Mr. Queen Episode 15 Part 2 The Best Defense Is A Good Offense

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Now the Queen sitting at the lake side thinks revenge is something else. She thought she’d feel elated, It was exhilarating. What a thrill! After reading her message, the king comes and sees her seated, he signals the Eunuched to be away, while he finishes whatever she has to talk with him. “You seem especially more beautiful today.” He compliments her.

The Alliance

The suit goes well with you. She tells him that everything looks good with a pretty face. So anything looks good on me. He understands how she feels. She smiles and tells him, “Who knew I would make a great queen? The king says “I can never get used to that”.

The Queen extends her had in alliance to the King, but the King says if she form an alliance with the king, her clan will be her enemies. She tells him since her clan has already diched her, she has nothing to lose. She will be diching them too. Since they have the same enemy, they should be allies. The king takes the extended hand saying from now on no touching rule does not apply between us? she agrees happily. They celebrate the occasion by her pouring tea and them drinking tea saying bottoms up. The king asks her is that what allies do? yes one shot

Clearing the air

Now that they are allies, they need to clear the air. She want’s to know why he tried to kill her. they were discussing of assassinating her father, and they thought she overheard their conversation. That’s why. The truth has to come out some day. so he admits the reason. to him her father was one of the corrupted officials than a father in law. He asks forgiveness from his wife, the Queen. She says okay, saying since he even tried to kill his wife, he is a serial killer of the Kim’s. Since there were many misunderstandings and situations, she tells him that he owe her one and she will not forgive him until he pays back. and asks What he is trying to achieve?  

He want’s to strengthen the sovereign authority, only a tool to fix the broken empire. She does not think the root of the world can change. She likes the tool rather than the goal. If sovereign authority strengthens, she’ll be strong and no one can come after her. He is well aware of the fear that comes after a death threat. He tells her that he knows she is acting tough, but scared. The Queen tells him that she is not sure, is it because she died once? But she tells him that she hates being trampled on more than dying. if she can chew all of those who are trying to trample her, she will die with a smile.

Choi reminding her it is time to prepare launch, she finishes off the meeting and leaves. leaving Cheoljong remembering his past in flash backs of his child hood, how the girl who saved him spoke the same words. “Die with a smile.”

Byeong In and lord Kim

Lord Kim seeing Byeong In addresses him by his name, later remembering addresses him as minister of war. and Byeong In is comfortable with him calling his name.

Lord Kim has something to tell about the Queen. And Byeong In also has something to tell him on the same topic.

Scull decoration for grand mother

The Queen painstakingly decorates some food with a human skull decoration to the Grandmother Queen. While Manbook walking up and down in front of Choi, has got her attention. They talk about youths now a days. Both agreeing on the same topic.

The Queen has stopped preparing the food and tells the maids to take the food to the Grand Queen Dowager. Darn It, She thinks sitting on her stool saying I have one more revenge left. 

A recipe for revenge.

The Queen, thinking of the last revenge she has to take, mutters in Bonghwan language, which recipe she has to use? A Recipe for revenge? Man Book wants to write it down. She thinks that she should do exactly what he did to her. A tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye. This is her revenge season. “ a loss of manhood for a loss of manhood?” Then, Brackens? Man book keeps writing what she is muttering. He says, this recipe has a lot of healthy ingredients. Then she thinks, “it will take forever to achieve her goal with food”. Deciding to go big, She stands up saying Castration. Castration? Manbook has never heard of that word. Oh! I see, castration, he writes down. Saying oh! Such a precious ingredient.

Why do you not like men with ambition?

Meanwhile Hwang stops Hong and asks her why she does not like men with ambition? Hong tells him that living in the palace, she has seen many ambitious people. And their difficult ends. she does not like and she is afraid of such things. He thanks her for answering his question. After Hong is gone, Hwang talks to himself saying that he only wish her happiness always. Special Director, Hong comes out saying “it is you”.

Special Director Hong says, it must be over! “Your intuition is as sharp as a sickle.” “you are so quick witted”. Hong patts him and says “how can he not know when Hwang is crying like this?” Hwang decides to cleanly part with his feelings. While Hong thinks he has become quite a poet.

Meanwhile, the food was delivered to the Grand queen dowager and she was told that the queen insisted making the meal. The maid opens the plate. The decoration is a human skull. The Grand Queen is shaken with the ominous drawing. But the maid thinks it is so pretty. Grand says “you will survive even after consuming poison, because you are so low witted.” Now the court lady thinks she is being complemented. And blushes.

A comfortable Government post

While the Queen is seated on a high chair, the person responsible for poisoning the water and making her popcorn fly all directions, was brought in front of her. And he introduces himself as Hun Shin Mang. Queen recognizes him and he is now really afraid. For his many wrongdoings, he should receive death sentence, but he was given a government post making him an eunuch. to his dismay. He will not be able to have any decedents after being made an eunuch.

Enemy or ally?

Byong In comes in after seeing this on his way to see her. And addresses her with your highness, She thinks, “ Andong Kim clan. I am certain they are all in cahoots. But my father is also a part of the Andong Kim clan. What? I naturally called him father?” all thoughts raising inside her mind. Then she puts her hands on her head and says, “Ah! The transfer of emotions is very serious.” 

Byeong In comes and tells her that he had no idea that she went through such a big ordeal and tells her he is not in his father’s side no, of the Kim Clan. and tells her that she will find out eventually.

The Queen thinks he has no idea that they tried to kill her, and he is not free from either of the clans, is he an enemy or an ally? she does not answer and stays firm until he leaves.

Lord Kim is angry now, thinking how dare they do that to my So Yong? Even still, how could he do that to the Queen? Kim JwaGeun that jerk! 

I ought to….and gets up. And we see him falling down.

Byeong In goes to see the Grand Queen Dowager

Grand seems conversing with Byeong In over a meal, saying Furthermore it’s samjung Ijungchung, the new tax system. They are using the corruption of the leaders as an excuse. To try to bring down our family. Don’t worry, says Byeong In. if they try to find a problem with it by calling it exploitation, then nobody is innocent. In order to protect themselves, they will all try to protect the leaders. So all that will be left of samjon Ijungchung will be it’s shelf. 

Grand says Even if you join them temporarily, do not even blink in front of Queen Dowager Jo. She may smile in front of you, but she is always ready to stab you in the back. 

I will keep that in mind. Says Byeong In. Grand calles the court lady and asks to clear the table and bring in nurse park. Byeong In asks, “Are you already done eating?” I don’t have much of an appetite, says the grand. 

Byeong In tells the Grand Queen Dowager, that the one responsible for deceiving her is not the Queen, but the Royal Noble consort Eui. Even though a bell rings on the grand, it is too late.

Why did it have to be the well of all?

The King goes to see Hwa Jin apologising for coming at a later hour without any notice. He tells her the

He tells her that The Queen Dowager Jo has hired some one to put the body in the well. and the body is not of her maid O Wol. Hwa Jin looks surprised. The king tells her, she must be wanting you to rely on her. And the king asks her “Why does it have to be the Well?

and Hwa Jin tells him that she has been telling the story of them meeting first inside the well. And she apparently over romanticized the story. He partially knowing that she is romanticizing the story, tells her Not to trust her and not to let her know that they know. Yeonpyeong standing outside remembers the flash back of seeing Hwa Jin handing the ledger over to The Queen Dowager Jo telling her to bring the Queen down with it.

The King tells her that she should never trust the Queen dowager from now on. And we should hide that we know it. Says the king.  Do not let her know that you know.

Playing cards really and crying not really

The Queen says Dam Hwan went to a good place. She must have gone to a good place right? Hong says half crying. Choi  and Hong both start crying. The Queen laughs and says I mean a really good place. Yes your highness she must have gooon to a rrreaylly goood place…..! They cry loudly. Now The Queen tells them she really went to a good place. Why are you crying, and she too is crying, now. Playing cards. Then we see that they are playing cards really and crying not really.

Royal investigator or Secret inspector?

Meanwhile meeting with special director Hong and Yeonpyeong, The King is eager to know how Dowager Jo came with the ledger. Who gave it to her? YeonPyeon has not told him what he saw. The ledger we tried to find so hard but failed. How did it go to Dowager Jo?

Hong asks at this point, would it not be the right choice to recruit her? And says it’s a joke. Hearing she is better than me who can freely roam outside the palace, I am disappointed in myself. Hong says She mostly stays at seonwonjeon hall. Yeong Pyeon changes the conversation from the ledger saying the fact that she faked the corpse means she has people working for her. Hong thinks “Should we recruit them then?”

The King asks whether the composite of the one with the goblin mask is available Yet? Hong has been busy with work. Freeing Dam Hayngs mother from slavery. And finding her missing father. You could not find her father, could you? How can I find a person who is hiding in the mountains? He must have become a bandit. Hong says “Thinkin about the holiday” after the business trip as the royal investigator.” I am barely enduring it these days”. The king tells his friend, “what I meant was the holiday… “ YeongPyeon shakes his head. We can’t afford holidays. Hong tells the king, “Can you appoint me as the secret inspector, not the royal investigator? That is cooler. After hiding my identity, I will show them the tablet like this. King smiles and says “You are a born secret inspector.” Do it as you like. After the conversation, Yeong Pyeon and the king are shown jumping over the castle gates with their face masks. Back to the castle.

The Queen cannot sleep. She keeps thinking. “Ah I did not think great lord yongeun was that kind of person. Kim JwaGeun was the one who deserves to die. Great lord Yongeun was my only family.” 

The king is removing his secret uniform. While the Queen is shouting out, “hey, are you sleeping after trying to kill your father in law and wife? Oh! You are not sleeping.” He has been removing his shirt. She quickly turns and closes her door. Her heart beating fast. 

There is still time to turn back

YeonPyeong has changed now. And is looking at his picture drawn by HwaJin. She is out in the middle of the night shooting arrows. Remembering the incident while checking the body. 

Yeonpyeong tells her that the body is not O Wol’s  and the norigae was found buried in the castle. And O Wol is alive. But Hwajin wants to believe it is O Wols. Yeonpyeong asks her why she gave the ledger to Queen Dowager. And she gets upset. But he tells her the secret is safe with him. He asks her “if you are so concerned about O Wol, Why are you not happy that she might be alive?” Hwajin’s victim mentality wants to believe she is dead. Yeonpyeong tells her that there is still time to turn back than going down. But she refuses. Yeonpyeong looks at her with pity. 

Language of RamYeon

Meanwhile, the Queen making some night time ramyeon. Telling herself, eating ramyeon at night will make your face puffy in the morning. But still it is so hard to fight the temptation. Chef wants to taste it, but she prevents him touching it saying “not for you”.

The king keeps looking at a book on martial arts postures. A knock on the door is heard. The Queen comes in unannounced. And the king tells her “you should have announced. Why did you just stand there knocking at the door?” She asks him “would you like some ramyeon before you go?” “What is Ramyeon? And where do you want me to go?” she tells him “no pressure, It’s just a kind of research”. Or a test then she tells herself, “no I shouldn’t do this”. And she tells him perhaps not. This Ramyeon has such a taste once you start eating it you get addicted to it. “The king asks her what are you doing?” she says “ an inner conflict”. Placing the container aside, she faces him and asks what do you think? “Are you going to eat ramyeon or not?”

The King says “I think I will explain what RamYeon is first.” sitting comfortably, he says first, she repeats first? Cheoljong says “I will try it.” she says “Really? You know how it is, only after you try it” “It’s just a one time thing as I was drunk”.”or if I have really gone mad”. “Or if this is…real. Cheoljong asks her “are we speaking the same language right now?”

We are talking about the Ramyeon. She moves a book telling him to come closer, Ramyeon is the best when it is hot ” it is the book she has given to him under the well, in their childhood. She, without seeing the book, places the ramyeon on top of the book. And the king shouting what are you doing, and trying to save the book. She takes the book telling oh! What should I do? This is such a precious book. And while dusting the book, she spots that it was her mothers book, that she cherished during her childhood. With extra care and reverence she places the book on the table with other books. From her expression he can see that she knows the book. 

The king asks with a serious face now when you said this is, that you said it was precious? Why is Dongmongseonseup so precious to you? It gets awkward. She says that is…and he asks her was it you? The person who saved me. Was it you? Did you save me from the well? She finally says yes. It was me.

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