Mr. Queen Episode 16 Review.

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This drama with it’s final episodes coming in, has again turned in another super duper twist. With the Queen getting herself pregnant probably by their drunken cancel of no touching, 

I  like the idea of the Queen thinking that to UNDERSTAND WHAT TRASH IS, YOU SHOULD GO TO THE TRASH BIN idea. Whoever wrote the lines are a mastermind of language use. And her meeting with the Andong Kims and saying that she is not now Kim So Yong, but Jung So Young. The actors are really good, especially Shin Hye Sun. She acts perfectly like a man in woman’s clothing. And her smile and speech is also manly. We should not opt out of Cheoljong, (Kim Jung Hyun) he acts as Cheoljong should have done those days. Going to a very old fashioned expression. Super duper acting. The Chemistry between the couple is really good.

Mentioning the Bhutanise system changed by the current King Jigme Khesar was interesting. Byeong In’s efforts to unite the Queen with the Kim’s is not going to happen again. I wonder why the guy keeps going to the two Dowager queens. He is under their influence. May be waiting for his time to grab the throne. He seems to me like collecting nobles by first making them powerless and then recruiting them giving jobs under him. He is acting as though he is the king himself now. 

Manbook and Choi are a real match. Both shouting in the bamboo forest and losing their wices. Ha ha. 

The way the story shows us how the King and the Queen are getting closer to each other is very beautiful. First the King is trying to understand his Queen, who is a really unpredictable mustang. They have common interests to share. Common topics to talk about. Their friendship is getting closer day by day. This originally is a Chinese story brought back to screen as a Hanguk. Relating to the King Cheoljong who actually lived 200 years ago. One of the Joseon Kings. How they are going to end the story is a mystery to me still with everyday new thrills coming. 

I give today’s episode also 10/10

Mahesha Idddagoda

I am a passionate writer. I love Korean Drama, So I decided to blog about them. I love writing reviews.
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