The royal secret Agent: Episode 2: Kwon Na Ra cries for Kim Myung Soo

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Last Episode ended with the trio meeting at the castle gate. Hong Da In is followed by the Chief state councilor’s men.. They have no time to introduce themselves properly, the prime ministers guards are coming chasing Hong Da In. They have to run and take shelter until the guards give up the search. Da In cannot believe an irresponsible person like  Yi-kyum would be sent as a Secret Royal Investigator. She was expecting someone grand.

 Yi-kyum cannot believe that the Chief Royal Secretary has sent a courtisen to accompany him. In fact she is a secret police spy. She introduces herself as the informer of the Chief Royal Secretory. Her job was to keep an eye on the Chief State Councilor and report the findings to the Chief Royal Secretary. 

 Yi-kyum is not sure whether she would be able to survive the end of the journey. And he takes charge telling them from now on he will be the boss. She agrees with a sneer. 

Back at the ginseng house, the chief Courtesan is being tortured to take the truth out from her. But she doesn’t know anything. 

On their way seeing a beautiful water stream with a waterfall Chun Sam runs and takes off his shirt and jumps it to the pool. The other two are prompted to do so but they soon realise the difference. Of their gender. Da In just sits watching the water and Yi Kyum reminds Chun Sam to be mindful. And they need to find a place to spend the night.

They find a deserted house. Yi Kyum thinks there might be ghosts in there. Any way Da In who is in a hurry, tells them to take the bigger master bedroom while she takes the smaller room. 

Yi Kyum is not happy with her giving the decision, and tells that he is the master and will decide who sleeps where. And tells her to take the smaller room. Chun Sam asks him isn’t what the miss said? No time to get into an argument. Da In goes right in. 

Night is hot and sweaty, with everyone sleeping, Da In decides to go and have a bath in the pool. Keeping her clothes on the edge, she dives in enjoying happily in the water all by herself. Soon to find that she is not alone. 

Yi Kyum could not sleep with Chun Sum snoring and furthermore, he did not have a bath either, deciding to have a swim in the water. Not seeing Da In, he takes off his shirt and dives right into the pool. Seeing him Da in is flustered and now she swims to a corner and keeps silent so he might not see her. But he spots her. And they both are in an uncomfortable state. Da In says, since she came first, she will go out first and tells him to close his eyes properly. And she hurries out. Trying to get out she stumbles down while he rescues her from falling by holding her. She instantly spits water to his face. causing him to have a dive in again. after washing up, we see both of them dressed and talking  seated on the ledge.

He asks her how she became female police. Which is very rare. It was not her choice, but the Royal Secretory made her into one. Because he saved her life. Is there a story behind that? And she remembers her past about her parents dying. But she tells him it is a long time ago so she does not remember very well.  

She gets up and her clothes are dry. And he tells her that he does not believe her real name is Hong Da In either. She tells him that it is really necessary to know her name? He replies that he cannot trust anyone without knowing all about themselves. And she tells him he did not appear trustworthy either at the ginseng house. And she says even though you know a person so well, you cannot trust them hundred percent. That means she does not trust anybody.

Meanwhile the Royal secretary is deep down in the records unit looking for Hong Da In’s request to find who is really responsible for her parents death if they are innocent, she wants to avenge her parents death. He finds the record. Simply telling “The late King’s Nephew, Lee Han, Prince Hweiyeong took his own life, while being transported to Hanyang under the Royal Order. For the charge of conspiring to commit treason.” and the Royal Secretary is suspicious why only a single line of record is there for a major incident?

The trio arrive in the destined town and see a notice board. Where people are reading the new notice put on there. People around the notice board are discussing about the beast who comes and eats their crops every night, furthermore they have to pay taxes to the government office for what they grow.. They compare teh wild boar to the Big sheriff and the little sheriff.

They head to the government office where the previous Royal secret investigator has written about. In his journal. While they were standing outside the office, someone comes in hose back, with a group of men, shouting give way. The person on horseback is called Kang Jong-Gil, the little sheriff. The Sheriff’s Son. and one of the guards tell them he is like the king there. And his men carried a wild deer from the hunting that day. 

Having seen all the outline of the place, Yi Kyum says let’s have something to eat before starting. While eating they discuss their plans. Exited Chun Sam is all about going and capturing the criminals at once. Of course he gets reprimanded by his master Yi Kyum telling Chun Sam to find out how the villagers are feeling. He calls Da In accidentally Honglan, as he remembers her in the past, but corrects himself saying Da In should go and check for the Courtesan house and find the girl called Sawol, whom the previous inspector has mentioned this in his journal. And try to find out where the previous inspector is. They ask what is he planning to do? He is thinking of making a friend. 

They were given a room at the inn, since Da In is also dressed as a man. Chan Sam quickly spread out his arms and legs saying he is going to have a comfortable night’s sleep. While the other two watch. “Why are you guys standing so awkwardly?” he was reminded of his manners by Yi Kyum. 

At night Yi-Kum’s talking in his dreaming calling Sune ah wakes the other two. Chun Sam says that it’s a dream he is having sometimes  and tells her not to worry about it. And she need not know who sune is. And he tells her to pretend not to know.

Next day to Yi Kyum’s annoyance, Da In takes a long time to do her makeup. While Chun San tells him that he doesn’t know much about women. She emerges as a very pretty woman. They both cannot take their eyes off. While Chun Sam admires her, Yi Kyum tells not everyone in a dress is a fairy. And asks her to follow him rudely. But inside the Courtesan house, he is full of flattery about Da In, telling isn’t she a fairy? 

The Courtesan asks how much he wants for her. Da In mentions two fingers indicating 200 Won. But he says 2000 Won. And the woman walks away not interested. And the woman offers him 200 coins telling that is the maximum she can give him. He takes the 200 coins and walks away saying you are not as expensive as I thought. She kicks him for his words before going inside. 

Do Dead men pay taxes?

Meanwhile Chun Sam who was taking a stroll in the village spots a woman with two kids being harassed by men asking for taxes she cannot afford to pay. The official is asking her to pay military tax for the husband who is already dead. And the official looking at the two little boys says he was not the only one who is in the military roster. While the men with him explain to him they do not even have a bowl of rice. 

Officer tells her that he will give her one more day and if she does not pay he will sell her children. Meanwhile, Da In, being accepted to the house of courtesans, introduces herself as Honglang. They ask her how she survived with a face like that. And start bullying her. 

Yi Kyum goes to an arrow maker and asks for a special arrow to go on hunting. He gives him a special steel tipped arrow telling that he makes them for special orders. Telling with one strike of that arrow he could kill a wild boar.

Meanwhile Da In has managed to tame all courtesans. And asks them about Sa Wol. They tell her Sa Wol cannot work here now. And she is pregnant and she has lost her mental stability. Da In rushes to the place where Sa wol is staying currently. 

Sa Wol is not ready to talk. She runs inside and closes the door seeing Da In. but Da In manages to open it and ask her whether she knows the Royal secret Investigator. Sa Wol Shouts at her telling get out in fear.   

Yi Kyum and Chun Sam are out with their hunting gear,  looking for a wild boar. Da In returning from SaWol is stopped by an officer. To her relief, She recognises him as one who is working for the Royal secretory. The officer tells her that he heard about what happened at the city before they came to this place and makes sure the men recognised their identity. She thinks that the men might have seen them, but not sure whether they found out their identity. He tells her to keep a close eye on the royal agent. And he will report the findings to the Royal secretory. She tells him that she had met many types of nobles, but this guy is totally different. She cannot read him.

Back in the forest Yi Kyum and Chun sam have dug a hole and are half buried inside. While Yi Kyum enjoys watching the moon, Chun Sam cannot stop talking of the suffering of the people. Chun Sam wanting to pee walks away, while Yi Kyum tells him the boar is sensitive to smell and sound so he should walk far to pee. 

Chan Sam, thinking Darn who goes hunting at night. Finds a tree that he can comfortably pee. Hearing a noise, he looks forward and seang nothing, he carries on. Then again he hears the sound, this time closer. It is the wild boar. He starts running towards Yi Kyum shouting sir the boar is coming. And the boar chasing right behind him. Yi Kyum pointing the arrow hoping Chun sam at least may have the sense to run sideways so he can shoot the boar. No it is Chun Sam Darn.  Somehow Yi Kyum manages to shoot it, luckily sparing ChunSam. 

Yi Kyum takes the boar as a gift to the Sheriff. Saying he was passing by and heard that a wild boar is troubling people. So he thought of helping. Sheriff calls his son, saying what he was doing all this time, and welcomes Yi Kyum telling him to rest. And enjoy the day.

Before going in to enjoy with the sheriff and Kang Jong-Gil, Yi Kyum hands over his Secret Royal Investigator badge to Chun Sam telling him to protect the badge until he returns. Since it is dangerous to take it to the dragons den. Because in the final days the royal agent was investigating this father and son duo. There must be some mystery behind these two. 

Yi Kyum was given a huge feast. By the little sheriff Kang Jong-Gil. In the Courtesan house. He was about to start his meal when two courtesans were sent to them to serve. One of them was Da In. This is an awkward situation to both of them. Little sheriff asks the new courtisen Da in to come and serve him. Da In introduces herself as Hong lan to him. Yi Kyum is served by two courtesans and Da In is Jealous and angry glancing at him. What is he doing there?

Now Kang Jong-Gil is drunk asking for more wine. Seeing him bury his head in Da In’s, Yi Kyum saves the situation by trying to pour him a drink but pouring it in his lap excusing his drunkenness. 

Everyone gets up to bring new food and Kang Jong-Gil to wash his clothes. Da in takes this opportunity to ask him what he is doing there. He tells her as obvious, he was teaching the pervert a lesson. She asks him whether he is here to enjoy himself while she is doing all the work. Don’t misunderstand, I am here on official business. She is jealous now saying he couldn’t stop smiling sitting between two courtesans. He says he was acting. Darn, His acting was so natural that she could not tell it was acting. Does she think anyone can be a royal agent?

Power of the horse badge

Chun Sam lurking around the house of the woman with two kids, places a bag of rice in front of their door. The two kids open the door and run to him thinking it was their father. The lady is now confused thinking why he is doing this. She asks him whether he did manual labour with her late husband? She thinks he is dead because no one has returned alive from there. At that moment the government official comes in asking whether she has put anything for him to collect.

At this moment Chun Sum calls it robbery. And he was captured and searched. While doing so his badge falls down. Horse acquisition tablet they call it. He collects it and while leaving, comes up with the idea, turns round and lifts the badge and calls himself the secret royal inspector. The officials go on their knees asking to spare them. In return he makes sure that they do not come near the house any more. 

At the Courtesan house, Kang Jong-Gil is drunk. And Yi Kyum goes for a pee. While exiting, indicating Da In to follow him. They were discussing their day’s doings. While little sheriff comes out drunk. He does not believe Yi Kyum killed a boar just for nothing. and  asks him who he is? And ask Yi Kyum to follow him to show something interesting. While Da In tries to stop him, Yi Kyum is happy for her concern, but tells her in this job they have to go through dangerous situations. Same goes for you too. And follows the drunken man.

He wants to show a new form of hunting. Human hunting, says he. While Yi Kyum watches in horror. A man caught in stealing was asked to run for his life while he shot arrows. 

Meanwhile the Sheriff, hearing the news of the secret royal inspector, goes to see the captain at the building site. Asking what to do? Captain tells him that he did not think they would send another one so quickly. And asks the sheriff to offer a bribe. If he did not accept it, he would be killed. Says he. And asks that he needs more man power at the construction. And asking the Sheriff to send more men. They agree and part. 

Meanwhile, Da In manages to find information on Sa Woll’s Brother and makes another trip to find Sa Wol. Telling her a new royal agent has come to town and if she meets him he will be able to help her. Sa Wol agrees. And on their way they meet up with the little sheriff. Sa Wol cries in fear and falls, seeing the little sheriff. And she runs back to her house. Da In gives her the journal to read promising it will help her. And saying they need her help too. Promising to help her brother.

While the troubled sheriff is looking for Kang Jong-Gil, hears that he is at the courtesan house. Sends his men telling to bring him immediately. While Da In is serving him asking what is bothering his mind? He tells her, None of your business,  She is concerned about Yi Kyum. and asks him where is the man who left with him? He refuses to answer, telling her to mind her own business.  While someone from the government office calls him to go there telling there is a big problem. And he cannot tell it in Da In’s presence. She was asked to go out. She listens all ears on the wall. The man thinks there is a secret royal agent in town. And Kang Jong-Gil replies there cannot be because he is dead. Hearing the worst, Da In runs troubled.

Sheriff father and son are talking now, father telling that there is a new royal agent in town, and he says you should have killed that courtesan, and he thinks she might be the reason the new royal inspector is in town. 

Da In troubled goes to their lodging calling for Yi Kyum and Chun San, finding none of them there. She is greeted by Chun San asking what the troubled look on her face is? She thinks Yi Kyum is dead. Then suddenly seeing him coming she is relieved.  And she tells him she thought he was dead because she heard Kang Jong-Gil saying that the secret royal agent was dead. Then she figures out if it was not Yi Kyum, it must be the special advisor. Yi Kyum agrees, but it is too early to come to conclusions they need evidence. While Chun San thinks they should report it to the palace immediately. 

Comforting to know there is someone to cry for me

Da In says since he is safe, she should return to the Courtesan house. And leaves Chun San thinks Yi Kyum is heartless, since Da In was crying for him, he should not let her go by herself.  Yi Kyum follows Da In asking whether she was crying thinking he was dead. And she is too proud to admit it. But he tells her he feels good hearing that because there is someone who will cry for him if he is dead. And seeing Sa Wol coming their way, Da In runs to her asking her why she is there. 

Sa Wol is not sure seeing Yi Kyum. but soon reassured not to worry he is the new Secret Royal investigator. She wants to take them to a place, so they follow. Not knowing they were being followed. She stops at a place, and starts to cry. Yi Kyum asks her what happened here? Da In figures out that she saw something there. As SaWol starts to say something, an arrow hits her. She cries telling them to save her baby.


This drama still runs on a low key. Chun Sam plays a comedy clown part. Mystery is there. But I don’t know, there is a lack of action. 

I hate brutality. Human hunting and that kind of brutality demures the spirit of the drama. 

Romance is developing slowly. C’mon bring us some comedy, a smile, something to be active positive minded. Even Romance.

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