Mr. Queen episode 15 Part 1 The best defense is a good offense

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In the previous episode, we see the king assuming to be angry shouting at the Queen too walking away while crossing his fingers for her to see. She remembers in a flashback her asking the king in his office, isn’t it a lie? Crossing her fingers. And the King uncrosses the fingers and tells that the King never lies. Back to this seen, he looks back to check whether she got the meaning And from her glance, he is sure that she understood it. And he walks away. 

The Queen pretends to be crying over the dead child, holds her and she smells Alcohol and another smell, and the child’s body seems warmer. The child is still alive. Reassured, she pretends to cry more, while choi and Hong Yeon carries away while some ministers watching her, chuckles with satisfaction.

Next we see some workers carrying the body in a cart. Where Hong appears and pays them money telling that he should not just abandon her in the mountain and would like to give her a proper burial. Hong carries the little girl, while the cart continues to move. 

At the lake side, The craziest woman

The Queen runs to the lakeside building meeting the King there, asking “Is Dam hyang ok?”  The King says She should be ok by now. And tells her that he released her mother from slavery, and they should be ready to leave the city right now. Feeling happy about how things went, she asks the king “How he knew? Did you put sleeping medicine?”.  King explains that he basically did that but he has used anesthesia. She mentions that a famous old doctor has used that in the three kingdoms story. Queen tells him, “ You could have told me” but the king tells her “it was a quick decision he made in an urgent situation. Many people know it would be dangerous.

YeonPyeong comes in and tells them that the girl is safe. Hong is helping them out. Young Peyong thinks this was not smart for a small kid, while the King answers if I just give up on one kid, that means it will be easy to give up on 10s, 100s and all of our people. 

The Queen now thinks she thought that Cheoljong was dumb. But the guy was an incredibly stupid fool. She tells him“ don’t you think of doing great things, if you do you will not live long” he tells her that living a long and shameful life is not his goal.

Now the Queen tells him those are perfect values to live a short life.  “Does he think he will die early? Or his idea will kill him early?”

YeonPyeong says “How dare you…” King tells YeonPyeong  “This is her way of saying thank you. Her language is very different from others.” The Queen tells Now, “ The Queen’s dictionary is not good. That is the wrong translation.” The King: “Did you see it?” The Queen: “yes, it was there so obviously.” Asking “is the Queen’s position this dangerous?” “Why does everyone want to kill me?” The King tells her that he will prevent it from happening again.

The Queen doesn’t want others to get involved. She says “No I will do it my own way. The best defence is good offence.” and she adds on telling “ From today onwards, the craziest woman in the palace is me” 

She holds her hands up and shouts RRROOOAAARRR! They both look at her.

Father and son

Byeong In asks JwaGeun, “Did you try to kill the Queen?” and JwaGeun says “The Queen is the King’s person now. She has betrayed the family by falling in love with him” Byeong In tells JwaGeun that “That cannot be.” JwaGeun says “Since you adore her too much, you don’t want to believe it. The Queen is a stupid woman controlled by love.

Byeong In tells his father, that he did everything to get his fathers recognition when he came to his house. (remember he is the adopted son). Telling further moer that he did that not just to survive, but looked up to him and wanted to be like him. Byeong In continues, “ but as soon as you tried to assassinate the Queen, you are not my father anymore. Whoever tries to harm the Queen, He Byeong In will kill that person.

JwaGeun tells him that he can come home any time, even though Byeong In doesn’t take him as a father. Telling “You are always my son”. Byeong In walks off. 

Mystery of the ledger

Meanwhile the Queen Sitting at her desk keeps thinking who hid the book in her room. Hwa Jin has the most purpose. Considering the things that have happened so far, even in the hunting event, It should be her. But, there is no record of her coming into her quarters. Then it should be The Queen Dowager Jo. She has been in and out of her room several times. And she has a reason. That bad woman, How did she come across the book though? That is the mystery, But what book? She keeps thinking and falls asleep starting to snore in her sleep.

Meanwhile Byeong In meets with Queen Dowager in the morning. She tells him that she did not have her sharmanic ceremony. He apologises for what he did before. She says he should not bow without no good reason. He tells her that she is quick and knows what is going on. Probably she is the main link to the Jo family who could send Jo’s his way.

Then he meets up with Jo and Kim family ministers. And tell them that for aristocrats, surviving is more important than one family. If one family goes away then the other family will have a more difficult time also. He suggests that both families release the sinners. He tells them “We have a lot of good people fired because of a little mistake. So let’s call amnesty and pardon these people. All party ministers as well as their leaders raise their glasses agreeing with Byeong In, and they all drink.

Meanwhile JwaGeun writes a letter to the king, saying that the minister of war tried to play dirty tricks to fulfil his greed. And I am also guilty for being unable to subdue him, as a result Kim JwaGeun requests to step down from my position as the training commander. But he scratches the letter. Thinking as long as he is breathing, things will not end for him.

Mun Geun and the slave

Mun Geun is seen feeding a slave a good meal. Remember, this was the man who greeted Hwa Jin when she went there looking for the king. This man told her, “the King went out with the Queen and the lord is also away” While the man not accustomed to having meals with his superior seems awkward. Mun Geun tells him to eat slowly. And ask him why did he run away? Telling that “I treated you well”. The man tells something…!

Meanwhile Dam Hwan has woken up and sees her mother looking at her. The mother and child are having a lovable reunion. 

My little doe has changed into a mustang!

Choi and Yeon walk looking to be sad, into the Queen’s room. Thinking that at least they have to smile a little. Without staying sad forever. Keeping their composure they walk into the Queens room to find her still sleeping sitting up in her desk. They tell her if she sleeps like that it will hurt her body. The queen says that she has been thinking too much and couldn’t sleep.  She was thinking about all those people who messed with her last night. “This should be the last night of their good night’s sleep” she says. She asks them to send for her father, as she needs to see him. As if it is telepathy, Mun Geun walks in wanting to see her too. Oh! You came already? 

She tells him that she wanted to meet him, but he already came. They start the conversation both saying “the other day” at the same time. And then telling each other to go first and again “the other day” together. And they both laugh. And say sorry for the other day. 

The Queen says the reason she wanted to meet him is about the book. He asks if she knows? She asks him that everyone is going crazy having trouble because of that book, what is it? Mun Geun says that It contains all the illegal activity of the Kim family. It comes to her mind, that must be the reason Cheoljong wanted it. Mun Geun says he is here to tell her about that. He has been suspecting the King since it disappeared when she and the King were there. He says, But one trusted and cherished slave ran away, Mun Geun tells her “I caught him and asked why he ran away. He says that he let the concubine in right before he ran away. And he saw the house was turned upside down so he thought he did something wrong and ran away. I am sorry, your highness” She tells him that it was not his fault, and she has put all the puzzle pieces together now.

She now starts to think about the Grand Dowager who tried to poison her at the brunch so she was the Architect behind her assassination, Dowager Jo who tried to bully her indirectly and Hwa Jin who gave them ammunition to screw her up, seeing flashbacks of all the women. Her eyes going in all directions thinking of them in a gaze telling “ I will not let you go easily”. 

Moon Geun wondering what she is thinking looks in all the directions she looks. She tells him that she has somewhere to go. She is going to open the fires of hell. I will make you regret what you did, As she starts to look crazy, he backs away thinking that his little girl has changed into this crazy person after coming to the palace……?

Choi smiles and says to Hong Yon, “even though parents don’t know kids…..” but she can’t believe that she was like a deer, as lord Kim was telling, she only can think of a Mustang.

Makeup can make a big difference

The Queen does full makeup. Thinking in her mind, “Maui’s tattoo, the peacocks feathers, the Devil Wears Prada, strong things are pretty. Today I am wearing the prettiest armor in the world.  

All done, Heong yon asks her “How do you like it?” The Queen says, “ I like it, Revenge is sweet when served with fireworks.”

Round one

The Queen goes to meet the Grand Dowager. She has made a dumpling for the Grand Dowager. The Queen tells her “What you see is not everything” and the maid opens the dumpling and shows everything inside to the Grad Queen Dowager. She tells her “To know what is inside, you have to open everything first.”

Grand Queen Dowager tells her that she thought it was a potato but you completely deceived me. “You shouldn’t throw away the trust and cut it without a good reason. One Should make sure what it is before cutting it. Now we can’t put it back together anymore.

Choi and yeon come in with the drink. The red drink that the Queen drank. The Queen tells the Grand “ The reason I prepared brunch was to answer you for the way you treated me last time. The drink was so good that I would not have not noticed even if someone was dead. 

The same drink is given to the Grand Dowager. The Queen asks, “Why don’t you drink it?” Grand Says “I am not thirsty.” Queen: “I prepared it with a lot of effort, drink it.” Grand Queen: “I don’t want to” Queen: “if that is so…” the Queen drinks it all and all the ice inside as well” and tells her that the ice tasted good when you chew it. And she tells the Grand Dowager, “I told you before,that I will help you be healthy and beautiful forever. In the future, I will do my best because what  you eat and put on your body and wear, if you start to suspect all of that then your life will be hell. 

GQD “ so you are acting like this because your husband is doing his own politics now? Do you think your position will be safe if you betray the family?

Queen: “Grand Queen Dowager, I am acting out, not because of the family or my husband, but because I trust myself”

The Grand Queen Dowager Scorns.

Meanwhile the king is taking a stroll around the palace. Tells the Eunuch that he forgot to work on his studies on the next generation. Producing a hair. “I would work hard as a king, so go and report that to her”. “W-What report?” the King tells him, “The place you always go to”. He then yells at another eunuch “

The King is now asking, “How did you become a spy with your guts like that? I have to stop by somewhere before my meeting. You go to the bedroom,” Hey Hey..Now! this eunuch is shocked. “You should hide and read that” to the other eunuch. Saying the king walks off. 

Round two

The Queen then goes to the Queen Dowager Jo. and seated herself inside, asks her whether she had a peaceful night’s sleep? Jo now asks her “Is that how you greet your elser?” She replies my hair is heavy, so I cannot bow.

Jo says “This is a sacred place where ancestral rites are performed it is not permitted to wear such extravagant garments’ ‘ Queen says “ You have to clean yourself before asking for a refund” then suddenly she says Oh! I forgot to offer incense to the ancestral kings, I can’t disgrace the old school of etiquette.” getting up, she walks to the altar and lights the incense sticks. Jo follows her, She tells her not to touch them. The Queen tells her that she is extremely faithful to confucianism, and she can’t stand not performing the ritual. Jo infringed her priversy and left something in her room. “I told you this is a refund, I am going to get something back”

She lights the sticks and holds it towards Jo. who shouts telling “What are you doing?” “I told you I am going to get my refund”. “I Should  return the incense I had to go through”

Jo “What kind of rudeness is this, slandering your elder carelessly. And complaining so hard. You’ve always been like that. But your attitude is even more insolent today. Is it because you grew up without a mother?”  “Look, mother in law, If I am rude because I grew up without a mother, are you rude because you lived without your child?” Then she throws the burning sticks on the altar, saying it’s too hot. While Jo watching open mouthed. “Oow! I can’t stand how hot it is” “The portrait of your precious son almost got burnt.” Now Jo shouts at her “saying you have lost your mind” “Yes I lost it big time, thinking I am the best among all the girls who lost their minds.” so watch out. 

Now the Queen is leaving and Jo comes running after her to grab her hair. Just in time she shouts saying If you touch even a strand of my hair, You will never see your son’s face again, Jo drops to the ground while the furious mad Queen walks away. 

She comes out of Jo’s residence saying “Whoooh!” King goes on his morning stroll with Yeonpyeong and sees the crazy Queen coming out. And looking at her tells Yeonpyeong, “the person I should worry about is not the Queen, but the other people” smiling he says “Best defense is good offense”.

Round three

The Queen goes to see Hwajin at the usual lakeside place where she goes. Seeing that Hwajin is looking at her mirror image at the lake pointing her arrow at her own mirror.  The Queen throws a stone into the lake. And asks her to join in the stone flipping game with her. Hwa Jin refuses. And tries to leave. Queen brings up the topic of the ledger telling you took it. Thanks to that I almost died. Tell me, “Is that what you wanted?”

Hwa Jin- “Did you really not kill O Woll?”

Queen- No matter what I say you believe what you want. I have to take the king away from you, Kill O Woll and put her in the well, because it will make me a bad girl who deserves to die. And make you a kind and poor victim. This is why playing the victim is scary. Because you are slowly turning into a monster every day. Without even realizing it. 

She starts walking slowly towards Hwa Jin while she keeps going back. She can’t believe this new crazy woman. Queen says “Look at the mirror and see how ugly you are” Hwa Jin goes to the edge of the water and her foot slips and she falls to the water, while the Queen grabs her by the hand. 

She let go of her hand again and making Hwa Jin grab into her hand now, making her cling for her life dearly. She tells Hwajin “hold it yourself to come up, I don’t feel like being too kind right now”.  Hwajin let go of her hand and the Queen grabs her hand quickly and with a twist pulls her back, where Hwa Jin feeling helpless is now sitting on the ground. 

The Queen tells her now “When I fell into the lake in front of you perhaps you should have held me then” “This proves that I am a better person than you” and leaves Hwajin speechless. 

The New appointment

At the meeting the king reads the letter saying “Kim JwaGeun, the former training commander, resigned.” The impeachment process was delayed so you all could have taken responsibility for that.

It is a pity. The king says “oh! It was a slip of the tongue”. I wanted to say it is fortunate. Before the next agenda I want to declare something to you. “I Will make an office to remove the inducement of the three tax systems.” It’s name is “Samjung ljungchung” It will establish legislation. It will develop detailed plans to solve the fundamental issues. To remedy the problems of the three tax systems. Joseon depends on Agriculture. The country can prosper only when it’s farmers prosper. Government officials exploiting the farmers, is an act to threaten the foundation of the country. Hence It will be punished as high treason. 

Someone says a careful examination is needed to establish a new office. Another “You should hear our opinions first before” King: I accept no compromise to do the right thing. It means your opinions do not matter any longer. And he stamps the Royal seal on the document. Making it valid this day onwards. “Also I will give the late King Sunjong the posthumous name of “Sunjo” according to the rules. One minister mutters “ The king is more aggressive than usual today”  They tell the king your majesty, there is a new appointment today. King says Chief Royal Secretory also makes the slip of the tongue. It should be an appointment proposal. Says the king. 

Ministers – They say the position of the minister of war is vacant now. A weak military equates to the crisis of the empire. They are bringing the appointment through the border defense council. King is watching who the new guy is? Just like a grinding stone walks in Byeong In. he should not be underestimated. 

The best defense is a good offense.

The King, YeonPyeong, and Hong talk about the new threat. Kim Byeong In can be scary, since he has the support of the Jo clan too. Hon says Both clans have positioned themselves for amnesties, because ….” The king says that must be Kim Byeong Ins doing as well. Hong says That he doubts that they can ignore this many appeals showing the appeals sent to the King. This might give the upper class an excuse for an uprising, says Yeong Pyeong. Hah! “Now that you have full control, you can do whatever you want, but it’s still hard to stop them from going against you, says Hong. Now thinking of the Queens way, the King says the best defence is a good offence. Now it is a matter of hitting the target faster that our opponent. Says the king. We do not have time to recruit new people, “I want you to oversee “IJungchung”, He tells Yeong Pyeon. 

“Special director Hong, I will officially dispatch you to visit the three cities in the south. As people are distressed there and launch an investigation. Hong asks “another business trip?” King says “Do this for me” “the more time pases by, you two stay here giving orders, I feel like I am doing all the heavy lifting by myself. “

Am I wrong?” King says “No you are not alone. I always…then he says once you are done with this investigation, I will give you a few days off.  Hong says “ I will get ready for the trip” before any further ado he is off. 

The head Eunuch comes in trembling now saying Your majesty you have a letter. Hhhhh! I will not harm you. come closer. Says the King. The Queen has sent a letter to your majesty. Says the Eunuch.

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