Mr. Queen episode 12: The Gunpowder plot

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At the palace ground we start with the fight between the king and Byeong In the latter who is supposed to be the best trained in martial arts. While Byeong In recognises the King to be the culprit of drawing the sword at the Queen, Cheoljong wins the fight, putting the latter go on his knees while the King walks away warning him to remember his place. Announcing he needs to change back to his king’s robes. And goes to check on the kitchen taking that as an excuse.

In the woods, Hwajin shoots Bong Hwan narrowly missing her. Telling her hand slipped. She accuses Bong Hwan for her maid’s death, to  which Bong Hwan has no clue. Probably Hwa Jin wants to make an excuse for her actions. With some angry words passing between them, Bong Hwan leaves with her three consorts, saying she is not interested in killing anyone, instead cooking. 

Hwa Jin shoots an arrow at Bong Hwan painting her head with red indicating to Bong Hwan as a warning. Pointing future conflict. 

Back at the palace the Queen wins the hunting tournament, much to the surprise and suspicion of the Queen Dowager Jo. Court lady Choi warns Bong Hwan to be watchful for poisoning. And tells many deaths have happened from poisoning in the palace. They decide to go check on the kitchen. 

Much to their dismay things are worse in the kitchen. They spot the man named Han talking with an Eunuch, which Bong Hwan remembers seeing putting something into the water jars in the morning. And the chefs seem sick with stomach pains by drinking poisoned water. While the main Chef Man Book is no where to be seen. Bong Hwan tells Choi to follow the man and find out who he is. While Choi sets out behind the man, she confronts the store keeper who recognises her and wants to have a conversation with her, she ignores this and follows further, seeing a man bathing bare chested, irresistible! Choi controls her feelings and follows looking for the man she was following, to be confronted by the man with a knife asking why she is following him. Thinking fast, she manages to get out of the situation by asking him to sign her kaleidoscope. 

Queen Dowager Jo, hands over the ledger to right state councilor Jo Man Hong, telling him, when the banquette is at its peak, to bring the leadger up.

Kim Hwan intends to send a romantic message to Hwang Yeon, gives the message to the little girl at the gate to hand it over to Hwang Yeon, instead Man Hong comes in the way and she hands over the message to him.  The message saying “I will wait for you at the pavilion.”  Man Hong shows up and hears Kim Hwan’s romantic confession at the pavilion. He puffs away angrily saying he is a busey man and has better things to do than listening to foolish romance.  

Back at the kitchen the King has come to check how things are going on. And seeing everything a mess. Tells the chiefs to do what they can. While Bong Hwan sees the pathetic lonely state of him, shouts at him saying “you idiot, stop right now” if you continue you will end up hurting yourself and the ones who are dear to you. To that the King replies in determination of a child “if I do not do what I want now, when will it be done?” I will not stop. They remember no touching rule and part. Court maid Hong tells Bong Hwan that she feels recently when Bong Hwan gets emotional, words always sound like she is concerned about the king. 

Bong Hwan goes to the kitchen in a chef’s attire, calling herself Lee Saeng Mang.

Seeing the vegetables Man Book brought from the Royal farm. She decides to help prepare a nice meal with what they have, asking some more eggs from the farm, and taking every hand that is useful.

The banquette goes as planned. With a new and simple look.  First dish being the skewed and fried tasty potato chips and served by court maids gathered by Bong Hwan. King receives the name of the dish written, surely he should recognise the hand writing on it. As he explains the meaning of the dish. Yongsu Potato named by the Queen. Meaning of Yongsu is forgiveness. All the ministers savour the meal and Cheoljong says the meaning of the meal is Harmoney. 

The second dish comes out as a burger. And Bong Hwan calls it Mac. Donaldu means Barley, beans, fattening, Belly. Reminding of Mac. Donald’s. A nice put together of words. And it is as tasty as the first one. 

With the meal in full swing Queen Jo makes her move. As Cheoljong brings in desert. They are fortune jellies on sticks. The meal is complete, we see Man Book and Bong Hwan relaxing after a tiring ordeal. While court lady Choi shows up. She has found out about Han shim Ong. She has taken a look at the family register and is pretty confident the name is a bought one. Hwang Yeon reminds the queen that it is time she should go and be seated in her official seat. And they rush. While Man Book absentmindedly gives Choi poisoned water. She is rushed to the doctor. But she is up in minutes and gone worrying over her Queen. 

Bong Hwan goes to her seat while Hwa Jin smells oil. And notices her taking an apron out from under her skirt. But everyone’s attention goes to Cheoljong as he announces new rules to the palace. They will be reducing the number of dishes during dinner, and banning alcohol inside the palace. 

Kim Jwa Geun suddenly steps out and announces that he has bad news, to Cheoljong’s horror all his royal guards are captured and brought forward. Claiming they are criminals and from bad families. 

Cheoljong loses his temper and tells that he will take the matter into royal court. But Jwa Geun warns him unless he wants the head of the Royal guards Yeonpyeong also to be captured and punished he should leave it to the department of justice. 

With Cheoljong remembering his dream as a puppet. Now cannot do anything but to submit and leave the matter to the department of Justice. 

With tears falling down his cheeks, he walks past everyone and starts praying, lighting the jockstics. As he finishes praying, the stage is suddenly blown up with ignited gunpowder and leaving him a bloodied mess. On the ground. 

Bong Hwan rushes to him, But she is stopped by Byeong In. 


The drama has struck a more dramatic chord with this episode. Capturing the soldiers was planned by Kim Jwa Geun, The people who poisoned the food and disturbed the banquette are also Kims, for not listening to them. And in fear of the ledger being with the King.

Who planned the explosion? I have a hunch in the previous episode the mystery trio the King, Hong and Yeonpyeong discussing that now Kims are thinking cheoljong as the prime suspect for the ledger case. And they were planning something if things went wrong. What was that? Is this something of a counter plan like that? Because seeing the mass power against him, and knowing the plans will be ruined, those three will not stay without planning any counter plan. I am curious until the next episode comes. 

Although this episode leaves us full of pity and sadness for poor Cheoljong, the funny part is the Burger name Mac. dunaldu in today’s episode. If The romantic fling between Man Book and Choi was also given a shot, this drama would have a nicer addition. Of fun moments.

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