Mr. Queen Episode 17: Dancing the samba while bullets are flying

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Episode 17 begins with the Angry Queen Kicking out everyone of her room, after getting the news that she is pregnant. While Cheoljong cannot figure out why she is behaving like that? She curses the body of So Young and the nature of things saying  that her identity will cease to exist and her soul will be destroyed.  it is difficult to survive only by herself just one day in the palace, and now with a child? What is she going to do?  She compares it as reckless as taking off a bullet proof vest and dancing the samba while bullets are flying towards her. 

The news of the pregnancy reaches the Grand Queen Dowager who is shocked. ByeongIn is enraged, while lord Kim is very happy hearing that he is going to be a grandfather. 

Hwajin confronts the Queen Dowager, telling her that she knows about the fake body of O Woll. Queen Dowager tells her that she was trying to open the eyes of Hwa Jin, now the Queen has abandoned her clan and the two clans have joined hands together, it is perfect time for Hwa Jin to be the Queen. Furious Hwa Jin walks away telling her never try to play with her again. She approaches the Right state councilor and tells him not to sell their clan by joining with Kims. If he wants to keep his position, he’d better make the choice vicely, she warns him. If not she will gather the members of her clan, who truly care about the future of Joseon.

Meanwhile Lord Kim has sent a horde of gifts for the baby to be born. And she is concerned about the unnecessary showering of presents from her father. 

The left state councilor Kim Seok Geun was attacked by some group of insurgents. No one was killed. Byeong In is adamant telling once again they have gone after a civil servant. But has not killed anyone. Byeong In thinks that they did not kill the leader because it would be seen as treason. Gosh the guts of these farmers! Byong Ins’ assistant asks him what the secret code piece found inside the palace is. And if so the palace must be flooded with donghak believers. They must hurry.  Byeong in flashback at the Queens book, and tells his assistant to do only what he is told to do.

Choi tells the Queen that she must announce the internal court about her pregnancy. Which the Queen refuses telling she has cut ties with relatives. But she should do so, but the problem is solved by both the Grand Queen Dowager and the Queen Dowager entering her chamber to visit her. The Queen dowager gives her a talisman as a present. But the Queen thinks it as a curse rather than a good wish, and she tells she is an atheist and does not believe in those silly things. Both the Dowagers warn her that she must be careful and not to lose the baby, if she does, she will be accountable for that. And the Grand Dowager makes sure that she will send medicine that the Queen should drink every day for her health, hearing this makes her vomit.

King visits special director Hong to seek advice, how to make his wife overcome her pregnancy syndrome and make her happy. Hong calls him by the name Jong Cheol which the Queen introduced him to Hwang. And tells him that he has a specialist who is very experienced in those matters and Hwang walks in. Listening to his advice Cheoljong tells him that he hates himself for taking advice from others. While he is the one who knows his woman more than anyone, he knows what to do and walks away. 

Jwa Geun’s informant tells him that the Queen and ByeongIn no longer see each other. After being rejected, he must have heard about her pregnancy and now he must be having no one to rely on. Thinks Jwageun. He tells ByeongIn that he looks haggard, and must sleep at home.

Meanwhile, Choi forces the Queen to undergo parental training, which she is not happy about. Thinking “am I a machine that pops out babies, first I must live?” and the miserable Queen thinks is she the only one who should be responsible? And orders Hong and Choi to go and fetch Cheoljong to have parental training too” .Thinking of the wine she left at the kitchen to consume later, she goes to the kitchen. She is enraged after finding out that Choi had taken all of it. And is drunk. As they walk out of the kitchen Choi stumbling drunk, The King comes on a hose back and invites the Queen to get on. Drunken choi strongly objects, for the miserable Queen, this is a solace, to ride on horseback. The king understands his wife very well. They trot over to the Royal Villa happily. 

At the Royal Villa, Cheoljong tells her why he thought of taking her there. He says that he can never understand how she feels but he knew this much, what the other women like, the Queen would not like it. So he took her on a riding trip to the Royal Villa. She tells him at least the Queen’s dictionary had some effect after all. He is now happy that she liked it. And they get closer. Until it was disturbed by him asking what “Roar” means. And he also asks what “all in” means. She explains. He promises that he will make the world a better place for their baby to grow up. Which makes her realize if this baby ascends the throne, she could wield absolute power! Which makes her turn and march back right away to start her parental training. While the King thinks no matter he writes volumes of dictionaries, he will never understand the Queen.

Right before she starts her parental training, she makes sure to write some notes for the unborn baby. 

Starting “If you have to survive in the palace, you must not be lazy about making your people.” 

While the King hits a perfect bullseye telling, “they are indeed the best Warriors in Joseon.”

She writes” my baby you should keep your enemies close to you”

Byeong In hands over a document to the king requesting to recruit 1000 soldiers. And the King asks him whether he is planning on building up military power and invade Seonjeongjeon Hall or something? Byeong In returns back asking are you scared? The King tells him it seems like Byeong In is the person who is scared. Who prepared 1000 soldiers for the King. He tells him to half the number of soldiers and send the rest to the Royal Guard division. 

Queen writes “ my baby, you must have a treasury with your money in secrecy” flashback memory coming talking with the king about freshly minted coins, of 1million worth. The king’s political funds” you can buy power with money she writes to the baby. saying this is the most important part “Get rid of everyone who is not on your side.” Life is a real game. The world is a jungle. You’ll get eaten if you don’t eat others. A Slaughter party! Of course you will try to establish peace. But if there is no hope, you must win no matter what it takes my baby.

At the back of the palace, where the special soldier training unit used to be, Prince Yeonpyeong waits with a fire built at night, while one of the seven soldiers secretly trained by the King, Yeonpyeong and Hong, whom they released earlier, arrives to see him asking whether he has finished the book on military tactics. Yeonpyeong hands him the book wrapped up in a blanket telling these men have never used guns or such armor, and implores him to be careful. They seem like training soldiers somewhere secretly. 

Later YeongPyeon gives the King feedback. That the number of people recruiting has increased. From ruined noblemen to herb gatherers, they vary. King thinks the people are oppressed, that may be the cause. And as the Queen says the demolition of the social structure may be the solution. But YeonPyeong is unimpressed by the Queens radical idea and warns the king that people might not take in such a radical idea easily. Of course Cheoljong believes he might not be able to, but his unborn child will be able to do that.

While the Queen is Sleeping King arrives to see her, and Choi tries to wake her up. But the king stops her from doing so, and watches her sleeping like a baby. Then seeing the parental guide, he reads what she has written there for the baby, smiling. But he does not understand what the word “party” means. 

Queen Dowager talks to one of her maids and tells that the Queen is safe, She is safe too because the talisman did not harm the Queen. But she thinks it should have some effect. And tells the maid to do another job. That is to start spreading a rumor about the Queen and the king did not sleep together to have a baby. And they faked spending the night together. This spread like wildfire among the maids and eunuchs. And they now think whose baby is she carrying then?

Cheoljong is concerned that the rumor might harm the Queen being deposed. The Queen tells him Rumors are always one step slower than the truth. And old fashioned. And she suggests that they give them a good show. Since there is no youtube or facebook, they put on an open show of affection. With Cheoljong telling her that he is better than her. If they need to put up more poses they might need a tent. And finishing up with a good roar. Telling her that he will visit her at night for more action.

Queen Dowager continues to press HwaJin to join hands with her. She finally tells Hwajin, it is her words once told about the King and Queen’s relationship that is being spread. As long as she exists in the palace, she cannot escape that. Hwajin points out that playing the victim does not suit the Dowager, because she trampled the dreams of her own son for herself to survive. And warns her not to trample the dreams of the King. calling her just a shadow existing under false sharmenic beliefs. She warns her that she will write down everything she saw while she was in the palace, and then the Queen Dowager will not be safe anymore. 

The Queen starts a rumor with the three noble consorts. Telling Cheoljong is a man of amazing stamina. And wanders, is she the one who started that rumor in the past.  They wonder who could have spread the false rumor about her pregnancy. One of the consorts thinks there is no other than Jo HwaJin. 

HwaJin arrives with her set of arrows to see the Queen. She asks HwaJin on what matter she wants to fight with her now. HwaJin asks her whether she has the confidence to fight the whole world with the King alone at her side. The Queen, though not that confident, tells that she has been doing that before. And she will in the future. HwaJin hands her set of arrows to the Queen and tells her then you will need. These. But with her current skill she will only be a burden. The Queen asks her will she teach her how to shoot arrows? But HwaJin tells her that she does not have time for that. They shake off their animosity. 

HwaJin goes to the King and asks him to do her a favour. He is willing to. But what she wants is to remove her from being the Royal Noble consort, saying if she stays in the palace, she will lose herself. The King agrees unwillingly. That day at the Royal conference, he officially announces with sadness, about her departure. While the ministers of the Jo clan are shaken, the right state councilor tells them it doesn’t matter she is not their person anymore.

Young Pyeon confronts her and tells her to change her decision. But she is determined. She tells him knowing that he also had feelings for her, she used his feelings for her benefit. He tells her that he would willingly let her use his feelings even if she does that again. 

Emotional YeongPyeon hurries to find the king in the courtyard, fighting with his own emotions. He blames the king for letting HwaJin go. And wants to fight with the king. But after finding that Cheoljong is also feeling upset, Yeongpyeon walks away. 

Now the first rumer had no effect, Dowager Jo starts another rumer now, saying the child the Queen is bearing is not the King’s but Byeong In’s. Grand Queen Dowager thinking this is an interesting development, calls in Byeong In and asks whether the rumor is true? Byeong In tells that it is not true. Then the Grand Queen Dowager wants the Queen’s head before it dawns. And before the rumor starts spreading. 

Byeong In tells her to punish him instead of the Queen. And the Grand Queen Dowager blames ByeongIn telling she wanted him to protect the clan, instead he has been protecting the Queen. Even if Byeong In was punished, for a woman committed adultery and lied to the royal court as it is the King’s baby, she will be beheaded. Byeong In has no choice, he promises the Grand Dowager that he will reinstate the regency immediately. 

Cheoljong returning from collecting his own thoughts with martial arts practice to overcome the sorrow of HwaJin leaving, was faced by Byeong in telling him that he found out the code of Donghak believers in the Queens book written in the King’s handwriting. And they will be found and mascered now they have the code. Cheoljong points his sword at Byeong In. Byeong In tells him about the new rumor,  And corners Cheoljong the only way to save the Queen and the baby is for him to go and punish the Donghak believers himself. As a warrior’s wife, she will be safe that way. Cheoljong has no option as to make a quick decision before dawn. 

Determined to find a way to save the Queen and thousands of lives, the King chooses the plan Byeong In suggested. He tells the Grand Queen Dowager to take good care of the Queen and his unborn baby, and he leaves the palace. 

Before leaving, Hwan and YeonPyeong come running to him asking why he is leaving? And Yeong Pyeon thinks that the Queen has given the code to Byeong In. and tells him to cut her head off instead of going to the trap himself. Cheoljong tells them the Queen is innocent. And her life is in danger too. If he lives everyone will die. So he leaves. 

The Queen tries to stop him leaving, not knowing the exact story. But he hurries on. And in the woods, Cheoljong walks into a trap set by Byeong In. The two men fight slashing their swords as both parties get injured. They are locked in combat with swords and blood and the episode ends here.

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