Mr. Queen Episode 9 Recap and Review: Seeing Light through Darkness

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As finished in episode 9, Cheoljong sneaking out to find the ledger, meets up with the masked man, leading them to fight. Bong Hwan sound a sleep, gets up because of the noise and from inside she could see figures fighting. In her daze, she thinks the two men are dancing. She watches the dancing moves interestingly. Then with the door cover stripping accidentally from one of their weapons, she gets up and moves towards the door. Suddenly she opens the door and strikes the other man with a Jar. accidentally hitting Cheoljong. Disturbed, the masked man runs out, creating a commotion outside. Byeong In standing in guard, starts coming in. Suddenly Cheoljong grabs her and tells her that we will put away the rule of no touching just for today and starts kissing her making a big show of it.

By the time Byeong Hwan enters, they are seen kissing frantically, much to his disappointment. Kim Moon-Geun also appears to see what was going on and taken aback seeing this time his daughter taking the lead and getting at Cheoljong. He ushers Byeong In and goes out.

They both retreat back after seeing their acting, Lord Kim thinks that letting them sleep in separate rooms to get a good rest was wrong of him. Kim Byeong says that he woke up to the noise of something breaking. And Lord Kim also admits that he heard something breaking and the door was ripped. 

Byeong In is suspicious, and wants to take a look. But lord Kim thinks they may end up interrupting the two lovers. To everybody’s laughter, he says it would not be strange if all of their household goods end up breaking at this rate of love making. Kim Byeong thinks that is the passion of newly weds. Load Kim wants to protect their privacy. Kim Byeong In tells the guards to keep their distance from the house as they stand guard. Lord Kim decided to move to the annex while Byeong In stands guard. 

Cheoljong get’s the queen into her room and continues kissing breaking and slamming vases and décor to the ground making a mess and creating a huge a messed up room, rolling and kissing, Suddenly Byong Hwan comes to her senses and slaps herself, saying to herself “control yourself woman.” and spews up in dismay. Kissing a man. “ She blames herself having to cause this trouble. Obviously, she is getting womanly feelings. And she shouts at her uncontrolled self, asking “do you want to fight with me?” 

King is a bit dazed asking who she wants to fight with? She indicates him to stay where he is and says, “this is between Kim So Yong and me.” Byong Hwan thinks as long as he is in that body, he will move it as he pleases. “The soul inside is supposed to be the owner of the body.” Cheoljong thinks she is still drunk and sick, “unable to distinguish between dream and reality thank goodness.” At that statement, she asks “what are you talking about?” And she says, “even if she is drunk, she knows to find her way back home.”

He grabs her to his arm and patts her while her eyes close in a daze a bit. But she is alert, opens her eyes, and she thinks oh no. this is not a dream. “There is no way you would show up in my dreams.” He is sorry that he appeared in her dreams, and slaps a vital point where people could fall asleep instantly.

wow! Cheoljong is clever in his acting. He says sorry to the sleeping queen and continues his mission to the locker. And he makes a noise with the key, to that, Byeong In is ready to plunge in, fuming with his sword. But Cheoljon;s luck works marvelously, at that time, the queen laughs in her sleep. Saying “that tickles Hong Yeon”  Oh! saved. He spots the ledger books. But the important one he is looking for is not there.

Not sure yet,  Cheoljong contemplates, that lord Kim would not be flustered because of the past. we don’t see him taking them. Instead we see him standing at the well. Looking inside. It is completely dark inside. He lights a flame and throws it inside, and there he finds something like a book. He was about to go down the well, but changes his mind, closes the well as someone was seen coming out. And hides. The servant starts sweeping. Another servant comes out and shouts at him “Oy, the master had told us not to go near the main house. He asks Why? And the other replies that he doesn’t know. He makes the sweeping man have a seat. 

The two servants talk about the queen being quear. Once she is up she runs all over the place. Which was not seen before all his life seeing her as a child to a woman. All is heard by the king in hiding. Cheoljong throws a chicken in the chicken pen towards them and they run after the chicken, with a sigh of relief, Cheoljong slips away safely back at Bong Hwan’s room.

He contemplates that the man in the mask was wearing the robes worn by the department of justice. That means, who could it be? To his mind Byong In is the only person coming. 

We see on the other side, Byeong In drinking away his sorrow. His friend tells him to stop drinking, otherwise he will end up dead. Byeong In says he is thirsty. The more he thinks about it, the more he wants it. We can assume that he is jealous. He feels that he will die of thirst. His friend says if you are thirsty you must drink water not liquor.and leaves miserable Byeong In to his drink and thirst. Asking an outside person to bring some water. The more liquor you drink the more thirstier you get. To that, Byeong In let go, keeping his head on the table.

I would have been sad if you had not remembered it.

Next day morning Byong Hwan wakes up saying that she slept well as she got hit and fainted, Ha ha.  with the king in her bed looking dearly at her and telling, I know. My body feels so lighter the land in this house is on must be good. What a player!  Bong Hwan asks is it natural for him to wake up next to her? He replies, “What is there to be unnatural? Unlike in the palace they don’t have to pick a date to share a room.” hmmh! It makes sense but, she figures out because he is in enemy territory, he needs to sleep next to her as a cover. She is not fooled by Cheoljong. She tells him his acting is good today. And she tells him “ok let’s pretend that we had a hot night together.” Such a hot night that the whole room  is a complete mess. Then she looks around and notices the hole in the door and all the fallen décor. Then he tells her “I see you remember this time. I would have been sad if you had not remembered it. Like our first night together.” She is troubled. And wonders, is this her memory coming back? 

No matter what.

While washing up together, she thinks I don’t have time to waste here. I need to become an irreplaceable person to Sun Won soon. So even if a catastrophe happens in the Han family, They will never find me. She thinks she has to return to the palace today no matter what. 

Meanwhile next to her, Cheoljong thinks, “the man in the mask and I had the same target. How much did Kim Byeong In Know? The ledger must not go into their hands. I will get the ledger today no matter what.’ 

It was funny to see husband and wife thinking no matter what on different matters.

Again we see that the Grand Queen Dowager is not eating. And Jwa -Geum pressing her to eat, otherwise she will get sick. She is asking when will the queen be returning to the palace? Jwa Geum makes sure to send a letter so she will return with the king soon. Dowager finds life in the palace boring now without the new queen. Her food is that exceptional. Not only food, but she has grown to like her. Dowager’s stomach ramps. Affection can be quite a scary thing, Jwa Geum adds. and she admits this is what being tamed can be scary. She is under the impression that she is using others. By doing that she was the one who’d been tamed. Jwa Geum admits, that is why she must find other people who can be of use to her. He tells her that he will tell the royal chefs to learn Byong Hwan’s recipes. 

At this, Queen Dowager says he has made her life at the palace very comfortable. And she has no reason to leave the palace. Jwa Geum replies bowing, that’s why he is holding his current position. To keep her perfect position. She mentions to tell Beyong In to come drop by from time to time. saying that she has been too indifferent to Byeong In, Jwa Geum’s eldest adopted son. She expects to give him some errands. Her Brother Jwa Geum is now getting old so he should focus only on important matters. Everything that concerns his sister is important to him, says Jwa Geum.

In the morning we see Byeong In coming with his men to the training grounds where Youngpyeong is training the guards. Facing each other with contempt, Youngpyeong is angry for disturbing him, Byeong In says, from now on, the department of justice will check in the Identities of Royal guards. He says as the royal guards are there to protect the king by his side, they must be thorough to check their identities. 

Youngpyeong demands not to step forward. Both sides brandish their swords. All the royal guards have been verified through proper channels, says Youngpyeong. People can easily buy and sell genealogy charts nowadays says Byong In. Who knows? Some guards might have entered the palace to plot treason with fake identities. He asks Youngpyeong to corporate so they can do their duties. Youngpyeong says with anger, if you  cannot find any evidence of your claim, I Will use my authority to the fullest extent. That is, if you can continue to hold your position, Says Byeong In. and warns Youngpyeong to step aside unless he is involved in the scheme. Youngpyeong steps aside, withdrawing his sword and Byong In tells his men to search the place and bring all the documents to the department of justice.

Queen Sunwon who is feeding a caged bird, is greeted by the right state councilor Jo Man Hong in the morning. Saying he hoped that the queen had a peaceful night. Without answering, she shoots a question back to him pointing to the bird, saying I have brought a beautiful bird, what do you think? He smiles and says the bird has beautiful feathers. She says laughing, that she has brought the precious bird to celebrate an occasion. Counsellor asks whether she has good news? And she replies that the ill fated relationship between the queen and Royal Noble Consort Eui is stronger than she had thought. Showing a previous conversation between Hwa Jin and her by the lake.

There is a secret only Hwa Jin and the Queen knows. Who she refers to as Eui may lead to Jo Hwa Jin, as she is shown in the next frame telling  Queen Sunwon something she has not told before. To anyone. It is a secret only the Queen and she knows. The Queen believes Jo Hwa Jin has stolen the king from her because of what happened eight years ago. 

To Sunwon, Poison on their arrow is growing stronger because of this. She tells the counselor It’s time for them to use their second item. Counselor agrees. Counselor says that it will be difficult to find something similar. So it is taking him some time. He says he will bring it to Queen Sunwon even if he has to make it himself. Oh My god, So much politics inside the castle. 

Meanwhile Jo Hwa Jin gives a special hair pin given by Queen Sunwon to her attendant telling her to put on her hair. It is an expensive hairpin only the queens were. And she looks at herself in the mirror and seems satisfied.

Guarding the secret

Meanwhile, the king and Prince Youngpyeong are in a conversation, They will find out about our royal guards in no time. Tells the king to prince Youngpyeong, as he updates the king about what was happening at the castle. They are planning on finding a way to keep their secret. They discuss about the man from the department of justice who ran into the king the night before. Youngpyeong worries, because the man saw the king’s face, will it be a problem for their mission and the king? Cheoljong does not think the man recognized him. He thinks If we run into each other again, he will realize I was going after the ledger, says the king. Cheoljong thinks the man was wearing a unique mask looking like a goblin. Youngpyeong asks whether he had a scar on his chin? A chord hitting him. King says yes it seems like an old scar. He is the one who tortured O Wol. Says Youngpyeong. 

Now The king is sure Kim Jwa Geum had made a move through Kim Byong In. Fortunately, he does not know the location of the ledger has changed. “Tonight is the last chance we have’ says the king. Youngpyeong nods in agreement. Meanwhile their conversation was interrupted by someone bringing a letter from the palace.

They were announced a letter from training commander Kim Jwa Geun. Head of the department of justice has come to deliver it. (Actually son has come to deliver father’s letter) Kim clan. Prince Youngpyeong and king Cheoljong face the letter bearer Kim Byong In. King telling any member of the department of justice could have easily brought it to me. Indirectly hinting Why are you bothered. Do not show your face message to him. “But you brought it instead? Do you have that much time on your hands?” Byeong In says it is an important message, so he chose to deliver it personally. He says “your majesty and the Queen are asked to return to the palace immediately” 

Syas Byeong In. “The training commander is demanding me to return to the palace?” asks back the king. “He is relaying the message from the Grand Queen Dowager,” Says Byeong In. “ I will stay here one more night for the Queen’s health” Says Cheoljong and advises him to convey the message. In a charging voice, Cheoljong replies ”I am done with you. Do not disturb the Queen’s rest and go back.” Cheoljong demands. Kim Moon-Geun tells Byeong In that his majesty is very concerned about the Queen’s health. You’d better go. Then I will relay that to him, says Byeong In. And leaves for the sigh of relief from everyone. 

I will take my breakfast with the Queen in her room, announces the king. Asking for a usual light breakfast. Father in law Moon Geun is very happy and agrees.

Youngpyeong says since royal consort Eui’s house is nearby, he will ask about O Wol and return. King agrees that is a good idea and says that he feels bad turning her away the day before. He will not be at the palace for one more night. And asks his Hyung nim to look after his beloved Hwa Jin.

You feel like mine, but not these days.

Back at the palace kitchen everyone is feeling empty, because the queen used to stay at the kitchen all day and cook meals. Chef feels like he can breath now. He orders someone to add more canola oil. And they must chop the food more finely. They must chop the veggies quickly so as not to mess up the shape. He thinks that things are more pleasant and peaceful now. “Oh! I do love being the boss.” 

Court lady Choi comes with a forlorn look. And the chef asks her “why that look?” He asks her by her looks the Queen seems to have not recovered yet. Lady Choi says the queen has fully recovered. Then why is your face like that? Asks the chef. Court lady Choi says, Recently her highness has put me through a lot. So when she is not around, I thought that I would not have to nag. And I would feel at peace. And I think I am getting even crazier. She is worried how unruly the queen would get without her. Chef says Oh my! You care more about a troublesome child rather than a good child. I think he is referring to himself as the good child. And indirectly telling Choi to take a look at him.

He gives her something he picked on his way. And sings “you seem like mine but not these days,” and happily leaves behind a bewildered Choi thinking why did he give me the trash he picked up? She thinks, the more she gets to know him the more weirder he gets.

Youngpyeong asks Royal consort Hwa Jin whether she has heard from Wol?. She says no and asks if something bad happened to her? According to Youngpyeong, she did not arrive at the house. Youngpyeong says to comfort her, that he thinks she went somewhere else as she feels sorry for Hwa Jin. He has been asking about her, and he ensures Hwa Jin not to worry. And he says that he is looking for the Norigae she handed to her. If she had to go to another place, she would have sold it. But Hwa Jin feels worried about losing all her people. And she asks when is the king coming back? He is going to stay another night. Says Youngpyeong. And he assures it’s not what she is thinking, and he says he cannot tell everything in detail. He assures that it will be over tonight.

Hwa Jin says it’s probably not that the king does not have to care about other things. She thinks his feelings for her have changed. Probably it’s me who is hanging on to the childhood memories, she thinks. Youngpyeong says that he remembers when he came back to Hanyang and met her with his majesty two years ago. Even if that day was the first time he saw you, he definitely would have loved you. Seems like Youngpyeong also is in love with her. “Your words encourage me.” she says. 

Getting to know you more

Meanwhile a light breakfast seems fit for so many at the King and Queen’s quarter. Bong Hwan asks the king, while she is the one who needs to convalesce, why would he be staying one more night? I am staying to take care of you my queen? Oh! That player! “You receive treatment from doctors and get medication from pharmacists. The king has to take care of politics, not my health” she is adamant. “Do you know how much the citizens are suffering?’ What you said is right my queen, he fits in smoothly. She orders him to eat the soup quickly. And go act like a king. Ordering him not to waste the sacrifice of the terrapin. 

Rather than the sacrifice of the terrapin, Cheoljong want’s to go in disguise to check what the people are going through. He says that he will come back in a later hour. Which means he has to stay one more night. I suppose he cannot do much during the day time about the cat and mouse game.

Bong hwan leans forward and asks him, “you too don’t want to be at the palace right? How awful if it’s even worse than your in law’s house?” “Yes it’s nice and comfortable here.” replies the king.

Bong Hwan then remembers asking court lady Choi what kind of a person Grand Queen Dowager is? And Choi replying Older sister of lord Kim Jwa Geun. She did not once step out of the palace after stepping in, And it reminds her if she presents the grand Queen with the specialities outside of the palace, that might impress her. 

She asks the king, “You know…..they always eat Gukbap in period dramas. What does it taste like?”. 

The king replies “how would I know the taste of such a lowly food? They go out and eat Gukbap. King savors every bit of it. Bong Hwan smiles sarcastically. It’s not that great. Says the king. “It’s scary how much you can miss something from the past,” sys Bong Hwan. She looks on as a lady makes Gukbap, and analyses how to make it in that way and this way, the chef mind working meticulously. She says “they say Heonjong had gukbap every time he went out of the palace.”

They hear some saying “Darn it, I have to pay taxes for my neighbor who ran away without paying them” They are basically thieves. Another says “Watch your tongue. Do you want to be beaten to death?” the former says “It’s either I die from biting my tongue, or I run away and join the bandits. Watch my tongue? I have nothing to lose.” “they are taking everything, wonder what the king is doing? What do you expect? Of course, he is one of those who are taking everything. “He is a puppet king who is given the throne to turn a blind eye. To those things and approves everything they ask him to do.”

Cheoljong takes his jar of alcohol and goes to share with those oppressed people. “I was listening to you. I see you have been going through a lot. People are dying because of such a foolish king, take this drink and forget your worries.”

The man replies, “from what I see, you look like a person of position.” The king replies “I am a fake aristocrat” The genealogical record was so expensive. I am usually a beggar without these garments and genealogical records.” another agrees that he heard all young people are all looks but no substance these days and you are one of them.” Cheoljon gets angry at that. “Oh Ho! How dare you?” The country itself is all looks but no substance. Says he. “If people have substance, it will only be taken away.” 

They all laugh! “Oh my! This fake nobleman has an interesting point of view.” ha ha!

“They made a man from a traitor family a king. It’s not empty, but it’s rotten. Does it make sense that a person from the family that committed treason throughout generations from his grandfather, father and brother become king? And what was the king thinking when he accepted the throne? He is living at the mercy of the kims. Who killed all his family like a gutless loser! Damn it it is true.”

This is the limit for Bong Hwan, She slams the table and gets up saying passionately, “you’ve crossed the line. you are free to curse at him,” and keeping one foot on the table says, “it is not nice to talk about his family. There’s a line you shouldn’t cross even for malicious comments. Moreover, “do you think being a king is all a comfortable life? Being on the throne, he is living in the danger of getting poisoned. And getting his head chopped off all the time it’s brutal”

“Are you from the palace? Are you a spokesperson of the king or what? Who on earth are you?” The men start asking, their attention all gone to her now. “Me? I am a member of the king’s fan club.” what is that? King asks “the Fan club?” And she says “Anti fans are fans too.” “anyway, talk about his family one more time, I will just flip the table.” Cheoljong manages to drag her and quickly pay the bill and pass.

Telling her “look at your temper” She tells him, “ I really didn’t get upset, you said you are in disguise. Your identity can’t be revealed. So I got angry for you” at least she has that sense. Cheoljong keeps looking at her. “Why? What?” He admires her by telling you are a flipping amazing actress.

She says sarcastically, “Do you even know what that means?” Cheoljong asks:  “Is it not something good? By the way, what does a fan club mean?” She replies that she can say they are honorable people wishing good and success in that person. Ah! Spirit guides, says the king. and he asks what is the meaning of an Anti Fan? “she replies that they wish for that persons good and success than the fan club. “Even more powerful spirit guide.” He thinks.

Cheoljong says that he does not deserve such feelings the queen has for him. She replies Ah! Whatever! if she gets dethroned, she’ll sell Gukbup and make a living. Cheoljong says not to say such things and he will not let that happen. And he says he is her anti fan. “Oh that sure reassures me.” she says sarcastically.  Ha ha ha!

She is determined to learn some old time recipes and tells the king “We should go our separate ways now. Yours and I have different goals.” And she goes in a different direction to see if there’s a restaurant people line up for. 

Cheoljong reflects “An must mean comfortable Ti…? Fan?” And he thinks he thought he is devoted to his studies. And here he is at a mess. He thinks he has a long way to go. 

She inspects the market place and finds herself in an isolated alley to be confronted by Cheoljong. He has followed her. Telling if she wears expensive clothes and goes in those aleys, she will easily be a target.

What target? As he tells it, they are confronted by a gang of thugs. Cheoljong defending her tells the thugs to back away and he will not hurt them. He turns around telling that he is her anti-fan and will protect her. Ha ha ha she is gone. Thinking Regardless of the era and where she is, she should always stay away from shady places. “Take care of them for me Cheoljong….”

Then she thinks “if something happens to him, will history Chang? Shouting “I was in the special forces”, Bong Hwan runs back to where she was previously. She sees Cheoljong on the ground. “Did He already lose?” She calls the fallen Cheoljong and cries “I don’t know how to get home.” Someone comes from inside telling Oh my, what brings a rich lady? And she throws her shoe at the intruder. He catches it “I thought you came back because you were worried about me?” says Cheoljong standing in different clothes.

Cheoljong confronts her asking, Did she come back exactly because she cannot find her way back home? It was her turn to be astonished. “What happened to those thugs?” He replies laughing “They ran after a guy who was wearing a more expensive robe.” Giving her the shoe back, “don’t worry. I will protect you. I am your anti fan, am I?” indicating a reply to her sarcasm before about his promise to protect her. 

We see what exactly happened later Cheoljong has defeated the thugs, exchanged his robe for a civilian robe. While funny music goes on. It seems cheoljong knew how to fight using vital points, and the thugs were afraid of this.

She says “anyway , you got so lucky. What’s up with your clothes?” Cheoljong says, Coming to think of it, he will not be able to go around unnoticed in a nobleman’s robe. She searches the burglars pockets and finds coins saying in her hurry, she has forgotten to bring her purse.

Cheoljon says it’s unfair to steal everything and they each leave a coin. Cheoljong is full of questions now asking what does she need to buy anyway.?

Meanwhile the eunuch is found in the document store or library shivering. Probably the man wearing the goblin mask. Jwa Geun questions him And the eunuch replies, he knew how to fight. Seeing how he was guarding the room, eunuch says that he is sure the Item exists. Jwa Geum asks whether he will be able to recognise that man if he happens to see the man again?  Eunuch is positive. (oh! Cheoljong, you are in for trouble). The eunuch  then asks for medicine. Jwa Geum says throwing the medicine at him. “I have made myself clear. I said if you fail, I will not give you the medicine. How will you pay me back? Will you give me your hand?” Eunuch is ready to repay no matter what it may.

Someone in the market shows Byong hwan a jar and says this is the moon jar from Goryo dynasty. She is easily fooled if not Cheoljong  telling her it is a fake. But if you want to use it as a protection again you can buy it. Adds Cheoljong reminding her of the night. She hurries off. puffing “ how dare you con me?”

Byong Hwan is all set to gamble even putting her hair pin at a stake. And Cheoljong manages to get her away saying oh my lady you cannot gamble that much money. She says this is a capitalistic society where money wins. I am all in, she persists. But he excuses her away. Cheoljong tells her a trickster like him must have his gang around the table. I am sure all the spectators are there to encourage gambling. She is interested and also angry at his pretense of not knowing his people in the morning. saying, “you were born a king, and yet you seem to know the streets inside out. Goodness but you denied it so strongly.”

He stops and tells her that it is his weakness. “My family has swept away in a scheme to commit treason, Prince Ganghwa. My family history is a weakness that drags me down.” She asks him “Do you have nightmares? Where you get chewed out in the court or something?” At this, Cheoljong says “A real nightmare is not a dream I have when I go to sleep. Real night marae is?..” he doesn’t say the rest of it.

“Actually I have been wanting to ask you a question Queen, How come you have not told anyone about that night?” About what? “How I tried to harm you? Oh that, I do not want to get involved. I just want to skate over all the hardships. Which leaves Cheoljong thinking. 

Special director Hong seats himself on a chair resting his legs, hoping there would be peace in the empire soon. So he could rest happily. Thinking  Saving the empire is totally not his style. 

Youngpyeong enters the room at that instance. I should get up to greet you prince Youngpyeong, but I slept on a cold mountain. So my whole body aches. If I had stayed there for one more night, my handsome lips would have gone numb. Youngpyeong asks “ Have you done?”  “are you done? What do you mean?” Your winning, including some bragging. “I do have more to go on. But I will stop here as you seem to have an urgent matter” All right “ What is it about?” Youngpyeong hands over a document. Drawing of a goblin mask. And the men nod in agreement. 

Hong goes on disguise as a peddler looking for mask makers. Normal masks are not good. And he is  thinking about selling a unique mask to civil servants.

Chef keeps uttering the song he sang for choi. “These days you seem to be mine but not” Eunuch comes and tells him that the Grand queen Dowager would like a snack at night. But I am not sure if you will be able to make it. Chef brags about his thirty years experience in the royal kitchen. And if he can’t make it who can. He was handed a bottle of tarrak.  To make the snack. Bottle after bottle is handed over to him but he could not get the taste matching to the queens. And finally all the milk is over. Darn! Chef has only to sigh calling your highness!

Meanwhile, the Queen is in her room with the attendant girl. She feels uneasy. Everything upsets her. She thinks that Neither one of these mixed up body, and the other body that is lying like a corpse, feels like her. She keeps talking to herself. That is, she is now neither. “I don’t know my name is Kim So Yong or Kim bong Hwan now.”  So she is developing her own unique feelings. Servant is thrilled that her mistress’s memory has come back. So she thinks that’s why her mistress feels confused. The most disgusting thing for her is, she is getting accustomed to this body. She feels comfortable wearing a skirt now. She is having her period, the servant runs to get her some sanitary napkins. Bong Hwan is experiencing his period much to his dismay.

Queen dowager is having eating issues and she wants the queen to come back. Send another letter. She shouts at the servant. My brother’s words are not very effective, she thinks. And she feels the old age coming.

Meanwhile, Director Hong is back from his mission and removing his fake beard. Someone knocks at the door. Calling his name. That is Kim Hwan looking pale. Oh my! Hong calls him in, and asks him whether he lost his land? Lose his money over gambling? Kim Hwan says “that is 14 years ago” and the conversation goes on for all the possibilities. Finally Kim asks him shall I throw away my family or shall I choose love? Oh! this is worth caring for Hong pats Poor little kim.. Such a cry baby. He is so comic. 

Meanwhile Queen Sunwon is seen praying at a ritual. And a court lady informs her that the grand queen Dowager is wanting her to come immediately to Tongmyeongjeon hall.

Dowager asks her “you do not believe that you are at fault for the death of the late king? Am I right? That is why you are doing all that to blame my family.” Sunwon tells her that she can insult her as much as she wants. But please protect our late king. “You are using my son as a shield again” Dowager says. “I cannot believe you are impudent enough to blame someone else to cover up your guilt.  A human being must know themselves to avoid making the same mistake twice.” Sunwon thanks her for the lesson. 

Dowager says “I am so tired that I cannot take my socks off. Sunwon says that she would gladly take them off  for her. Bearing the insult she takes off the socks.” Dowager informs “it is surit nal soon. That is the expiration date of my tolerance.” I can’t believe that many faced ladies. They all are schemers. 

Meanwhile Byeong In goes to see his father. Jwa Geum, he tells Byeong In, not to cause trouble in the royal guard division. To his surprise, Jwa Geum tells him that “There are exactly seven suspicious guards. And finding them would cause them to seek deeper tunnels. He can find and strike them by staying as he doesn’t know. Byeong, thanks for the advice.

Jwa geum says “why do you think I put him in that position of king?” and he tells Beyong In, Because he taught him how to fear. If the king fears Jwa Geum, he can use the king to his advantage. So his strategy is clear. And why the king acts as he does is also clear.  Byong In promises his father, in future before doing something against Cheoljong, he will seek advice from Jwa Geum.

Chasing the old ghosts

Cheoljong goes near the well again. His head spinning and the memories coming back. How his mother put him inside the well before she ran away with his brothers. And how his family was killed. All memories coming back to him. He looks down the dark well. And climbs down the well. To get the ledger he saw inside the well. Trying to overcome his fear, he lights a piece of paper and searches round the corners of the well. But there was no ledger. Much to his horror, someone closed the well, leaving Cheoljong in the dark.

Much to his horror, He starts hearing all the voices of his relatives and seeing ghosts, telling him that they are all innocent and he is the only one alive. And he hears curses. Cheoljong is trapped between the grown man and the child who experienced the incident years ago. He tells himself no I have to overcome the fear and find the ledger. Fears of sounds echoing are so intense he couldn’t stand up. He is now seated inside the well, trying to overcome his fears. And childhood memories.

Inside the palace Hwa Jin is sleeping in her room. She wakes up. Going back to her childhood memories. Jo Hwa Jin and Kim So Yong, 

Hwa jin says with the other girl looking at kim so young, “What is it? She looks Just like her.” Hwa Jin asks “Do you think you will be like the number one Kim so young? There is something they have in common, they do not have mothers.” And she laughs. 

Kim So Young is reading a book and she says it is written by a scholar of Joseon. I will discuss the summary of five relationships. Father and son, Ruler and subject, Husband and wife, Elder brother and younger brother and friend and friend. Hwa jin says “you memorized the book until you ripped off the pages. Why would you recite it again?” Kim so young says “today is my mother’s funeral date and the book is her mothers. She reads it to remember her mother.

Hwa jin says, “So that is what you do when you miss your mom?” (Dongmongseonseup) she says she cries every day. “I found a way to see your mom,” says Hwa Jin. What is it? “If I die, I can see my mom.” Says hwa jin. Kim so Yeon runs with the book. She has climbed down the well and found the boy alive inside the well. “Oh you are alive” she says. Did you also come here to die? She asks the boy. “What are you talking about?” I came here to die Kim so Yeon says. Do you want to live? Because you are scared of dying? She asks the boy. The boy thinks for a while and says no. “Everyone died except for me. That is scarier.” 

Kim so yeong asks the boy, “shall we go together? Let us do it in the count of three.” The Boy agrees. They start crying together, hearing their voices, people approach the well. Kim Byeong In looks down the well. Kim So Young shouts to her cousin. “Do you know how much I worried about you?” Kim byeoung shouts from the top. The whole family was searching for you.

Kim Byeong In says that he will come down. The boy tells the girl by hand no. seeing the boy is in hiding, and the girl asks her cousin to drop the ladder Kim Byeong In agrees and he drops the ladder. While her cousin is fetching the ladder, Kim So Yong tells the boy that she is sorry but she wants to live. Telling the boy that he must be wanting to live too. And if he wants to live again, he should come back and return this book to her, telling so, she hands her precious book to him. Kim byeoung In puts the ladder down and the girl climbs up. The boy is in hiding. And her father, Jwa Geum and adults close the well and put a heavy rock on top while the girl is crying.

Boy is shut in the well, thinks both the mother who promised to come and the girl who promised with the book, he cannot believe anyone anyway. He is down left to think. I will only stop after I die, thinks the boy. I will not stop until this well is filled with rain water. Never! Water starts to seep in filling the well he cries save me, save me.  The girl cries, telling it is her fault. “I am responsible for his death. Because I did not keep the secret. Because I told the maid servant about him.

Kim Byong In says “you heard what the adults said. His family committed treason.” The girl keeps persisting with her cousin brother, “He did nothing wrong though”  she pleads with Kim Byong to help. Finally, he agrees and removes the lid and the stone. And hearing a door opening noise, they run for their life. 

The boy now thinks “you really came as you promised.”  He climbs up with the book. And there is Jo Hwa Jin standing near the well. He gives the book to Hwa jin and says I want to live. Like you. And she sees the name Kim So Yong written in the book.

Hwa Jin lighting a candle thinks “people are afraid of darkness. So they try to chase it away by lighting it up with a light. And she takes a Book out of her cupboard. It is written as confidential. Hwa Jin thinks “the stronger the light is, the darker the shadow is”  Byong Hwan too Now seems to be getting her memories of the well while sleeping.

Meanwhile, the king is lying down the well, someone opens the lid, and Cheoljong thinks it is Hwa jin, and he reaches his hand to Hwa Jin before fainting, but it really is So Yeong. Or Bong Hwan, looking down.


Getting out of the past childhood gloomy memories and realizing the reality. Is the theme of this episode. Hilarious in all frames. I am happy they are able to keep the fun factor with the emerging secrets and politics. Even the Grand Queen Dowager, a notorious person, is made by the story teller a real fun character.

Giving the king and the queen a time to live a normal life and understand each other as a man and a woman and also each other’s strong points and weak points, thus reducing their distance. 

Cheoljong is portrayed as a character who is trying to emerge out of the strong hand he is being pressed down. His desperate search for the ledger and also the way he points Byeong In his place, speaking with the right tone at the right time, is interesting. His understanding of how people behaved outside itself is an indication of his knowing the outside world and he knows how to behave in the right way at the right time. Not a weak person. He is a good fighter. But not a killer so far. Portrays a pleasant Cheoljong. 

He knows how to speak well with ladies, and also he knows sarcasm, and hinting fun at the right moment taking in the person completely. 

Byong Hwan slowly remembers the past and now he/She is neither Byong Hwan nor So-Yong means she is finding her own individual emotions. The disgusting fact that she is getting accustomed to skirts is hilarious. Of course, Byong Hwan seeing the outside two men fighting as a dance and trying to follow the dance movements is the funniest moment in this episode. To me this drama still has a higher rating. I can give 10/10 for this drama.

Mahesha Idddagoda

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