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This drama never fails to keep us in complete eyes and ears for the next episode each time. And it is maintaining its comedy and thrill well balanced. While the last episode’s somewhat gloomy atmosphere was telling us about all the threats that can happen inside the castle. This episode oversteps it. Giving the King some clues about the person who saved him from the well in his childhood. Queen being the craziest person in the town, taking her gloomy last episode into funny laughable reactions. 

The King crossing his fingers is a mixture of modern symbolism mixed with old cloths. I enjoyed the Queen playing cards with Choi and Hong, each knowing different levels of the news. But all of them knew the little girl did not die. The King and the Queen making alliance with modern style bottoms up. It is all mixed with old school mixing with modern terminology. This drama is different from other body swap dramas because of that.

They use methods for the drama to carry on basically. Bong hwan’s cooking skills, So Young’s old school dress code and mixing with culture. And the old school fighting and modern school terminology. With all this, they have managed to keep the drama everyday fresh, if I say so. 

Special Director Hong uses the term Secret Royal investigator, which is funny because at present there is a drama airing with the same name. But Hong thinks that is not cool, he needs a much simpler Secret agent post. Hong is someone they can use to write funny scripts. Already Hong joking about recruiting Queen Dowager Jo and her supporters into their team since he is the one going everywhere out and in, yet Jo is the one who got the ledger. 

Byeong In’s character,  they use to bring the drama challenges and uncertainty. Whenever Cheoljong thinks he has succeeded, Byeong In comes in with a crash. That helps things continue. We have a story to go.

Queen talking to the king in a roundabout modern way, and the king asking “Are we talking the same language?” although he is capable of understanding some of it, is an excellent addition of language to this drama. Beautifully written script and good comedy. This episode, the Queen takes over completely her revenge. She is the most lively character. Cheoljong is getting more active too. The Queen calling him the serial killer of the Kim’s is funny. Language usage is, Oh! I cannot expect to say how beautiful. Perfect language at perfect timing. To me still this drama is the best this Quarter. I can give it 10/10 still.

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