Mr. Queen Episode 17 Review: Pregnancy is beautiful.

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This drama Mr. Queen is continuing to attract viewers with everyday new development in the episodes. This episode gives another complete twist with the Queen being struggling to survive with the palace politics and endless plotting. Jo HwaJin is removed from the picture now and becomes an ally. And the King was cornered to leave the palace by Byeong In. making us wait eagerly, what will happen next. 

The Grand Queen Dowager is waiting to come back to power again. And it has to be stopped somehow. Will the Queen be a hostage inside the palace? She is important now because she is carrying the baby. And the next generation of kings?

I am certain that the King knew what would happen. For someone who faked a bomb to save his men and used it to his advantage, will Cheoljong lose this time? I guess he is more shrewd than ByeongIn. He knew that ByeongIn would make sure of the Queen’s safety. He had to save thousands from being massacred? And I am sure he made a plan this time too. How far his plan succeeds we do not know. Although this drama says that it is not connected to history, Cheoljong was a real person, the 25th King of the Joseon Dynasty, Korea. Coronated at the age of 19, Married the Queen from the Andong Kim clan at the age of 21 and died at 33 years old. From an illness, suspected of the doings of Andong Kim Clan. And he had one surviving older brother by the time he became King. 

Even though the story is based on a chinese script, what moves me here is not only the comic aspect of the script, but the understanding shared by the couple and him helping when she needs, and her helping him when he needs. 

I like the part of this episode, Choljong saying that he is the only person who can understand his woman, and decides to give her a horse ride, which is strictly forbidden for a pregnant person. That is the kind of thing she would really like. And their open show of affection to cut off the rumors.

According to this drama the King having the secret code, means he is one of the leaders behind Donghak believers, who were a group of scholars who came from various religious backgrounds, which turned into a religion later on. Various other secret societies coexisted together at this time. One of them were killers of aristocrats and another was a one like Robin hood or iljimae, who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. Society of swords is another. His night time activity shown in the first episode and him accepting that he was planning to assassinate the Queen’s Father was something that proves he belonged to a secret society. 

The two brothers fighting in this episode and the younger one saying that he was chosen because the older one could not handle being the king, proves the younger one’s shrewdness. Even Though history says Cheoljong was illiterate, he probably might have shown that he cannot read or write, and hid his martial arts skills, which was perfect for Andong Kims, and on the other hand would have been perfect for Cheoljong to judge those who control over him. I am saying my theory here in the drama. His perfect handwriting and martial arts skills shows years of training in such activity. Emotional, indecisive YeonPyeong could not have survived one day, hiding them in court. And could have been easily chewed up by the Kims. 

I must mention that Kim Jung Hyun gives life to the real Cheoljong as if the character lived today. He is not reported as a handsome king. Even dressed in the King’s robe, he looked like a fisherman. Kim Jung Hyun by speech and body movements make a real life Cheoljong. When the Queen was announced pregnant, the way he acts, the reaction in his face and smile, would the real Cheoljong been there, might have resembled him. I have seen him in other dramas too. He is totally different in them. He is much much more handsome than he looks in this drama. So hats off to him. 

How to stop Byeong In, is another problem they have. Will the opportunist King take this as the way to stop Byeong In? My other problem here is why would the king hand over the book with an important code written inside to the Queen? Knowing she or he might get in trouble if someone sees that code? Her room was already messed with the ledger previously. We see HwaJin showing the scribblings to him that same day. So he would not have forgotten it? Hmm!!!?

Another interesting episode. 10/10

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