Mr. Queen Episode 13: Tomorrow may not Part 1

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This drama is packed with what comes next in every episode. I am breaking this episode in to two because the post will get longer and that might take your attention away. Pictures are from Sounds Drama

Episode 12 showed the king, after the explosion is thrown up the air and falls in a blood bath. He reaches his hand in the direction of Bong Hwan trying to stand up, but falls unconscious.  Bong Hwan runs towards the king, but Byeong In and her ladies in waiting prevent her. Prince YongPyong and others rush to the king and he is carried inside for treatment. Hwa Jin was also stopped, Grand Queen Dowager and Queen Dowager also walked away. Bong Hwan is firmly advised by her father not to go in the king’s direction, everything looks unsure she has to stay low at times like this. And he tells her that he will tell her the details later.

Bong Hwan thinks It is a miracle we have a tomorrow.  When we don’t have a tomorrow anymore, we realise how dumb we were after loosing it.

Tight Night Watch

As the night falls, Byeong In stands guard, saying that someone tried to assassinate the king and everyone must be checked thoroughly. No one is allowed to enter the king’s place, instead Yeonpyeong the chief Eunuch and the Royal physician. 

Grand Queen Dowager asks her brother is this the plot he planned in front of everyone? To Bloff the King? How would he face the consequences? Jwa Geun replies that everyone is thinking that he tried to assassinate the King, and he will take care of it?

Meanwhile Queen Dowager, discusses with the Right state councilor that they did not think Kims would go to this extent. And if the king does not recover, what would they do? They won’t be able to do anything. She is shown praying with Hwa Jin for the king’s speedy recovery. Queen Dowager says Hwajin to have some rest. If she keeps on praying like this she will have no energy left. Hwa Jin is determined to take revenge on the person who did this to the king. Queen Dowager tells her, the palace is full of those people.

Thinking of happy moments

The Queen seated in her quarters, think about the happy moments she had with the King. Remembering the time when he gave the jade hair pin to her. Choi announces Byong In. He comes in and updates her about the king’s health. The king is with the Royal Physician and YeonPyeong. 

She gets up telling that she should go and see the king, after all she is his wife. Byeong In embraces her telling not to go. At that, she remembers him kissing her before she became the Queen. And stunned she stops for a second. He tells her “He tried to kill you. Even if you kill him, that won’t satisfy me”. Now even more stunned. She pushes him away and tells him that she wants to be alone. To that he leaves, making her standing speechless and gasping. 

The sick King

The King is wrapped in bandages and the doctor and the nurses are treating him, while YeonPyeong looks on. Meanwhile in another room, JwaGeun asks the minister of war, whether everything is fine? They should be, he replies.

Outside, King’s special guards are tortured by Byeong In. They were asked who is responsible for the act. They reply that they would risk their lives for the king. It’s JwaGeun, his father who tried to kill the king. Not them. 

Meanwhile a special investigator comes to see JwaGeun, telling him that they found it. One of the police tells Byeong In that the sand was not sand, but gunpowder as you suspected. Byeong In tells JwaGeun that the guards are not talking. JwaGeun tells him that they have to execute the criminals quickly, so find out who is behind it all. Byeong In tells his officer to find out who did this. 

Outside, JwaGun meets with a worried Mun Geun who apologetically tells about the missing ledger now. Telling that he did not intend to harm anyone he just wrote some things in it. And the Queen does not know anything. JwaGeun is upset because he does not know where the ledger is. Mun Geun thinks JwaGeun had the ledger. To JwaGeun’s annoyance, he asks punishment for the incident and tries to hang himself with a makeshift noose. JwaGeun has more worries than looking for the ledger, he walks away leaving Mun Geun to worry over his ledger.

The King is up

The king opens his eyes and asks yeonPyeong why it is so noisy? I have such a headache because it is so noisy. YeonPyeong and the doctor look on in bewilderment.  

The Queen, in her quarters sits thinking about happenings at the festival. Did the entire Kim clan is behind this? Or who else is? Meanwhile Yeon comes and tells her that the King is awake. She hurries to his side. 

Seated by his side, she asks the doctor about his condition. He has just fallen back to sleep. She says that he looks even more sick with all the bandages around him. The doctor tells her he has lost his hearing. She looks on and asks Is it forever? And the doctor tells her only time can tell. Hwa Jin comes in as well telling the men to leave. She also sits by the king’s side, while the Queen moves aside, making room for her. They both keep looking at the king. Hwajin blames the Queen isn’t this not the Kim family’s doing. She says “you told me that I would lose someone close to me. I do not have anyone important in my life so please stop”. 

To this, the queen leaves taking one look back at the king. Hwa jin is left with the king telling everything is ok now. Hwa Jin starts to apply some medicine to the King. He starts to wake up, she tells him that she will wet his mouth and then seeing the Queen’s dictionary written by the King, she drops the dictionary and leaves. While YeonPyeong picks it up and reads it. He looks at the king with “oh! You rascal, Have you fallen for the Queen?” kind of bewildered look.

JwaGeun meets the Queen

The Queen finds JwaGeun waiting for her in the Queen’s quarters. He is there to comfort her and he also has a question.  He asks “your father lost something important and do you know anything about it?” she thinks back to the incident where the king passed out in the well. “So you do know something?  Do you remember that I said we don’t have weaknesses. If anything happens, I will cut it out. One last question, Do you know anything?”

She tells him “While they were at her house, the king passed out in the well. Perhaps that’s what he must be referring to.” JwaGeun tells her that he told her to take care of her husband. Can you accept my suggestion now?” 

The Queen asks what will she be getting in return? And he replies whatever she wants. And she tells him that she wants her safety. Agreed, JwaGeun goes back to the King’s chambers and reads the Queen’s dictionary, as someone tells him it’s time to leave. They are going to apply medicine to the king.

Understanding the truth by the lake

The worried Queen looks at what she has written in the rock by the lake. And she scratches it. Then she throws the hairpin Cheoljong Gave her to the lake. She looks at her reflection on the water and talks to Kim So Yong. “you already gave up your life, so I will have a happy life alone. To do that I need to know what happened during that night” 

She jumps into the lake and closes her eyes, staying still. When she opens her eyes, she sees Kim So Yong in front of her. And all the memories of the past start coming one by one. Her telling Hwa Jin that she will lose something important, telling the king that he should like her, telling Byeong in that everything is a lie, The Grand Queen Dowager asking her if she thinks she is here by herself, JwaGeun telling her that tomorrow she will be Queen, all memories coming up. 

JwaGeun telling that tomorrow she will be Queen, so tell him everything the king does, Her asking “Are you telling me to spy on the king?” Him telling “ it is not spying, she will just take care of him. Her telling that she does not want to. Him telling her that if she wants to have the King, be the Queen. “If she wants them both she needs to follow what he says. Just like when she told them the king was trapped in the well in her childhood days, she needs to follow what he says. If she does not fulfil her role, then they do not need the king anymore. When he is not useful, then he will be abandoned.”

She remembers her telling that she will not let the king be harmed. She remembers JwaGeun telling her “What she will do?” Does she think that the queen has big power? The Queen is only a woman that will make the next prince. Even if she becomes the next Queen, does she think she has any power as a woman? 

Bong Hwan opens her eyes again in the water, and sees So-yong floating to the bottom as if she were dead. The Queen Bong Hwan swims back to the top. Sitting at the bank she realises that it is not noly Kim Jwa Geun, but the whole palace killed Kim So-yong.

Her father is spotted walking with a lantern in his hand, seeing her, he hurries to her asking what she is doing there? Seeing her all soaked with water, he asks her did you jump into the lake again? Why are you keep doing this in a time like this. Who did I do all those things for? He asks with dismay.

The Queen tells him he did that to have all the money and fill his warehouse. “You sold your only daughter for your greediness. Why did you always tell me that I should be Queen and be a proud daughter? Why did you tell me that I can do anything when I become Queen. When I was struggling with the guilt of my mother’s death, why did you tell me about your dream? Do you know why I jumped into the lake? Because I thought everything in my life was all lies. My dream wasn’t even my own dream. I failed at everything. That is why I abandoned myself. When you realise your dream, I lost the most important person in my life. Myself. You are the one that pushed me into the lake” Saying that, she walked past him, while he dropped the lantern. 

The Queen feels bad after talking to her father like that, thinking for kids, parents are easy to blame. Then she walks into Byeong In’s office where he is at his desk looking at the gunpowder. Seeing the Queen he quickly gets up and covers her with his coat. She tells him since her memory is back, she knows that he will do anything for her. If you care about me, don’t do anything anymore. Do not do anything anymore. Do not call my name anymore. I am only the Queen that you serve as the head of the department of justice. She then leaves, dropping his coat to the ground. 

Get ready to be betrayed

She goes to the King’s Chamber and looks at the King’s dictionary of the Queen’s terms. Her feeling is given by beautiful music playing. Then she kneels at the king’s bedside and tells him “ Since you cannot hear anymore, I am telling the truth. Because covers live long like me. I am going to betray you. I decided to choose the way I will survive. So you do not die. Wake up as if nothing happened and get betrayed by me. 

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