Mr.Queen Episode 10: Living a nightmare.

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In Episode 9 we found Cheoljong going down the well, to their past and as the lid closed on him, he was left battling with the ghost of his relatives and Bong Hwan opening the lid, but thinking it was Hwa Jin. and started calling for Hwa Jin.

Episode 10

Seeing that he is in bad shape, She tells him that she will get help. He says no to the queen He tells her that nobody can know that he is there. And before uttering the next word he faints. Probably they will ask questions and will find out that he went down there for the ledger.

Bong Hwan is left thinking how to get the man up without anyone knowing. Next we find that Cheoljong lying in the queen’s room and she is tending to him, asking “why would you go down there where you have bad memories?” So she remembers now.

Seeing him having kind of a bad dream, she asks him “are you having another nightmare?” she tries to wake him up. Cheoljong opens his eyes, sees Bong Hwan as Hwa Jin looking at him, and calls her Hwa Jin.

Instead, Bong Hwan tells him “fine whatever you want to think.” He now can see that it is Bong Hwan and not Hwa Jin. She tells him, “this won’t do, I have to get someone.” As she tries to go get someone Cheoljong drags her by the hand and she is on top of him now.

Cheoljong says that he had a nightmare. Holding her tight, he says that he died as an incompetent king. A scary nightmare where he could not do anything and died as he was watching. “The world was falling apart.” She tells him, “nobody asked. She tells him that she will pretend to be Jo Hwajin just for one minute.

At the castle Hwa Jin is having a nightmare too. Dressed in the queen’s wedding garb, and her servant telling her that her mistress has finally become the queen, and she knew this would happen.

Hwa jin looks down the lake for her reflection, Instead she sees Kim So Yong staring at her wearing the queen garb and she wakes up in dismay. She opens the cupboard and takes out the book written “confidential” on the top.

And she remembers a sequence of events happened that day. She reminds herself as she goes out all Dressed up. She thinkings that she will tell the king everything. And she will not be swayed by the past any longer. She enters Lord Kim’s place and is greeted by a servant.  She asks where the king is, telling that she needs to talk to him. and the servant says the king has gone out with the Queen. And lord Kim is not in the house either, Hwa Jin goes in the direction of the well, opens the lid and looks down. She sees the ledger down the well.

Now she is at the castle, and She contemplates that she can help the king and ruin the Queen as well. Probably the ledger is with her. She thinks about what she should do now.

While Bong Hwan is thinking of  how to get off the tight grasp of Cheoljong. The Queen’s maid servant comes in taking a water basin telling that it is time for her to wash up. And she sees the newly weds cuddled asleep. And quickly retires with a smile.

Bong Hwan opens her eyes and sees Cheoljong’s face, her heart starts racing. She touches his nose, to which he opens his eyes, much to her embarrassment. With background funny music, she rolls back to the door. Posing like a man says good morning.

Cheoljong getting up asks what happened? Good question, and she replies in a daze, that “I almost touched you….U mean almost died.” telling “you were so heavy”. And she thinks that was so dangerous. Cheoljong is thinking about the missing ledger.  “Did you save me by yourself?” Cheoljong asks. “You didn’t want anyone to find out, I used all the strength I had” she replies. Showing us Bong Hwan lifting the man up thinking of the old days she used to lift 50Kg. Oh! My! Talking to herself “Your strength doesn’t come from your muscles. It comes from your determination.” and she questions him why he did go into there at that hour? 

He replies that he fell in there without knowing. She is now curious whether he has night blindness? Ha ha! And says it’s hard to climb out of a well.

Lord Kim is at the door, asking whether they are awake? Cheoljong says Hold on.and indicates Bong Hwan to Come over to him quickly, and tells Lord Kim who is outside, to wait for a moment. While seated together like a couple, he asks Lord Kim to come in. Her father Lord Kim enters. And tells him “if he had known the king would stay in the main house, he would have prepared a bigger bedding, seeing how shrinked they are in a small mattress holding together. Seeing her father, reminds Bong Hwan of the incident of the closure of the well, while she was crying not to do so. The same man is now kneeling down in front of them.

Cheoljong says politely, “Because of your efforts, I was comfortable here”. “I should not bother you anymore, so I should return to the palace”

Lord Kim says that he came to relay the message that the Grand Queen Dowager has sent.

We are shown next that a retinue is prepared for them to go back to the palace. Lord Kim is telling Bong Hwan “because Grand Queen Dowager asks for her every day, she must really need her.” Bong Hwan says “The palace does not run properly if she is not there.”

Her father says “taking her hand, even if it is busy and exhausted, is a good thing. And tells her not to worry about anything and focus on her role as the Queen. And tells her not to forget that he is always standing behind her.” Bong Hwan says ok and takes her hands off.

With the wishes from him to have a safe trip to the palace, and him asking the king to take good care of the Queen. And the King saying, “that he will pay more attention so the Queen is not lonely” Saying their goodbyes they head off to the palace. Bong Hwan thinks that “he is acting like such a caring dad. How could he give his daughter to the man he tried to kill?

She now is suspicious, thinking “is that why Cheoljong tried to kill her?” She asks looking at the king’s forlorn face, “why is he looking like he has lost his country? If you do not lose your country, did you lose something else?

And he tells her that it is a joyous day where she is returning to the palace safely. “well, as long as you are happy”.

Bong Hwan’s inner self questions, “Is the bloody revenge about to start?” But she is forgetting something important.

She reminds herself that she feels like she has an important mission, but what? Along the road, people are looking at them, Ladies are talking about how handsome the king is. Ah! The investiture of the Royal concubine, she remembers.”How could she forget such an important thing?” 

Along the road, people are looking at them, Ladies are talking about how handsome the king is. As Bong Hwan rushes out of the Royal wagon, Take it slowly, says the king. But she has gone inside dragging her maid.

Prince Youngpyeong and Special Director Hong come to greet the king. He suggests that they go inside and talk. Yeonpyeong asks Do the king think his father in law sensed it and moved it? “There is no way he would know where it was moved to” says the king. Hong says “ It is a problematic item.

He will search for it himself.” says the king. And he tells them to have someone follow him. To Hong, ledger is a lost cause. Furius now, the king says “if we give up on it now, our plans will go to waste.

Meanwhile, Choi tells the maid to act as the Queen is always here and be polite. “Hello court lady Choi” Byong Hwan asks Choi to bring in all the ladies of Joseon.

With the Dowager:

Then she remembers that she has to say hello to the Grand Queen Dowager. She thinks The combination of Jung Bong Hwan’s Soul and Kim So Yong’s memories will create a perfect act as Queen. She goes and uses perfect speech and etiquette in front of the Grand Queen Dowager.

And Bong Hwan apologizes for making her worry all the time. The Queen Dowager is caught in it in no time. Bong Hwan continues, “to make up for everything in the past, she says that she will work hard to do her best to fulfill her role as Queen.

“I was only gone for two days but I could not stop thinking about that.” Oh Dowager says, “ How do you feel exactly the same as I do?” “Then right now?” Dowager, “as of this moment, shall we?” “Queen” “Good Job”

Bong Hwan is right in the kitchen now cooking for Grand Queen Dowager. Meanwhile, instead of teaching the recipe Bong Hwan makes the staff light the fire, smoke the fire and do all the odd jobs. For the 30 year experienced chef, this is very humiliating. Bong Hwan is making them work like dogs without teaching the recipe.

Chef is ready to do anything to learn her recipe. This time Bong Hwan is making a new recipe with Gukbap in mind. So she tells the chef who comes to pry, “you don’t do the thinking, I will do the thinking”.

Gukbap is the comfort food of the common people and Gomtang is the comfort food of the upper class. She makes Gukbap adding a bit of French style to it, adding egg white to get rid of the unwanted gummy flavor Mixing the two types of recipes she comes up with a tastier Gukbap.

The Eunuch brings her egg beaters, asks her what kind of food is she going to make? Bong Hwan says, “A food that makes one’s soul move”, and she refers to the food palanquin, whether it is ready.

With that attitude try to keep the food safe and be swift”. Off goes the men with the palanquin of food. Bong Hwan thinks that she’ll love it more as she already knows how it tastes.” Grand Queen Dowager opens the food, She and the court lady both look at the food and seem disappointed. “Did she serve Gukbap for my meal? How dare she serves me peasant food”. But she is hungry and is compelled to eat.

The chef is in the bamboo forest thinking how proud he has been working in the royal kitchen. And shouts “your highness……!” and his voice is mixed with a female voice to his discomfort, what is happening to his voice.

Chef starts shouting all the bad words he can say to take out his frustration. He excuses telling the queen has been making him feel bad these days like a vegetable that rots in summer.

Choi tells herself, “I cannot badmouth her highness.” she might be at the same level as he is, but she must take things off her chest. She takes out the telescope and looks at the way he has gone, and sees his funny ugly behavior, to her dismay, she crashes the telescope.

Bong Hwan goes to see Grand Queen Dowager. Dowager is asking now “why she is not willing to share those skills with the Royal Chef. ‘You fell into a vegetable state because you ingested poison in the royal kitchen.”

Then I would not have recovered so quickly.” and she tells the GQD “Royal chef might be a close minded old foggy, but if you dismiss him from this job suddenly like this,…” was not a pleasant idea.

Brilliant idea. You really are my anti fan.

King is standing by the lake thinking who might have the ledger now? More importantly, Why did this person take it? Will this bite them in the end? Or will this help them?

The Queen taking a stroll in the garden meets the King. She walks to him and bows exactly as Choi has told her. “What are you doing Queen?” “I heard this is how royal ladies walk.

Just be your usual self.” Now standing at ease being Bong Hwan, she asks the King, “By the way what is your majesties type? “Innocent? Sexy? Cute?” Perplexed, the King asks her What is she talking about?

“The grand queen dowager told me to select a few royal concubines for you.” They are your concubines, So I figured I should ask you what your preferences are.” Cheoljong asks, “Concubines?” ….Now Bong Hwan thinks. ”look at this punk, are you finally showing your true colors?”

Suddenly smiling with excitement and holding her hands, The King says “That’s a great idea”. The king realizes his sudden excitement has led to hold the Queen’s hands and he excuses, “Ah! I was overjoyed.” Bong Hwan, now furious, shouts at the king. Saying that she wants to make one thing clear.

She makes it clear to the astonished king saying that those women are hers and she owns them. And she continues tilling him further, that he better not come anywhere near the royal villa. So the king can have the Royal Noble consort Eui all to himself.

The king agrees, telling ok right. But on one condition. At least the poor guy should be given one condition. And the king tells her to lend him her ears. so only she can hear it.

He murmurs to her utter dismay that he will be the one to choose the family though. “ No she tells him that she cares more about their looks than their backgrounds” Then he promises her if so he will tell the GQD that he really doesn’t need any royal concubines.” 

She agrees ok, fine.” But let us not overstep each other’s boundaries “”I evaluate their looks while you evaluate their families”  the king is happy now, telling her “You truly are my anti fan. I was very concerned, but I have figured out a way”  Now she points her finger at the king telling Not to smile. She tells him that he is no longer allowed to smile and also not allowed to grab her hands as he did earlier and he is not allowed to lie down on her belly. While everyone controles their laughs, Poor Cheoljong asks her with a curious smile, “Am I not allowed to do anything?” “Right you are not allowed to do anything” Don’t do anything. She leaves him telling Whoh! I don’t have time for this. 

Cheoljong looks on smiling, “That’s my queen”. While Hwa jin watches. Her court lady asks her whether she would like to go speak with his majesty? No. she will return to the Royal villa.

More secrets to investigate

YeonPyeong has found Hwa Jin’s Norige at a convenience store. a young court lady has sold it to the vendor. He asks the vendor whether he can remember the face of the court maid who sold it to him.

Hwa jin writes a letter to the king saying that she needs to give something to him secretly. The court lady announces that Prince Yeongpyong has stepped out of the palace. Hwa jin sends the letter through the court lady.

The letter goes to Queen Dowager Sunown’s hands before it reaches the king. She says to the court lady “ you should take a little break” the king was presented a letter given by Eui. Before the grand conference. He tries to open it. Seing Jwageun coming, he hides the letter.

Getting his own way

King, addressing the ministers at the meeting, says, While I was away, you must have been very busy.

King stresses, However Youngjo celebrated his recovery after being sick for several months. By holding a banquet. The queen has been exhausted due to her hard work. She has made a full recovery from a serious illness after resting for two days. We must hold a small party to celebrate this occasion, I believe as her husband, this occasion deserves a celebration.

If you rush to clear the situation by holding a banquet … “Minister of war. points out that an attempt of assassinations’ is still under investigation. The King gets his way somehow and makes the ministers agree in dismay.

The GQD walks off angrily. The king she used to control is now out of control.

The king walks off telling yongpyong that now he will use his enemy’s enemy. “I will defeat a barbarian with another barbarian” Saying “ We will use. The selection of the royal concubine the queen is in charge of.”

Teaching your life for another

Back at the Royal Kitchen Royal chef is tasting some yams to make them taste like milk. Because milk is so expensive and rare, to make the similar taste with yams and seasoning. Bong hwan thinks he has worked so hard today, looking at the chef.

She calls the Royale chef, seeing the sad look on his face, she thinks I bet he has a whole family to feed. Bong Hwan thinks “He is probably shouldering the burden as the head of the family…with those small shoulders.” She sigh’s, and asks what his name is, to which he replies his name is Man Book.

He replies he is a bachelor and he feeds stray cats fish heads time to time.

She asks for some paper and writes something and gives it to Hong Yon, telling her to give it to the food palanquin driver to deliver it to the royal physician. The royal physician reads the letter “recommend to me some fragrant herbs that are good for the skin. If your answer doesn’t satisfy me, you’ll get a new assignment.” The Royal physiciacian looks up saying “New assignment”? His assistant says there is more on the back. “I need Eunuchs who will help me select a Royal concubine.” Physician looks up and says in frustration, “ How come she is always looking for a way to make me an Eunuch?” 

King is asking the head Eunuch “where can I find books on ‘Royal banquets?” I will look for them, says the head Eunuch panting. “King says that he would like to see the book on Yeonjo’s Royal banquet.”

Dowager Sun Won comes to see the King, she continues, “I assume that I knew a lot about the late king. Perhaps the late king my son…must have been a greater king than I thought.

That I was not able to ask my clan to support the late king and his agenda.” “Do not blame yourself” says the king, looking obedient and like a tamed dog.

King says to Sun won, “I fall short of the late king in many ways.” she says, “ah!

I will not make the same mistake again.” the King replies, “I will keep that in mind.” She tells the king “I am happy to have gotten to know you a bit today.” “The pleasure is all mine,” says the king. “Please rest now.” She tells the king and leaves.

Meanwhile, Hwajin is waiting at the usual spot they used to meet. But the king is not yet there. 

Now the king reads Hwa Jin’s letter and hurries back to see her.

King says that he read the letter late.

“You must have been busy, so busy that you could not read the letter.” “To tell you the truth, Queen Dowager came to see me, so we had a conversation.” “ What did you talk about with her.?” “It was just a friendly conversation”.

What did you discus with the Queen? ” Ah! did you see that? We were discussing the investiture of Royal concubines. If we give them another power they can fight against, they will be less focused on the throne.” “So did you agree to it?” “I did.” Hwa Jin says angrily “This is the Queen’s scheme!” King addresses her as “Royal Noble Consort.” “Why are you calling me a Royal Noble consort?

Have you fallen in love with the Queen?” King has no answer.

Saving the Chef’s Neck

Meanwhile, the Queen is busy teaching the cooking basics to the chefs. And she asks Man Book why he is still single? He tells her that he missed his chance to get married because he was focused on his work, says Man Book “In 1839 they killed all the Catholics. That is how he ended up alone. With all his family dead. That is why he does not believe in anything. The Gihae persecution remembers Bong Hwan, Her history knowledge coming in handy.

“How did you know I was weak to men who gave off a sad smell?” Bong Hwan says that food smells sad when a chef feels sad. He says, that is why whether it is happiness or sadness, I leave all my emotions at the door before I enter the royal kitchen.

Bong Hwan says You always get mad. “you should blame yourself for lack of practice, not someone else.” I am so weak hearted.” Man Book is now all attention looking at her. Bong Hwan seems to be saying do not eat it.

Sitting in front of the Royal kitchen and being fanned by her two court ladies, Bong Hawn happily says “this is how I become irreplaceable”. Spices and food are besides drying. And she looks at them and says this is the perfect weather to dry food.

Byeong In’s Meddling

Her peace is disturbed by Byeong In. She gets up and adjusts her perfect posture in a funny manner. To greet him. Byong In says “your highness and bows his head, she tells him in perfect manner that she did not see him all day yesterday. And she hopes he does not suffer too much from his hangover. To this, Byeong In is reminded of the crazy kissing. He was speechless thinking for a moment. Then he says that he apologize for leaving his post. And he says that he has something to ask the Queen.

He asks her was there anything suspicious or any suspicious behaviors? She asks him regarding the suspicious behaviors, who he is referring to? Byeong In is now curious, He asks what she meant by the other world, may it be another Power?

Byeong In says that she may be shocked, but he will tell her anyway, and he tells her that he thinks that the king is connected to it. Byeong In says that he knew that she would be shocked.

Byeong In is now raising his voice asking her “your highness did you act that way despite knowing all along?” He asks her, “does her love for him remain unchanged despite what the king has done?” “What?

Love?” It is Bong In’s time to get angry now.

She says “if she wants to live well in the palace, she needs to get along with the king. She is getting along with the king because she has no other choice.” Then Byeong In asks, “then how could she do that with?” Bong Hwan says that she is already confused with her identity.

Why would he talk about love?” She is angry.

And about to cry she calls court lady Choi, and is taken in a palanquin to the place where the concubines are chosen. Running in excitement calling ladies, here I am”

To Byeong Hwan’s dismay there were no ladies present.

Grand Queen Dowager takes her face pack out, and seeing the freshened skin in the mirror, she asks “What is this called again?” The court lady says that the Queen had said it was a beauty cover. Meanwhile Byeong In Shows up. He tells GQD that his father has probably told her that his majesty is different from his predecessor. And to Byeong in, his father seems wrong.

Lord Kim takes a bag of ginseng and medicines to Kim Jwa geun and asks, is everything ok? Lord kim unable to say the ledger is gone, asks looking around where Byeong In is, and assumes he is still at the palace.

Byong In arrives late, Jwa Geun says It’s late, so go and get some rest. Byeong In gladly agrees to do so. Sharp eyed Jwa geun knows something is amiss with lord kim.

Jwa Geun says “Why do you not know that you can put yourself as well as the Queen in danger by being reckless?” Lord kim says If I seem anxious, that is because I had not managed to capture the person who tried to harm the Queen.

Jwa Geun knows that he must have lost the ledger. lord Kim, thinking while on the way, if Jwa Geun did not take the ledger.., did Byeong In do it?

O Wol’s fate.

Jo Hwa Jin is feeling upset. As she remembers the conversation with the king. To her question, whether the king has fallen in love with the queen, the king’s hesitant reply was “I must not love the Queen”.

To that Hwa Jin says “you are not denying that you are in love with the Queen?” King cannot answer that. Obviously he loves the queen.

The court lady announces Prince Yeonpyeong’s arrival. Yeonpyeong asks her Showing her the Norigae, “Did you give it to her?” “yes” “ A court Maid sold it” “Oh! Meanwhile Yeonpyeong tells Hwa jin that he hired an artist to draw the court maids composite sketch.

Hwa Jin says she actually has found a way to help his Majesty. Meanwhile a body of a court maid was found from the well. And she says it looks like O Wol, her court maid.

Hwa jin is devastated. She keeps shooting arrow after arrow until her fingers bleed. Prince Yeonpyeong shows up. She tells him “I am only getting started.”  And she tells him that she wishes to be alone. 

The Person who can make me happy and sad

In his study reading a document the king thinks “ The person who makes him happy and sad” and he was announced Grand Queen Dowager has come to see him. He foulds all the papers and hides them in his sleeve. And humbly asks her what brings her buy? He gives his seat to her and stands in front of her expecting a lesson.  She asks him what was he reading? He says one of the appeals that he has gotten around to peruse. She asks him “you seem much more enthusiastic than usual, which makes me curious about your time outside the palace? Hence I came to ask you about it? “It was good to temporarily forget about the matters of the court, ” replies the king. “ I am glad to hear that. You see, I want you to be happy. The king replies “ I am very obliged.”  You have been through a lot. Have you forgotten about it? Perhaps fate can be inherited. She is warning him. If you learn to be grateful for your situation and do nothing. Both you and all your loved ones will be safe. So why is it that you cannot just sit back and do nothing?” Be Good your majesty. “Yes I will grand queen dowager” oh! This king is having too much trouble with women. 

We see Cheoljong sleeping having nightmares. He is tied up like a puppet. Grand queen dowager controlling the puppet show. And all the ministers of the kim clan laughing at him showing the ledger. But he cannot move. He is tied up with strings.

Some people live inside a nightmare. 

Cheoljong starts a cover of a book. Telling The Queen’s dictionary. No touching, means to seek one’s own happiness. Anti Fan means a powerful spirit guide. Awesome, Magic Hour, Attention seeker, Showdown, Jasmine tea, Ill mannered, special forces, lottery, Issue, and smiles to himself looking at the book. But they often find their own ways to overcome their nightmares. 

While Bong Hwan is having a nice nightmare surrounded by beautiful women in a bathtub but just as you are about to have a nice time, another nightmare finds her..a male voice calling her, and she thinks the ladies have been calling her all the time so their voices turned horse. To her dismay It is Cheoljong. In the bathtub.


This drama is still full of fun. The music at some incidents proviede a more faun factor. Bong Hwan lifting the king up. Meating with the Grand Queen Dowager, Meeting with Byeong In, Doing matchmaking to the king with new concubines, the conversation lines, itself and the Poor Lord Kim looking for the ledger, without being able to tell about it is all supper duper fun.

every act shin Hye Sung is in, is fun. even the kitchen. She is the show stealer definitely. They could have brought more séance with the king and the Queen. and the King’s nightmare being a puppet show adds to sarcasm. Poor guy wrapped up with so many women plotting against him. and the Kim Clan making him a laughing stock. is pathetic. and the way he is having his amusement reading the Queen’s dictionary is cute. I can still give this drama 10/10

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