Mr.Queen Episode 11 Recap and Review. The One who Cannot be Forgiven

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Overcoming nightmares

Starts with Jo Hwa Jin practicing her shooting skills with arrow after arrow. And DQ Sun won tells her that your arrow does not fly straight when you are troubled, and hands a set of arrows to her. Hwa Jin apologizes for requesting a meeting with her late. Sun won is happy saying it’s nothing, that she is seeking help because she is troubled. And Sun won is glad to help.

Hwa Jin tells Queen Dowager If only this was a dream, If only this would all end when she wakes up, that would be so nice. She gives the ledger to Queen Dowager (Jo), whose face lightens up at seeing the precious material. Hwa Jin asks her to drag the Queen down into the nightmare she is now living in.

We now see Dowager Queen Queen Dowager at her quarters with the ledger, looking at her sons picture, talking to his picture saying that last night he appeared in her dream and now such a big power came to her holding the ledger to her bosom. 

Cheoljong is seeing in his study after a bad nightmare comforting himself with writing the Queen’s dictionary,

Bong Hwan is seen having a nice nightmare of herself with the other three ladies bathing in the bath tub. She hears a man’s voice calling her your highness, and thinks the lady’s voice has gotten horse calling her highness, all the time, and instead to her dismay she sees Cheoljong in the bath tub asking let’s forget no touching for today. And he reaches to kiss her. 

She wakes up from the nightmare  saying goodness, while her two court ladies are there watching, ready to make her get dressed for the day. Choi asks her how she ends up looking like an executioner overnight?

Bong Hwan says how dare he ruin her sexy bath dream. And shouts saying “Call him right now”. The two ladies agree saying “yes your highness” but then they realize how could they call the king like that and look perplexed.

Cheoljong looks happy fitting into his robes in the morning, and the Eunuch asking him you seem to be happy. And he replies that he had a good night’s sleep without dreams last night. And he tells the Eunuchs to prepare for the banquet that day. 

Bong Hwan lying down on her mattress tells the Physician that she had a nightmare. And she thinks it is scarier than a nightmare. The fact is that she felt disgusted. But she also liked it at the same time. She tells him that she is not sure whether that is how she feels or if it is how the body feels. She feels like she’s been assembled by pieces here and there. She thinks she’s become like a set of Legos. She cannot understand who on earth she is. He asks her why she is calling him a doctor? She tells him to just listen, and it is just a type of conversation. And asks what is the opinion of the expert? He replies after she’s been in a vegetative state, some of the common side effects are changes to her body. She wonders, is it common? As he takes out an acupuncture needle, she gets up saying so it’s common. And that is actually quite comforting. Just hearing it, she feels like her anxiety is going away.

The Physician says the one who can heal without performing any acupuncture is truly a great physician. And compliments himself. Bong Hwan says our Royal physician’s specialty is in Psychology then. And asks him when will her mixed up and duplicitous state be relieved? He tells her those are all issues related to her heart. Once she accepts it, It will not trouble her any more. If it does not trouble her any more, that is when she can start living. Bong Hwan now has to accept herself as who she is.  To the bewilderment of the physician, she says, of course, the only consistent thing about her is her inconsistency. 

And then she compliments him saying the medicinal covers he used were great. She tells him to take that experience and make something to apply on the face, with elasticity, glow and brightening. And tells him to make sure the functions attract attention as soon as he hears them. She’s going to need one every 28 days. So he better make a bunch of them. He asks her why 28 days? And she says “That’s how long it takes your skin to regenerate.” Telling Every time she has dead skin, she will need me. Then the court lady announces that the great lord Yeongeon has come to see her.

Meanwhile, Prince YeonPyeong is with the king telling about the royal consort’s court lady. He says that he is hoping the court maid who sold the norige was O Wol. Thinking that she might be really upset, the king gets up to visit her. At that moment she comes to visit him. King excuses YeonPyeong, understanding he leaves. Uie has drowned a composite of O Wol, telling without me who will know her better. And hands out the composite to YeonPyeong. He hopes the one who sold the norigae would be Wol. otherwise the dead one will be her. He doesn’t want to hear that.

King says holding her hand, that he heard the news in the morning. And sympathises with her how hard the night would have been for her with the news of the body. Uie tells the king that she managed to pull herself together and not to worry too much. And tells him that she has something to tell the king. She tells it is about how the king feels towards the Queen. She tells him that it is harder to overcome yourself than to overcome another person, that’s why. The king should not stop the feelings. She says what she wants from him is not his apology, what a cunning woman. To get attention, does she have to plan the downfall of another? 

Bong Howan is having tea with Lord Yeon geon. Probably he is curious about any news about the ledger. He asks her whether she is doing ok so far? She tells him it’s only a day that she has returned to the palace. So she is fine, but she will be busy with the investiture of Royal concubines. Yeongeon asks her that while she was at home weather anything strange happened there. She tells herself while passing the well I picked up a king though, and to Lord Yeongeon she says “No, Is something wrong?

Lord Yeongeon tells her “ after having the two of you home…. The house feels empty without you there. I suppose that is the problem. She tells him “Why don’t he see his majesty before you go?” saying to herself “ the parties involved should handle it on their own.” and lord Kim Yeongeon doesn’t want to bother the king since the king is getting ready for the banquet. At that moment she was announced the letters from the house of fiancée. Lord Kim excuses himself. Telling her to get on with her business. Seeing the letters, Lord Kim tells her, whether there are hundred concubines, No one must be able to fill the spot of the Queen. She gives her manly sarcastic smile, saying yes of course.

Bong Hwan gets herself opening the letters in enthusiasm. Seeing Han’s surname at the top, she tells to take all Hans out. Telling we don’t want to end up like Romeo and Juliet. And asks Choi for Han family registers.

Choi takes all the registers of the Hun clan. Full of Hun family registers. She asks are all of those Han family registers? Yes they are. Oh so many, now this is getting out of hand. She thinks this won’t do. She needs to win her favor properly. She thinks DS will do. Court ladies ask what DS Is, Door to Door Sales. Now I am confused.  Oh! She goes to see The Grand Queen Dowager. GQD asks her is it already time for a meal? She tells her it is time for you to share it with your skin. She applies makeup on GQD telling all the flattery. GQD thinks all the time of her day is now going taking care of herself, so she has not been taking care of the investiture. And she asks are you doing it well. Of course, she does. GQD (Sun Won) says she trusts her. Anything she does is done to perfection. 

There is something that I prepared for the GQD. she gives a magic powder to sprinkle on her hair. So it will make her 10 years younger, she, while Gently sprinkling the powder on her hair.

YeonPyeong gives the drawing made by Hwa Jin to the shopkeeper. And he is sure it was not the person who sold the Norigae. But the shopkeeper is definitely sure it is a different person. And he makes a drawing of the person with the help of the expert. The two faces are completely different. 

Meanwhile the Chef Man Book is being taken in to meet the King by the head eunuch. He carries the drawings and plans for the food and layouts clumsily. He is announced to the king. And the king who was reading something, turns around to see who has come, thinking about the liquor they should have in the Banquete. Man Book walks towards the king looking at the king only and forgetting his steps comes crashing down with all the plans scattered on the ground. Cheoljong comes to check the plans with him making him at ease, Man Book, who has never been with the king forgets his etiquette and the eunuch indicates how he should behave with the king. Man Book tries his best. Cheoljong, understanding his discomfort, does not make him feel bad.

What Man Book had prepared was a traditional banquette set up. The king says what he has in mind is a simple one where the unnecessary dishes in the middle are removed and more simpler food set up. Man Book tells him but the Royal banquets are supposed to be big and fancy.

And he keeps going on and on about the fancy banquette he has in mind where the Eunuch tries to stop him. The enthusiastic Man Book cannot stop. King explains to him while the people are starving, he cannot afford to waste food unnecessarily just to please our eye. And he further suggests if there is left over food, they will bring people who are starving outside to enjoy the food. To that Man Book is moved. Modest but not shabby, fancy, but not extravagant. That is the banquet the king has in mind. Man Book promises him that he will do his best within the two weeks to prepare the Banquette the king has in mind. King smiling extends his hand saying let us work together in a modern way. Poor Man Book is at a loss thinking how to respond to the gesture. Usually you are not supposed to touch the king. Finally holding the king’s hand he cries, and the king pats him saying how can a man so easily cry like that.

Dowager Queen Jo is showing the ledger to the right state minister.  looking at it, says that he cannot believe Lord Kim kept such a detailed record. Of the sources of the bribes. The Queen’s father is more meticulous than he had thought. Jo says, Royal noble consorts’ enemy is not the Kim clan, but the Queen. So she fails to see the big picture. She tells the minister, we have to use the ledger effectively. And with that they will bring the Kim clan down. And dethrone the Queen.

Meanwhile, the Minister of War is talking with Kim Jwa Geun. The shaken Minister of war cannot believe that Lord Kim could have kept such dangerous records. And he is worried.  Jwa Geun tells him to keep it a secret. Because if the clan finds out about it, they will be agitated. Minister of war asks Jwa Geun, who might be having the ledger now? The king stayed at that house for two whole days. Now Jwa Geun’s prime suspect is the King. Now the minister of war is more agitated, if it is straight in the hand of the king, that will be the end. They are thinking that the king is planning to expose them all at the festival. “What a misunderstanding and a misfortune.” Because the king has a weapon to use against them, they are now planning to use a weapon back to weaken that weapon the king has. 

The king, discussing with YeonPyeong and Hong, says Lord Kim’s prime suspect is him now. Hong adds hilariously, so he cannot question the king for stealing the ledger. So he must be in a tight spot now. King asks whether they have found the identity of the man behind the mask? YeonPyeong says that no one from the department of justice has a scar on their face. The king says even if they do not have the ledger with them, they must make a plot to carry out their plan. And he asks YeonPyeong whether he has looked into other clans. 

Then we are taken to the stage where all pink clad ladies are standing in rows while the Queen is seated in the judge panel. Happily devouring all the ladies. Oh! Bong Hwan, her antenna going in every ladies’ direction with modern music playing to indicate the fun she is having. 

She thinks to herself, it takes only five seconds to fall in love. Court lady Choi reminds her “your highness they are all here”. Waking up from her dream, Bong Hwan goes to each lady greeting them with glee. Now she selects from the lot, the women she felt a spark with.

We are shown that she selects their applications, and now she is having a friendly tea with them laughing and chit chatting getting to know each other. And later take a stroll in the garden talking about themselves and they are all eager to please the queen. They are not finished talking, even sharing a bath tub with the Queen flirting with them all the time.

Our mystery trio The king, Hong and YeonPyeong, talk around the table planning if the king can win over these three clans, he can have a dragon and two phoenixes on his side. Hong says placing some cards on the table. So you will be riding on a white tiger’s back.

The King is having a friendly chat with his new in-laws, the three fathers of the new concubines, referring to each of them by their specific places of origin, he says “As Hwanseong palace guards the gate…and I adore the scenery of the mountain Gamak, the sweet aroma of peaches fills my room.”

The next screen, we are shown that the three concubines are given their titles in front of the ministers in an official ceremony. 

The PapYon Hoon clan, NamYang Hong clan, The YeoHeung Min Clan. Cheoljong is satisfied thinking this is a good balance of the clans. And hands over their appointment letters of rank grade two of the internal court, consort. While Bong Hwan seated next to him in her official seat, muses thinking Innocent, Sexy and cute, how harmonious?

King tells the three consorts and their families joined his family now. And invites all their family elders to join the banquet at Surit Nal.

Ministers come out laughing. Now the king has started to build his own family. Jwa Geun says but they are bound to leave him once they find out he is weak as a kitten. By holding a banquet, is this what he wanted? Now Jos and kims are left to talk. Jwa geun asks the minister of war whether he is getting it ready? The latter replies “don’t worry”

Now the new consorts are playing See Saw Up and down happily with the Queen. Bong Hwan watching it sighs, Everyone must have been dying to see what was beyond the walls.” They are so good at Neolttwigi”

at this time Queen Dowager Jo enters with Uie. Everyone stops their activity and bows to her. And Uie was welcome, by saying long time no see by the Queen. Uie leaves excusing herself to go on practicing archery, before any sour conversation starts out. 

Jo tells Bong Hwan it has been a long time now since Bong Hwan has got up from her vegetative state. But she has not come to say hello to her. Bong Hwan says she has been very busy with the selection of consorts, so she could not come to see her. And apologizes. Dowager Queen Sun won says, given that after having a near death experience Bong Hwan seems too well.  Bong Hwan replies I am very healthy. Jo tells her, So you must have given up hunting on Surit Nal. Instead of practicing your archery you are here jumping on the plank.

Bong Hwan says anyways she thinks Royal consort Eui will win. So she decided just to enjoy the process. “I may be good at hunting”, but I am not good at Sanyang (Hunting) at all” others have not heard the word Hunting. So they look confused. But DQ Jo continues. “Do you know why ladies go to Sanyang on Surit Nal? “Bong Hwan is not sure” Jo whispers to her ears, “because on Surit Nal we Chase away bad spirits with blood with their killings, but we are hunting animals instead.” And walks away laughing. Court lady Hong says that actually they found a dead body in the well last night. And people think it was Royal consort Eui’s court maid. Bong Hwan thinks maybe that’s why Eui was looking so angry. 

Her thought was disturbed by other consorts calling her to join in seesaw.  To their amusement she performs summersault on jumping. 

Thinking of the girls, she can’t sleep that night. Tossing this way and that way she gets up. And for a change she writes messages to her dear consorts. She thinks of an opening line that would not be too burdensome but also provokes emotion. She folds them in her own fashion and gives Hong to deliver them at the royal villa. And also tells her the message “tell them to check if the king stops by”. The two food palanquin drivers take the message yelling one for each consort at the royal villa. Check on his majesty” On the way they meet an Eunuch. Without crashing, Eunuch clears the road for them.  They mix up the message after the disturbance, “one for his majesty check on each consort”. Now the Eunuch says What? “One for his majesty? Something has changed” and looks confused.

King in his study has received three letters. He opens the first letter. It says “are you sleeping?” He opens the second one. And it tells the same and the third one too. And the king is now confused thinking why is she so curious about this? Hong delivers her the reply letter. In one. “I sent three and why is there only one? Thinking is everyone putting so much effort? she opens the letter. “Oh! What beautiful handwriting. She is indeed from a noble family” Three lines are there. Saying 

I went out on a sleepless night. There is something that shines on the dark sky at night. I looked up wondering if it was the moon. But it was my friend.” 

She is overwhelmed now. “Oh! What a cringy but emotional text.” folding up her sleeve she starts to write again. This time she writes a long letter and asks Hong Yon to send the reply to the sender. 

“ I sometimes think of other things. I will be happy drawing to death in the thought of you. Please Row to me. Oh! I did not let you go.”

Cheoljong is now thinking my Queen and looking perplexed and lost in thought of her, without knowing this is a letter mixed up, starts writing again. 

And Bong Hwan smiles in glee thinking she finally made use of what she learned for the college entrance exam. Expecting another letter from a lady. Thinking good, this is how she will rediscover her identity.

They keep exchanging letter after letter and rolling with smiles until the sun is up.

In the morning Cheoljong comes to see Man Book telling him to follow the same recipe. Instead of extravagant Croaker, Pomfret(butterfish) would be nice. During the conversation we hear Bong Hwan’s voice, coming “Should I get some inspiration for the poems for my letters?” Cheoljong turns happily at her saying My Queen. Seeing him she turns around and leaves saying Darn It. Now he is surprised and comes after her. After all what happened in the night it is natural.

But she points at him and says “I said you are not allowed.” “But Now Cheoljong is confused” she says at the investiture I acted in “we were like a couple” as it was an official ceremony. It is an important time for me to rediscover my identity. Please corporate”. Chef thinks how rude it is. She leaves saying “darn It”. 

But she points at him and says “I said you are not allowed.” “But Now Cheoljong is confused” she says at the investiture I acted in “we were like a couple” as it was an official ceremony. It is an important time for me to rediscover my identity. Please corporate”. Chef thinks how rude it is. She leaves saying “darn It”.

Cheoljong looks lonely, thinking how can she be so different? And makes up his mind thinking she is shier than she looks. And he instructs Man Book to work on the menu list.

He then asks the head Eunuch whether he checked the offering list for the Dano ceremony? Eunuch has the list. Bong Hwan is curious and upset about one word she heard. She asks the court lady “why do they keep saying erection?”. The menu erection refers to the list of food. Offering erection is a record of items for ritual ceremonies. Says Choi.  and she asks “what is the matter, your Highness?”

Now she realizes saying really? Am I the trash here? Thinking of her uselessness in old words. The king is not feeling well. And the Eunuch says giving him the handkerchief you overworked yourself everyday. Now Bonghwan feels sorry for the king. But she can’t do much here, so she turns and leaves telling herself I am feeling sorry for him pointing to her heart. And thinks That she must write more emotional letters today to overcome that feeling. thinking “erection” indeed is a dangerous word. Unlike what history says he has a nosebleed for the other thing. ( I do not understand what that means here) 

That night also Cheoljong receives emotional letters. Saying “The name I will die calling! It will linger in my mind as I cannot forget it.” 

Cheoljong thinks how can she be so different day and night? Is she having a hard time deciding whether to forgive me or not? He sighs! And write

There is no way to forgive me for the broken heart. Would there be a path we could walk together? I hope we can walk together from the beginning next time. Even if it is in dreams” And he falls asleep. The letter not sent.

Meanwhile Byeong In wants to practice swords at night. And the guard thinks he is crazy. Byong In says they need to practice for the sparring at the Dano ceremony. Gard replies saying “do it with the people from the department of justice. Byeong In asks how the other person evaluates his swordsmanship, He does not know. He says he never tried because he is not interested. He says that is why I need you. An opponent whose ability is unknown. And they fight to check their swordsmanship.

Day of the Surit Null. even the court ladies are getting ready dressing nicely. For longevity and good fortune. Daejojeon Hall is decorated nicely. Hong comes and says the weather is beautiful today. Bong Hwan says that’s nice, I hate rain on a sports day.  The consorts are being dressed too. Their fathers are coming, so they are more interested in dressing glamorously. And it is the first day they will present themselves in front of everyone. So everyone will be looking at them. 

Hwa Jin is practicing her archery with real metal heads. Her court lady asks her whether she is planning to use a real metal head. She says today she has to catch a big game.

Delivery men take a cart of food items that need to be delivered to the kitchen. A man clad in Royal guard uniform is seen coming towards them. And they bow to him saying they have the fresh ingredients for the banquet today. And the royal offerings. The man has a scar on his face. They are all killed by the assassin. 

Queen Dowager Jo is testing lucky cards. While a court lady tells her it’s time to get dressed. It is a very important day, so she is checking everyone’s luck. She checks the card for the Pungyang Jo clan. The card is not a good one. It’s Tojang. A low card, in Tojeon (Rabit), She slams the table and thinks, Well, luck is relative. Checks the card for the King. “Injang” the ninth card. She thinks now Will the tables turn? And she checks the Queen’s luck. It’s a Dragon. The eighth card darn it. She pushes the card table in anger. Saying I hate my reading today. She now thinks “is the Queen plotting something again?”

Bong Hwan is announced that the Dowager Jo is there to see her. And they have a talk. BongHwan saying, the Dowager Queen Jo should have let her know in advance that she is visiting. The other says, you will not even hide your dislike towards me. When I was the Queen, such actions were unheard of. Bong Hwan says “regardless of the eras, no daughter-in law would want to be ambushed by their mother in law. Queen Dowager is angry now. Thinking Bong Hwan is now talking back to her. She tells her that Bong Hwan has been cooking for the Grand Queen Dowager, but has not offered her any snack or refreshment. So she must be fearing Grand Queen Dowager more than her mother in law. Which Bong Hwan disagrees. 

The GQD takes good care of herself. So she seems young. But she cannot defy time. She warns Bong Hwan to think more carefully. Saying that she will live longer than the GQD. and Bong Hwan says she will serve her food some time. Jo says that she wants to eat her food right now. “I am curious about your cooking which I only heard about.” says JO. 

Now we see her seated in the kitchen thinking “is this the beginning of bullying from my mother in law?” Really annoyed, Bong Hwan makes a quickest snack possible. Pop corn. 

While she is gone Queen Dowager Jo checks her room. To see if she is hiding something. Now Popcorn is done. Bong Hwan asks the chef for grain syrup. They cannot hear her. Because now the fresh ingredients have not arrived. And Man Book is worried about what he will do without the fresh ingredients. For the banquette. They are discussing all the guards carrying the food cart dying. The Eunuch is telling that he has nothing left to do now.  Man Book is thinking of dried fish now, and he goes to check on the dried fish. Poor Bong Hwan, the royal chef is fully busy these days. She cannot boss him around in a day like this.

Jo ls looking inside Bong Hwan’s room and finds the poems from the king. Eunuch and the royal chef are going to check on the dried fish. They confront the king. Asking now what is their problem?

The king was told what happened. And the Eunuch opens the dried fish room. Everybody putting their hands on their noses. So smelly. And with flies too. The precious ingredients are all rotten. They must have been stored improperly. The Eunuch replies. Eunuch asks for punishment. King says that won’t do. He says no one would have ruined them unless their safety was guaranteed. Another chef comes running telling someone has added stones in the rice jab. They cannot serve anything. King tells them not to worry and do everything they can in their end. King promises that he will do whatever to provide those ingredients. Saying he hurries off. And the angry Man Book closes the door on the Eunuch. Bong Hwan thinks that she should show the Dowager Queen how she is taking the food to her all by herself. That will help her feel better. Tasting the pop corn with the mix of syrup and salt.

A man adds some powdery ingredient to a food container. And when he closed the lid it made a noise making Bong Hwan to turn around. And recognises secretory Han. She runs after him. But in an attempt to catch him her popcorn flies to the air and all the popcorn is on the ground making her effort worthless. While Han escapes. She goes back to her room puffing. To see all the court ladies standing out and Jo seated inside. Jo asks where the refreshments are? She takes a popcorn stuck in her hair and offers it to her mother in-law who angrily tells her to look forward to her life at the palace.

Party has started, and Cheoljong tells Yeonpyeong, given the situation, that he must get the ingredients as soon as the martial arts performance is over. Agreed, they part. New in-laws are thanking the king for inviting them to the banquet. King says you deserve to be here. And informs them that the consorts are doing well. And he hopes all is well with them too. So Cheoljong does not waste time in making friends.

Because The Queen Dowager is late, the Grand Queen Dowager hints that she thought she had run away. Of course not. Says Jo Hurrying to her seat “if anyone has committed a crime, they should be punished accordingly”. “I am glad that you are aware of it” and the two dowagers keep passing hints to each other. 

To make the Grand Queen Dowager Jealous, Jo says that the Queen sent her some snacks in the morning. “she was late because she was tasting them. “The Queen did?” and Dowager eyes Bon Hwan who gives an awkward smile thinking how she is going to survive between these two oldies. And she sees Hwajin’s hateful glance from a distance thinking “is she having another misunderstanding?” No way. 

Festivities start and the dancing and then the royal guards martial arts led by YeongPyeon. Byeong In watching their drawn swords think how dare they harm the Queen with that sward. 

With the nod of the king Yeonpyeong starts performing his men in the martial arts. Bong Hwan is reminded to stay in control of herself by Choi’s glance.  Dowager Queen Jo says oh! My! the king has prepared very well. While the GQD Sun Won, gives a yawn to that.  A guard comes and announces it’s time to go hunting. 

Bong Hwan is reminded by Choi that it’s time to change into her hunting attire. Hwa Jin excuses herself first. Bong Hwan also excuses herself from a not so happy Grand Queen Dowager.

Special director Hong is there to perform guns. Who’s men are as bad as him. They can’t even shoot at the target. To the laugh of everyone. Minister of war believes that he thought this was all for show.

Meanwhile YeongPyeon is seen heading towards the markets to buy the necessary ingredients. While dressing for hunting, Bong Hwan thinks it’s all about the Item you have. Thinking she looks cool right now. Hwajin’s look bothers her. She turns it to a positive note telling there are some people who take sports dates so seriously. 

Announcer tells the ladies the rules of the game. A bird is worth 1point, a Rabbit is worth 2 points, a badger is worth 3 points, a boar is worth 4 points. A dear is worth 5 points, so on and a tiger is worth 10 points. Castle maids and Eunuchs are the prey. Each of them will be given 10 arrows. For a fair match, their court lady and court maid will not join them. Bong Hwan thinks how cruel that is? This would make people sign a national petition. If it happens in the present day. She thinks that she should just waste some time and come back. 

The Queen moves for the King

All the ladies gone, Grand Queen Dowager and Queen Dowager start their arguments again. With Queen Dowager telling, in such an important day the Queen seems not interested in her prestige. Does Not seem to be interested at all.  And the GQD asking “when did she have time for such thoughts?” And if her son was alive today she should have seen his face. That hitting Jo deeply.

Queen Dowager points out that Bong Hwan is not sincere. The day she went into a vegetative state, Hwa Jin and the king were planning to share a bed together. And Bong Hwan recovered immediately. Seems like she was fooling them. And she further carries on, to win the king’s heart, the Queen put everything at stake. Diving into the lake, throwing herself in front of the sword pointed at consort Eui, she even put the last thing she has in stake now. The queen abandoned her family. Says Jo. 

“That ridicule GQD laugh” “I was getting bored and you told me a funny story”. Jo carries on boldly, “the king insisted on giving a banquette out of nowhere. And the queen rushed the investiture of royal consorts. To select families in power. As if she chose the ones who can support the king. The king will reveal the true side he has hidden in front of the officials today. As a strong ruler. Can you see it now? She carries on. The Queen moves for the king.  GQD asks her “Whether she is not afraid of her future saying such things? But Jo carries on.  “You must have believed the queen would never betray you?” laughs and says that she was actually disappointed. “You were bewitched by the queen’s cheap tricks.” GQD says I will tear those lips of yours. Queen Dowager continues, the queen pretended to faint. Then I committed no sin. So I am not afraid anymore. At this fight the people have stopped performing. And she shouts at them why they are not performing. 

Recognizing the culprit

Announcer says the next item is the king presenting everyone with a Dano fan. The last one to get the fan is JuaGen. Saying “you have worked very hard. I am excited for the banquet”. Which he has ruined of course. King hints him back saying I also saw you working hard. Grand queen Dowager approaches the king. Telling the royal banquet was so boring. And she could not stand it. She was wondering if the banquet is any better. King tells her that he is sorry that he could not please her. She says that she wanted to see the martial arts demonstration, but she was late. She would rather have them spar for real. King tells her that he will make the royal guards compete with each other. She asks “how about doing it yourself?”. Saying that “she is also pointing out that the king chopped wood and fetched water in Ganghwa, with that experience why would he not participate himself?’ to this bold suggestion, the king replies by saying “Manual work and martial arts are different” furthermore, he only has sat on the throne for the past few years. And his body has became stiff” 

Grand Dowager now says to use a Dano fan instead of a weapon. How about competing against the head of the department of justice? You are around the same age? While Jwa geun looking perplexed, says the head of the department of justice is a worrier who has professionally  trained for years.  He is worried that the king might get hurt. If you want to watch a match, I will have others. Grand Dowager, remembering the conversation with Byeong In, wants to see how the king fights. Putting Cheoljong in a tight spot. 

Meanwhile in the woods ladies are hunting. Hwajin keeps aiming determined to aim only at one target. A Court maid appears and looks at her in fear. She is holding an arrow with a metal. She tells her to pass. Saying “you are not the one I am looking for.” Bong Hwan keeps walking, board and lost. 

Mean while, the king and Byeong In are setting the rules. The person who manages to take the fan from the other will win. King tells him to be gentle. The onlookers are watching and thinking what is going on. King tells Byeong In to be gentle otherwise he will be responsible for harming the king. And Byeong In tells Grand Queen Dowager’s orders so I will do my best. The king asks now very clearly “so you have the Grand behind you?” Then I shall teach you a thing or two again. Says the king. “Let me show you who this place belongs to” Byong In Gets a shot at the belly. ‘Seeing how the king fights with agility, Grand asks her brother, “you said the king is different from the late king, He is indeed different”. 

In the woods Bong Hwan sits under a tree. Thinking she should take a nap, then they will find her when everything is over. She is disturbed by someone behind her. resting on the back of the same tree. It is an Eunuch. She asks him, “what are you doing here?” What do you mean, I am hiding for my life. he replies. Bong Hwan says “It’s not like you will die for real. Why are you so scared?” He replies that the arrow hearts a lot. Saying he still has bruises from last year. Bong Hwan tells him that he is such a cry baby, anyway she tells him that she is not interested in hunting. He tells her that he will get shot by someone elses arrow anyway. On his request they come to an agreement pretending to be shot. She places the arrow mark on his back. Giving the arrow as a souvenir. He returns to the main camp telling that he was shot by the queen. He was a tiger. 

Those two who are fan fighting spread their fans, and Byeong In remembers the eyes of the person at night who tried to harm the Queen while lowering his fan, And he recognises that the king was the culprit. Hwa jin pointing the arrow comes across the seated Bong Hwan. and points her arrow at her telling I will never forgive you. The wild nuts gathered on Bong hwan’s hands fall to the ground seeing the determination in her opponents eyes. 

While Byeong In gets the second shot in his belly. King is that better than the proper martial arts trained. And the king holds his hand against his face, now Byeong In is reminded correctly of the posture and the person. It was the king. 


This episode brings all the politics and jealousies inside the royal court. Oh! My! How could one survive in such situations. No wonder many kings had lower lifespans. Cheoljong is reported to have lived 33 years. Their term of power is like a modern parliament. Despite the power struggle, fun is there. The change of messages is the funniest part of this episode. And Cheoljong thinking how his Queen can change day and night. He was supposed to be an illiterate king. But this drama shows him very much literate.

The action scene of martial arts performance and the fight between Byeong In and Cheoljong was done beautifully. The awkward smile of Bong Hwan torn between two Dowagers is really funny. She smiles just like a man does. 

I felt sorry for poor Cheoljong, who cannot even have a small party as he wishes because of the control of Kims. and how unhappy he must have been even though he was king. Looking forward to the next episode. 

This one gets 10/10

Mahesha Idddagoda

I am a passionate writer. I love Korean Drama, So I decided to blog about them. I love writing reviews.
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