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HwaJin comes to see the king, during their brief conversation, she sees the book 8 years ago. And tells the king it is still with you, and smiling she says but it is still the same, except some scribbling inside, she opens the pages and shows the King the scribbling. The king, knowing that she is lying, tells her that he loved her not because she rescued him from the well. He loved her for who she was. Which disturbs Hwajin, and she thinks that the king knows everything she is hiding.

The King and the Queen continue their discussion of the face of Joseon in the 200 years future King is now interested in the system. And She especially mentions the country Bhutan and its king Jigme Jhesar. HwaJin, feeling that the King Doesn’t trust her, decides to reveal the truth about the book and the ledger. She enters his chamber forcibly seeing the lights are on. And finds the King and Queen has fallen asleep while discussing. And she leaves. 

In the morning The Queen dresses up as a male, goes with the King and Yeonpyeong to their secret aboard, and teaches Special Director Hong some important military lessons. Prince Yeonpyeong, does not trust her. And he is not happy about her entering their secret aboard. But the King trusts her, because she had already given up her clan. During one of these trips they discuss tactics of wearing bullet proof armor and bombs. suddenly Hwang appears, making them quickly remove what they were sketching. They appear to be playing cards. Seeing the Queen as a man, he remembers Lee Seng-Mang, and is glad to see him alive. And comes hugging her saying how glad he is to see his best friend Seng-Mang alive again. While Cheoljong has to control himself while putting Hwang in distance. Hwang, who has not seen the King, thinks his face is familiar. Now Seng Mang has to introduce the King as Jong Cheol, Seng Mang’s best buddy. 

Going back to the castle King thinks of giving herself some help to jump over the wall, But to both Cheoljong and Yeonpyeong’s amazement, she manages to jump swiftly by herself telling that she learned it from Neolttwigi the Korean seesaw game. 

.HwaJin goes to the King and clears everything. Saying that it was not her, the owner of the book was the Queen. The King already knew it. She asks the King Why he did not ask anything about it from her. And just pretend to be fine with all the things she was telling him? It is just like him. So she clears herself telling the story about the ledger too, which he did not know. The king asks her, even knowing that he was after the ledger,  why did she not hand it over to him in the first place, and instead hand it over to the Queen Dowager? She tells that she hated the Queen so much, and because of that she wanted to see her fall. Cheoljong looks in disbelief at her betrayal, and blames himself for being the cause of others to act that way. Hwajin tries to explain, but it is too much for Cheoljong and she is forced to take her leave.

The Queen Reads the slang novels with Hon Yeon and Choi, enjoying them so much, she gets a bit late to visit the King for their next session. Meanwhile the King marks the book with the real owner’s name. The Queen excuses telling that she was enjoying the novels until the last paragraph. The King hands the book over to her saying sorry for not able to recognize her before. She tells him that they are even because she has done some mean things too. He asks her that she was a bit strange at that time, and how did she manage to get this stranger? And they both laugh. Getting closer together. 

At the royal kitchen ManBook enjoys the last bit of the special wine he fermented. And the Queen finds out and asks him how to make that special pear blossom wine. He teaches the Queen the recipe, and she is eager to drink it. But to her dismay he tells her they have to wait twenty days for it to ferment and become a good wine. She tells the wine Jar she made to ferment quickly.

Prince YeonPyeon as per King’s instructions as the new head of the corruption department, arrests the left state minister. The King appoints one of the concubines fathers to the position vacant. Other ministers think the Queen is being true to her word as she told them she will be backstabbing one by one. Byeong In is silent with his broken heart. 

Byeong In embarks a search in the Queen’s Chamber while she is away, to verify  the love letters mentioned by the Grand Queen Dowager exchanged between her and the King. His jealousy seeing them softens a bit by seeing the old book she is still having with her. He opens the book to find some scribblings written inside. He tears one page of the book to verify what the writing could have meant. 

One of Byeong In’s guards finds out the scribblings were a code used by Donghak believers. Byeong In things So Young to be one of the believers. That evening he gathers all the ministers and tells them to do a clean up of their possessions. Some has a suspicion where the ledger went to someone to see such detailed evidence against the left state minister. Byeong In makes sure that they make the people resign if they have got them into the posts by charging money for being employed. Byeong In is turning fiery now telling if they fail to comply and get caught, the punishment they receive from the clan will be death. 

The Secret trio The King, Hong and Yeong Pyeon, discuss that Byeong in is unstoppable. He has a faithful set of followers like an invisible wall. There is no sign of him taking bribes or money for employing them. The guy is Clean cut. Both clans follow him. He has no possession, nothing. How can they nail him. No way. The guy only has a passion. 

ManBook and the Court lady Choi continue to shout words at the Queen in the bamboo forest. Shouting how angry the Queen makes them. They seem to enjoy shouting bad words about the Queen and cursing her, since they have been shouting so much, They’ve both lost their voices.  At the kitchen, Queen wonders checking the wine, what happened to them both to lose their voices at the same time. While tasting the wine, The Queen feels a bit dizzy. She shakes it off thinking she must have eaten something bad.

The King and the Queen are getting closer. He brings her the books he made drawing the tactics while she was teaching Hong. And they both lean towards each other to kiss. Just before he kisses her, she feels squeezy, and she excuses and the Royal Physician reveals the happy news that the Queen is pregnant. Making everyone dance except the Queen.   

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