Mr. Queen, The Episode 18 review: Setting the stage to the final show

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Korean name of this drama is Cheorin (actual name of the actual Queen) This show is completely left to the Queen, with the King gone and his men imprisoned, she has to become the only person who can help the king come back. Although this show has less comedy elements, it makes the drama turn the stage to the two final episodes. 

The Queen found out that the body was not the king’s and her planning with Hwajin to carry out an operation women only mission. And her sneaking out of the palace to find the king makes Hong and Yeongpyeon trust her now. But whether they might come in safe or not is not sure. Even though the lock is open they do not run out. That might be a trap for them. So Byeong In will have to wait for the day of enthronement to take action against them. Normally traditionally in the Joseon system after a King or Queen dies, criminals are not killed until a certain number of days. And neither do they enthrone someone new. 

In one review also I mentioned that the option for the King to have a happy and peaceful life is, Byeong in turning towards him by a miracle. Unlikely to happen, but with a heavy grupe ot Kims inside the palace, there is no option. Byeong In failed in his action of killing the King, now can he save him? He tries to persuade the Queen so much that she has to shoot an arrow at him and run away.  He is the only one in the palace who knows her from childhood a lot. And sure he finds out the personality of the Queen is no longer there. That is enough for him to take a pause from his obsession and look back, and he asks “what have you done to So Yong?” at the end. 

The Queen mentioning casting her vote is interesting. Connecting the present and the past. We also see that JwaGeun and ByeongIn though Father and son, are not faithful to each other. Byeong In tried to overcome his father by taking his place with the Grand Queen Dowager, and later he took absolute power by joining the two clans. Now JwaGeun tells the Grand Dowager, about Byeong In signing the document to overthrow the King, a complete treason which is dangerous. 

On Byeong In’s side, he can use the document any way he wishes now to his favor. If JwaGeun tries to act against him, he can turn back and use the document against all the Kims and Jos. Maybe that  kind of gives a freedom of movement to ByeongIn, so he tells JwaGeun to look at the affairs of his duty while he is gone to get the heads of the King and the Queen, already knowing what kind of person JwaGeun is. 

This episode is a stage for the final. Set up is good. Comedy is there but few. Mood is gloomy well enough to keep us in suspense and waiting for the next episode. I give 9/10 to this episode. Still the best during this season. Shin Hye Sun provides the show all the light in a gloomy atmosphere. 

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