Mr. Queen episode 14 Part 1: A woman who must die to live.

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You may remember Episode 13 ended with the Queen waking up from her drunken sleep seeing Hong yeon besides her and telling her that I am grateful to you and I owe you many things. I kept thinking of you when I tried to leave this place. Because I will never see you again. And we see in this episode it is not Hong yeon, it is the king who is looking at her. And she touches the king’s face thinking it is Hong yeon, Remember she breaks the no touching rule. 

Why would she betray me?

Then we were taken to a one hour earlier scene, the king looking at the chef’s writing and the Queen’s writing, recognizing it is the Queen who saved the party. He confronts the chef and asks about it. First he says it is him. But the king kept persisting, asking him then why did he use Wild grapes, pine needles and peaches for the appetizer? Which was not common. and Man Book says it was the Queen. And she made him promise that he will not tell anyone. 

YeonPyeong tells the king it is late and you should come back tomorrow. King tells him to go to his residence and says “I must find out why she helped me”.  “And what she meant when she said that she would betray me”.

The blind woman writes another message on the wall, and the person reading it is special director Hong. The woman has written “ THE QUEEN IS IN DANGER!” YeongPyeon tells Hong that he will tell the message to the king when he wakes up tomorrow morning. Hong is concerned, telling will he be ok until then? Yeong pyeong tells him not to rush, it might be a trap”.

King looking at the Queen thinks there are times when she sleeps like a baby. She wakes up in drunkenness. Asking him “have you been watching me all the time? Why do you always do that? Worrying about me, trying to understand me, come to think of it, you are the first person I saw when I came here. There are so many things I owe you. I kept thinking of you (music playing in the background) when I wanted to leave this place. Because I will never see you again.” She touches him, and that is what only Cheoljong needs. They make love passionately. In the morning she rolls calling Hong Yeon. but the bulge is too big to be Hong Yeon, and to her horror, she sees Cheoljong besides her. 

Who dared to do something bad to my Queen?

She calls “this is a dream. Hong Yeon and the consorts turned into him” ha  ha..!  King rolls towards her, touching her and telling are you up? Oooh! What? What is going on? She sits up looking at him. Shouting in disbelief. Cheoljong gets up startled calling “ What is wrong? Who dared to do something bad to my Queen”?

He stands up ready to fight, and she points her finger at him telling, “you did something bad to me.” “Why did her face blink and change to you?” 


Be frank with me. What happened between us last night?

Startled, The king asks her “ How frank do you want me to be”?

Queen: Don’t leave anything out, and tell me everything.

King: sitting himself again says Oh! That is a strange request.  If that is what you want…, he continues telling poetically, “When the moon lit up the dark sky last night, Our hands touched slightly and there were fireworks…”

Queen: Oooh! Don’t say anything. If you say anything I will kill you.

King: ‘This is just the beginning my Queen”

She runs out in dismay without letting him finish. And the King is left startled by her reaction oh! Ho! My Gosh! While funny Background music is playing.

CheolJong: “it feels like I have been abandoned” Ho! My gosh!  

King calls his attendant, and the Queen goes out calling Hong Yeon. and asks her where did she sleep last night? Still not being able to believe what happened. Hong Yeon replies that she slept in her residence. 

Did Cheoljong and I really….? Huh!  She cries a loud long cry of grief and  distress uncontrollably. for being unable to maintain her manliness Unable to believe that she had sex with a man, still thinking in Bong Hwan mind, who loved being with women. 

Queen Dowager hurries into her prayer room telling this is a dream. The portrait of the late king was burning last night. And it all seemed so realistic. After what happened to the fortune teller, she could not get her fortune read properly. Something seems ominous. She tells her court lady to bring a monk to get her fortune read. Properly. The court lady tells her doing that will cause trouble again. This is a monk she knows. It will be okay since it does not look suspicious to others.

The monk does a little prayer and the QD asks what do you see. And the monk says that he see the palace covered with blood. Someone will die in the palace today. Now the Queen asks in fear who will that be? I do not know who it is, says the monk. But it will be a woman, says the monk. She asks whether is it her? And ask the monk to write a Talisman to protect herself. The monk tells her that he is not a Shaman. But there must be a way. If you insist, He tells her to make an offering to Buddha. Definitely she agrees to give as many offerings as the monk likes. The woman who will die in the palace must definitely not be me. 

We are shown Cheoljon dressed in his king robe, saying “Darn, I did not get to ask the Queen what I wanted to ask” during their startled explosion, he forgot to ask it. Checking his robe knot, he tells his attendants that he will go to Daejojeon Hall. 

Meanwhile, Special Director Hong Keeps thinking in his office about the man he saw in the line of eunuchs. , it is suspicious. Including the fact that he disappeared all of a sudden. Remembering the flash back, decides to draw a composite of the masked man himself. He sets to work dramatically active. He is happy that he finally finished it. He is distracted by someone calling him. 

Hwaaa…yiee, Hwang comes crying. “Did you come all the way here while crying”? Asks Hong. hugging and patting him in the back. Oooh! Chooo! Chooo! Chooo! Hwang now says “Why did I not consider that she might not like me? Why did I spend so many days debating over whether I should choose my love or family? 

Hong says the biggest obstacle in love is none other than gaining the heart of the person you love.Hong asks Hwang, what is her reason to not like you? “She said I don’t like you because she doesn’t like men with ambition” and Hwang starts crying again. And Hong pats him again. And suddenly Hwang is out of crying, and it startles Hong. Hwang says there is good news too. The King has gotten better, he says. My prayers were answered. Which Hong already knows. 

Hong says “I am sure you know something else as well”  ah! Lord Kim Jwa Geun will be dismissed due to that incident as well. Hwang likes the King, and he respects Kim Jwageun also He says his heart has been divided into two. Hong asks Hwang “Why do you like the King when you have never met him personally?” Hwan replies “That is because he is your best friend. You are a good person, So your friend must be a good person too.” Making Hong laugh. 

Hwang looks at the drawing Hong has done, and is very interested in the octopus in it. What do you mean by octopus? It is a person. “Seriously? Is this a person?” Yes I drew it quite well if you look at it carefully. Hwang now is interested in the poor drawing Hong has done. 

QD Jo Feeds her bird saying It’s so good to read your fortune in the morning. Hwa Jin is there to meet her. QD says: “Look at you, your face has become drawn overnight., as if the King has yet to wake up.” Hwa Jin asks “ What happened to the Queen’s job?” 

QD tells her that she had given up on a bigger use of her. And did as you asked. Saying tha, “ I am certain that they found the object in her chamber.” Hwa Jin says, “ The King spent the night in the Queen’s chamber last night.”

QD: As soon as he got well? Hwa Jin Says “I came to realise once again through this incident, that if I lose the King, I will die.”

QD Jo is now thinking, “will it be Hwa Jin who is going to die today?” and looks interested.

Hwa Jin meets Jwa Geun on her way back, and bows to him. She has deep determination in her. Jwa Geun now looks at her silently, maybe he is thinking of making her the next Queen. 

We are just slaves of our hormones

Meanwhile, the Queen, now in the kitchen, lighting a fire, says she feels like dying. thinking, “Should I just Kill myself? I might feel better if I died” and remembering the night, howls again making Man Book to look into what the matter is? He apologises to her.saying that he denied everything. But the king was filled with certainty, Which made Bong Hwan look back. 

What are you talking about? What do you mean? Now the Queen wants to know what caused her misfortune last night. Man Book changes the subject now and asks her do you smell something burning? And gets up asking which one of you is it? Wanting to avoid her. She drags him by the collar saying “where are you going? Hold on. “ And the chef admits saying that he ended up telling the King everything.   

“Is that so? Let me get this straight, The king came to me last night, after having a talk with you? Which caused all this mess. Is that right?” She is now furious. 

Man Book says “That is not what I said.” The Queen now blames the chef saying “Then the source of my confusion right now is all your fault.” Manbook asks her in confusion himself “What? Why do you feel confused?”

She thinks of slapping Man Book, but suddenly remembers, it felt definitely good though. Perhaps it was better than before? She is comparing it to being better than when she was a man. “That is why it is driving me crazy” She is now confused thinking why did she like it? Oh! This cannot be happening. While others are looking at her in a strange way. She comes to the conclusion “So the spirit doesn’t rule the body?” Then, we don’t rule our body and mind at all? “Does it mean we are just slaves to our hormones?” Oh! Gosh! She is behaving like crazy now. 

While Hong Yeon watches, thinking what is wrong with her highness? Choi figuring out her language telling happily “What do you mean? she is just being herself” banging her head, The Queen wonders why didn’t it feel awful? You should feel disgusted, feel awful, You should hate it! 

Suddenly the king is announced coming to the kitchen. King hurries in, looking for the Queen. He asks Choi, Where is my Queen? Yes your majesty she is…Choi turns to where the Queen was, but only to find an empty space. She has disappeared. I am Sorry She was here just a second ago, they tell him bowing. 

Cheoljong is now getting angry, shouting “Why is she going to such lengths to avoid me? “Like a tigress last night she…Grrrrrr” Coming to his senses, he asks Choi, Can you help me find my Queen?” As you can tell, I have a lot to tell her. Choi bows with an understanding smile saying yes your majesty.

The Queen is seen running towards the lake. Thinking if she sees Cheoljong right now she would be in huge trouble. Not sure if her body betrays her again. Then she comforts herself saying So Yongs spirit must have shown up last night. Thinking she only liked it because it was Hong yeon. If she knew that it was him,… suddenly realising she liked it even more, She sits on the ground now, confused and worried. Thinking she must be going crazy. Staggering to the rock where she has scribbled, she thinks this is how Jang Bong Hwan will disappear forever? Is that it?

She hears voices calling “My Queen” …”.Your Highness”… from far away. Darn it, She gets up to hide. Running around the open building. Cheoljong seated himself near the lake takes a little rest. Queen runs to the otherside, ending up in a place where she overhears a conversation between two ministers. Standing Above. 

Are you playing hide and seek your highness?

One says Lord Kim Jwa Geun is about to lose his position. Because he made it clear that he tried to assassinate the king. The other says “My goodness the more I think about it, the more I am convinced that this is not his style.”  the former “He must have felt concerned”. Because of the explosion, Kim JwaGeun lost everything. On the other hand the King gained a lot from it. But I doubt the king set up the explosion risking his own life. The Queen listens to the piece of news. She overhears they call…” Your majesty,” and she sees the King has come there looking for her. The King  asks them, “ are you heading for the conference?” Yes they are. And they ask why is the King there all by himself? He says my Queen, and looks round, The Queen? The other two ask. 

The Queen hides herself for a bit. So no one will spot her. But the little girl comes running to her asking, “your highness, are you playing hide and seek?” Game over. The King spots her. “Darn it, Stop following me around she shouts at him. Are you the CCTV camera? Are you my stalker? Darn it” and she runs passing them. The King hurries after her telling them that he will meet them at the conference.  One minister saying they are crazy in love chasing each other like little kids. Playing Hide and seek. The other says he is playing Hide and seek after just having a near death experience. 

Queen spots the concubines and thinks yes I have the Royal Concubines We shared our love through letters all night. Thinking happily they are the guardian angels of my sexual identity. The three concubines bove to the king who has come looking for the Queen. The Queen turns and runs back again. Telling them to have a good day, the king is after the Queen. He runs but remembering that he should not run, composes himself and walks grandly calling My Queen, You are not allowed to run. The three concubines think that they do not have a chance to join them. In their game. But think they look good together. 

Passing the message her way

Queen is back in her chamber thinking that she will get her sexual identity by writing the letters to the concubines. And sets to work writing without knowing that she has ink all over. Again she hears calling My Queen, And she hides behind the curtain. The king checks the brushes she has been using. And they are freshly inked. So he guesses she is hiding behind the curtain. Having no time to chase his wild queen all over the palace, he tells she is not here either. I have been following her because I had a question for her. I guess she feels uncomfortable seeing me. I should stop looking for her. I hope she will let me know once she is ready to see me.passing the message in the Queen’s way the king leaves. I think he is very wise in doing so.

The King leaves for the important Royal Conference. He is met by YeonPyeong and Hong, Who have been looking for him all over the palace. Hong was about to accidentally blurt out the news but YeongPyeon says let us discuss this on our way. Special director Hong does not forget to exchange a sigal of love with Hong Yeong before leaving.

The Queen comes out thinking what does he have to ask from her?  She thinks “in this kind of situation, guys usually ask the girls “Did you like It?” Ooch! How embarrassing’ she gives her gender testing letter to Choi and tells her to pass it to the usual recipient.  She feels something is off. And asks Choi why she is not nagging her these days? Choi smiles and tells her that she has decided to stop nagging her. What ? What a surprise.? Okay, Go on. She sends the letter with Choi. The Queen thinks that she did not see it coming. 

Ending the Regency

At the throne room, the King Signals the Grand Queen Dowager to leave. She comes out from her covered chamber and states that from today onwards regency stops. And she tries to go from the front. But the king makes it clear without words that she could go from the back. So she leaves from the back. Frowning. And angry. The Regency chamber is being removed immediately. Cheoljong announces I hereby declare the beginning of my direct rule. Ministers all bowe. 

The GQD being sent home is suffering from a headache. Saying at this rate she will soon die. Telling, “this anger will kill me”. Her court lady asks her whether she should turn the food away. “Do you want me to die soon” she shouts in pain. 

While this ranting is going on, Byeong In has arrived. She asks How can she calm down right now? I have practically lost all political power.  Byeong In tells her that he will help her regain power again. He promises her that her reagency will be resumed soon. He seems confident.

She tells him that his father was like that too when he was young. She tells Byong In, that she gave his father one last chance,  A chance to do what? To figure out a way to destroy the King’s heart. If your father succeeds, your priority is to keep your position safe. Byeong in says, “ but however! You will soon realise that an old tool would not do.

You should not underestimate the king, She asks Byeong In “do you really think that the King was behind the explosion? Culprit is the person who benefited the most from it. Says Byeong In. “I cannot believe that I let such a brazen brat take over the throne says GQD

Some eunuchs and officials come to congratulate the king on finally ending the regency. And the head Eunuch hands over a letter which arrived from the Daejojeon Hall. He asks is it from the Queen? And the Eunuch says yes. The letter says “The thought of telling you that I miss you Makes me miss you more.”

Now the king thinks something must be done about this. The Queen gets a return letter which she opens hurriedly, thinking that was my last resort and it worked. So decisive. The letter says LET US MEET!

Wrong Address 

Queen goes to the lakeside, looking at the lake, tells you are here at least, to save me from this chaos. And turns around, to see Cheoljong of all people, standing there. Oh! Cheoljong “How did you find me here?” she asks him with annoyance. The King replies saying, “I knew you’d be here because you told me to meet you here”. The Queen tells him “The Consort told me to come here.” The king asks her “Which consort?”

The Queen now tells the King, “I liked the thrill that anonymity gives, so I didn’t bother to find out which one it was? Any way I know it’s not you.” saying so, she shows him off and is about to leave. The King starts to recite the poems she had written saying “I SOMETIMES THINK OF OTHER THINGS” she stops, and he continues telling the whole poem. “I WILL BE HAPPY DROWNING TO DEATH IN THE THOUGHT OF YOU”. “PLEASE ROW TO ME.” Ah! And he starts reciting another poem “OH! I DID NOT LET YOU GO” She shouts back saying Stop!

The King says, “Do you get it now?” She is defensive, unable to admit that she wrote them. And furthermore she did not write them to him. 

She denies telling “What is that Cheesy poem?”. “ I have no Idea what it is about”

Then he tells the other poems loudly for everyone to hear clearly “THE NAME I WILL DIE CALLING” “IT WILL LINGER IN MY MIND AS I CANNOT FORGET”. to put this to an end she runs to him and shuts his mouth with her hand.  While he keeps telling another line she helplessly tells him to stop and the others can hear you. King taking off her hand says, “What does it matter since you did not write the poem?” She sends the others away saying that the King and she have something to talk about. 

She asks him “have you been surveilling Me?” “have you been inspecting my letters” Now she is furious. King says “What are you talking about?” “in your letters you passionately profess your love to me” but you put on a straight face when you see me. You are unbelievably cold to me”.

Now it clicks to them both. What might have happened. Both say at once “Was it misdelivered?” Now the King is upset. “Then those letters were not meant for me?” and she can’t believe it now, “you were the one who caused a new rush of hormones?” Looking at him in disbelief and shock. Saying “I was counting on you to protect my sexual identity” “The one who made my heart flutter every night was only you?”

King realises now looking dismayed, looking down faced and coming it clear to him, telling “no wonder you looked two faced”. She asks “Why you?” Sternly now. “Why is it you every single time?” “it’s always you?” I even see you in my dreams” she is worried about her sexual identity being changed now.”  When she says he comes in hre dreams, his face lightens up again. Asking “you had a dream about me?”

Her inner self telling her don’t get it all awkward, If you do, you are practically admitting it. She changes her tone and says in a friendly tone, now her anger is gone, “ there are many kinds of dreams. Some are awful nightmares that make you shudder. 

Now their misunderstandings gone, He asks her “Why did you help me in the banquette?” Now she sneers at him saying have you been following me round to ask me that Question? She says now, “I thought you’d thank me. I regret helping you”

He tells her “you told me to curse at you if I am happy to see you” “and provoke you when I am grateful to you”. She sneers at him telling since when did you follow my advice? He tells her “Now you are criticizing me for following your advice?”.What am I to do then? “You always said “no touching”, but suddenly helped me.Then you declared out of the blue that you’d betray me. 

She starts to say ah That was…”hold on you herd me when I said “i’d betray you?” you said you’d lost your hearing, Was that a lie? Don’t tell me..”did you orchestrate the explosion too?”

He now tells her that he lost his hearing temporarily. “It just happened to come back when you were saying that. She hits him now asking “are you crazy? You nearly died.” He says My Queen, and she continues telling “did you have to do something so dangerous? He hugs her, she tries to move away. But he holds her firmly. While background music plays to show their love. She tells him “hey, I told you this isn’t allowed” Hugging me like this, Smiling at me, lying down beside me…you are not allowed to do it. But he holds her firmly in his embrace.  Telling her “you are not allowed to disallow me.” their hearts start beating faster. He tells her that he likes her. 

I have not forgiven you

She asks him, getting away from his embrace, “Do you fall for women this Quickly?” Just because we spent the night together? C”mon, Don’t be so lame” he tells her not that is not why…” Then Why do you like me?” he tells her “you are arrogant, Selfish, and rough around the edges. And you are never consistent. You are full of flows. 

Hearing this, all bad sides about her what he likes, she tells him “That’s right, so don’t like me”. He tells her but he still likes her. Even if you have more flaws than anybody in the world, I still like you” she looks at him helplessly, feeling sorry for him. 

She now reminds him of the night she fell into the pond, telling him, “right before I jumped into this lake, do you remember what I said to you?” Past flashback, the king passes her by ignoring her, while she keeps telling him he must love her. And coming back to present, She tells him that she believed she was the only one who could protect him. That’s why she said that. She reminds him. “Because I thought I could only help you if you loved me. That was the only way you and I could both live.” 

He asks her silently and seriously now, “Was that the reason?” But you know what? She says, That Kim So Yeon does not exist anymore. Kim So Yeong died that night. He tells her “seriously, he does not wish to hurt her anymore.” She tells him that there is no future for them…  Because she can’t forgive him. she turns and walks away thinking “I am not Kim So Young, so I can’t do this”. Leaving him sad faced and feeling full of remorse. 

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