGeun wants them to be silent about his death. Greedy noble’s greedy father is now happy that his son has made connections with JwaGeun. He thinks, now they missed the Queen, they must make another contribution. To make it up. 

Meanwhile ManBook thinking over the supe, forgets about the supe. He thinks the King was a good man who cared for the people. And the Queen going to recover must be feeling really bad. And he thinks about flashbacks of Choi, expressing her love to him, since they both work in the palace, they cannot express their love and Choi tells him to find someone else from outside the palace. 

Another Chef coming to him tells about the story going in the streets about the King. and Man Book takes off his apron and tells it’s time to leave. It has been long enough being in this job. 

Ministers talk about the rumors in the streets. And the senior one tells them, there are few days for them to worry. And the rumor will be gone. What they really have to worry is about the document their lives depend on. They are suspicious that they have not seen Kim ByeonIn these days.  

The King’s death, and the Queen’s travel to give birth, ByeongIn missing. They try to work out what is goin on? Something is suspicious. If Byeong In desieds to take the Queen’s side, Then He can write a letter to bring down the Kim clan. 

Meanwhile, The King and the Queen come out of their tent in the morning to feel the cool fresh air. 

While he tries to keep her warm with his hand, she takes out a scarf she made, and ties it round his neck telling as soon as he left the palace, she felt cold and made that scarf. They exchange words of mutual understanding. He is grateful for the Queen’s overflowing affection.

Her attention is taken away with people exercising. And the King tells her the military tactics she told and he put in a book is practiced here. She smiles at him telling that she cannot believe his majesty is a donghak believer. 

The King tells her that he even hid it from them. Like a merchant with discontent against the country helping them. Why did he do such a dangerous thing? King replies, “they say My enemy’s enemy is my friend.” The corrupt are our common enemy. She asks him looking at the small number training, isn’t the scale too small? Where is everyone? Someone comes asking Do you want us to gather in one place and get killed at once? Everyone will gather only when the time has come. Is it safe to be scattered before then! She asks him “Are you the boss here then?” Yes I am. 

She goes to him while Cheoljong watches what she might do next, and shakes hands with him saying nice to meet you. I can tell that you are the boss from your face. The scar around your eyes look particularly fierce.

The guy tells her the king would not be alive if not for his Dam Hwan. He is the father of the girl they saved. If not he would have cut off the head of the King who ruined the country into this state. That was what he was thinking. 

They think DhamHwan has saved both of them, and the king thinks because they saved DamHwan, He was saved by her father. And the Queen says when the King thinks about his subjects, they are bound to think about the king.

She asks by the way what happened to the soldiers who were chasing her? Most of the men here are born and raised here. They are hunters and herb diggers. The soldiers will not be able to outweigh these men here. And what about that weird guy wearing the goblin mask? What? Did he chase you too? Asks the King. He tried to kill me. Kim ByeongIn died. When he tried to stop that guy. The man with the mask works for Kim JwaGeun. Tells the King. He is sure now that Kim JwaGeun has returned.

The Queen opens the document with signatures Kim Byeong In has taken from others in front of the King. it means it has all the names of corrupt politicians they can get rid of. They just need a way to go back to the palace. 

Now the Queen is curious why they didn’t kill the governors during their attacks? They should have gone for their heads to win the war. We are not some blood thirsty hyenas. Even people of low status like us, can instill fears in our rulers if we join hands together. We wanted to show them that.  The Queen thinks it was like a PR move then. That is a good strategy, saya Cheoljong. They did not give an excuse to launch a fight against them.

The man says they may be dense, but they know if they went head to head, they would lose.

Meanwhile, they can hear a familiar voice shouting asking to untie him. That was ManBook. The people are not letting Manbook go saying he came freely as he wanted but now he knows their base, going out is a different matter. The Queen and the king confront him and also Choi and Hong. And now he is happy saying that he came unable to stay in the palace, and found all the runaways from the palace in this place.

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