Mr. Queen Episode 16 Recap: All In, part 1

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The Precious Book

The Queen makes some noodles and wants to share it with the King. While making a quick escape from the topic of the well and how she knew the precious book, and the King wanting to know whether it was she who saved him from the well 8 years ago. However she eats noodles while he concentrates on the military tactics during the Ming dynasty book. Telling her to eat slowly. 

During their discussion, she learns that Cheoljong is hoping to build a powerful army to achieve Powerful Royal authority. And he is still having nightmares of him dying an incompetent king. Although she reassures him not to worry too much and not to be in pain, destiny will take it’s cause and it is not his fault. But he is determined to do what he can while he can and change his destiny. 

The Queen looking at him feels sorry for him, although he is bound to lose, she  decides to help him change the destiny because she has a strong weapon, that is, knowing the future. He does not believe her story at first, but agrees to listen to what she has to say. Asking her what Joseon will be like in 200 years? She explains to him that in 200 years, Jouseon will not be called by that name, it will be the republic of korea and people choose the king. Cast system will be gone and people will be only silver spoons and dirt spoons. 

As they both fall asleep during discussing, she realises that she is doing this because of herself, if Cheoljong can change the destiny her future would change too. And Mr. Han will not be able to bother her anymore.

They were interrupted in the morning by Choi coming and informing that her father had collapsed. She goes off to check on him. She finds him worried about her safety and angry with JwaGeun. And the Kim Clan. She tells her father that he need not fear about her if he does as she says. And tells him to stop corruption and give almost all of his possessions away. Only keeping the most necessary. And win the people’s hearts by doing so. He does as she tells. And also with his good memory, he writes down what was in the ledger, all the corruption records, and she takes them to the king. 

She explains how they carried out their corruption, each specializing in certain areas, one in grains the other in land and how they even put rocks instead of salt in a vessel and made it sink. And there was no one who was not involved in corruption. She asks the king finally, what will happen to the whistle blower, her father. He says Lord Kim is the biggest corrupted individual, he should take action against him, but crossing his fingers and smiling he tells the Queen that he will apply merits over demerits and forgive him, appointing him to report the corruption, when it happens. 

Cheoljong was called to attend the royal meating, and the Queen thinking, since women are not allowed unless it is a regency. She has to know what trash is by going to the trash bin. She decides to attend the meeting dressed as an eunuch. As she stands at the back watching them. Everyone is against Cheoljong appointing YeonPyeong who is the most credible person for the head of the anti corruption authority. However Cheoljong appoints him. By his force. 

And she listens how Byeong In has taken action against some Donghak believers Killing the head and getting rid of all the preachers as well as followers. And how he is adamant on oppressing people to make them subdue to authority. 

Angry Cheoljong for not asking before taking action, decides to punish all the officials and governors of the eight provinces who are responsible for oppressing people. 

Meanwhile, The spy meets Jwa Geun and tells the happenings of the palace, Jwageun assigns the man to spy on the Queen. Byeong in is being showered by Hwan with flowers congratulating him for being the youngest minister of war. During their talk, Kim Hwan tells the sweet love story between the King and the Queen. Telling the King is not a bad person and asking him why can’t they be on good terms with the King?. While prejudiced Byeong In cannot get out of his mindset. With his love for the Queen. He thinks the King is a two faced man who is using women for his benefit. From Byeong in’s point of view, the King does not love the Queen. Hwan thinks castle maids and servants’ information is most trustable, and the King is head over heels with the Queen.

Grand Queen Dowager tells Byeong In about the love letters between the King and the Queen,as Byeong In’s face changes hearing that, she looks suspicious. 

Disguised, Hong arrives at a Giseng house, speaking informally, to the person drinking and enjoying ginseng company at daytime, making them ask who he is, and he brandishes his horse tablet telling them that he is a secret investigator. They all laugh at Hong, saying everyone uses that to fool people these days. Thinking that the tablet is not working these days, he brandishes his gun pointing at them which makes them surrender immediately. Hong demands answers for his questions. 

The Queen after witnessing the Royal meeting, gathers all the Kim clan ministers to a cup of tea with her. She serves them alcohol instead and demands they behave properly in future, always agreeing with the King. and threatens them that she will back stab one by one if they do not do so. To their question are you not a Kim clan member too? She tells them she is changing her name from Kim to Jung. She tells them they are evil and a plague to the land 

Hearing the news of her behaviour towards the Kim clan, Byeong In arrives while she is discussing books that have the slang language of the time which she must learn. Byeong In tells her while he was paving the path for her to come back, why she did such a trashy thing? She tells him that she did her best to win the heart of the Grand Queen Dowager, and instead what she got was poisoned Ice. Now she is on a different path and there is no turning back. She also tells him that she never had feelings for him. ByeongIn tells her that He is deeply in love with her, and he belongs to her. If the King is out of the way, everything will be fine. She tells him it is not the king, she really did not have any feelings towards Byeong In. Hearing this, ByeongIn drowns himself in alcohol, saying that he does not have any future or anywhere to go now. She feels bad though. It had to be done to stop any misunderstandings. 

The royal artist is drawing the picture of the King while the eunuch giving advice to the artist, to make the king look more powerful in the drawing. While the king looking sideways tries to make the Queen laugh with so many tactics, the drawing team has to ask the King to mind his posture. The Queen manages a chuckle, which makes him satisfied. While Hong Yon arrives with the new present the Queen ordered. It’s a beautifully carved sword. The King asks her whether she is interested in learning swordsmanship? If so, he could teach her. But she tells him that she is very proficient with knives and she has no interest in swords. Then why did she order a sword? She tells the king that she has to give a present to someone special. 

She presents the sword to JwaGeun, telling him she could not give him his retirement present. And tells him to unsheathe the sword, and all his lifetime achievements are carved in that. He does so, and it’s a sword with a blade no longer than his palm. She tells him while advancing slowly towards him, that is what he has achieved. And reminds him not to underestimate her because she is a woman. She now has nothing to lose, so she will be unstoppable without breaks she tells him and walks away while JwaGeun Smiles, thinking what, we don’t know.

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