Secret Royal Investigator Episode 1: Recap and Review

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Sangeuk has started reining with Comedies after a long dry spell. Secret royal investigator is a mystery comedy about a funny incompetent trio we can never imagine such a dangerous job can be handed over to, embarking on a royal mission to provide important information for the king. First episode provides a heavy dose of comedy as the dysfunctional trio attempts to fulfill their duty. First episode introduces the trio as dysfunctional but civil servant with a good brain, his helper and a gisaeng under cover, and gives the taste of the hilarious incidents to come,

First episode starts with the scene in the night a trader from the mountains delivering a box full of gold to the governor, who gleefully marvels at the riches. The trader shares that the laborers suffer through harsh work conditions and illness, but dismissing his responsibility, marvels on the gold. The trader accuses the governor of being a corrupt official and reveals himself as a secret royal investigator. The investigative unit surrounds the corrupt governor and the investigator Park Cheol-kyu demands to know what purpose the gold is used for. before he gets the answer, masked bandits attack the investigative unit and the instigator was killed by them

Following one month past the occurrence, Prime minister Kim advices the king to disband the Secret Royal Investigator unit due to their failed secrecy and rumors of taking kickbacks. The king defends the investigators as his eyes and ears, and he knows they have saved many striving residents from corrupt officials.

The prime minister mentions the rumors of the death of Park Cheol-Kyu and pleads not to send innocent officials on these death missions. Chief Royal Secretory JANG TAE-SEUNG (Ahn Nae-sang) states the importance of these missions and despite all that, he has already sent someone to gather more information, per the king’s orders.

Meanwhile, a group of government officials gather to gamble. Here we meet Yi-kyum (L a.k.a. Kim Myung-soo) betting all his money against Eunuch Kim, who wins the game. Yi-Kyum begs one silver back, but was refused. When asked about his strategy, Eunuch Kim replies that he lost his all fears when he lost his manhood (have a laugh if you want to), and the others sympathize.

Another Eunuch distracts their conversation, and tells the news that the secret Royal investigator Park Cheol-kyu’s been missing for a month with no news. Probably he is dead. Yi Kyum seems to have fond memories of the investigator, and reacts angrily.

When Yi Kyum returns home, he’s met by his servant PARK CHOON-SAM (Lee Yi-kyyung), who offers him a new erotic novel with a fresh plot. Yi-kyum although first seems uninterested, but looks interested when choon sam suggests that the story is a romance between a court lady and multiple eunuchs, it would be popular among Eunuchs’. hm..! good market.

Seeking a profit, Yi-Kyum secretly meets with Eunuch Kim and offers a copy of the novel. Eunuch kim flips through the novel and is clearly aroused. They strike a deal for the novels, and Yi-kjyum looks satisfied by the transaction.

Meanwhile, the prime minister, with his siding ministers, meets up at the giseang house and discuss how to stop the secret royal investigative unit. Prime minister kim is on the mind set to wait until his opponents to get tired before making any move. He was offered a special treat, a performance by beautiful HONG DA IN (Kwon Nara).

Known for her overwhelming excellence, Da-in enamors the crowd with her exhibition and acquaints herself with the prime minister. They’re disturbed by an exited shouting from an alcoholic scholar requesting to meet with Da-in, and she pardons herself to manage the disturbance.

Just the alcoholic Scholar is tossed out, Yi-kyum and his kindred government employee associates show up at the gisaeng house. The alcoholic man pitches a fit about his affection for Da-in and warns to kill himself if she doesn’t acknowledge him. Without fear, Da-in advises him to feel free to kill himself.

With one look at Da-in, Yi-kyum is entranced by her beauty, however he figures out how to wake up from his trance when the alcoholic man appears to be focused on cutting himself. He intervenes by kicking the man stunning quick, and he faces Da-in about deciding the destiny of another’s life.

Da-in refuses his allegation by contending that Yi-kyum accepted that authority by preventing somebody from executing himself. Yi-kyum is irritated by Da-in’s counter and assumes from her strength that she’s supported by a higher individual. Da In Acknowledges it and doesn’t share interest.

While drinking with his partners, Yi-kyum remains focused on the offending discussion with Da-in and requests to meet her right away. Da-in keeps on serving the Prime minister and notes his discussion about illicitly purchasing slaves from the slave market. Their discussion is hindered by Yi-kyum, who blasts into the room searching for Da-in. When Yi-kyum sees the high officials in the room, he excuses and starts to leave. Da In recommends that they pour him a drink. Stuck in an awkward situation, Yi-Kyum accepts a drink. His inconvenience doesn’t stop there, Da In murmurs a suggestion to the PM, and Yi Kyum winds up performing a (fusion) dance.

Following a humiliating evening entertaining the high officials, Yi Kyum retires as they leaves, and Da In Wishes him a goodbye. irritated by Da In’s audacious actions, yi Kyum attempts to provoke her. Experienced in her profession, Da In takes his arm and escorts him out of the house. She promises to entertain him the entire night next time he visits and sends him off.

Da-in unclips her gisaeng hair and heads out in the night to meet with Secretary Jang. We discover that Da-in is filling in as a secret gisaeng, and she reports her discoveries about Prime Minister Kim’s interest in the slave market. She shares that further details were lost when Yi-kyum intruded on them and vows to share more data when Prime Minister Kim visits once more.

After her report, Da-in reminds Secretary Jang about her payment, and he offers a more modest pay since her report wasn’t considerable. Da-in contends that the substance ought not decide her installment and effectively haggles full installment for her assignment. Secretary Jang and Da-in appear to have a dear amicable relationship, however we’re not conscious of their background yet.

A guard brings a diary from the quest of Secret Royal Investigator Park Cheol Kyu and presents it to the king. In the records, the king finds out about ordinary citizen’s difficulty to settle high taxes, bringing even kids to be sold into slavery. Park Cheol Kyu writes, critically that the abuse should be stopped. And the king orders secretary Jang to send another Secret Royal Investigator, someone with no association with government authorities.

When next day, Yi Kyum returns to his colleagues, they question him about his night with Da in. Annoyed by his memory of the shameful night, he simply shares that Da In is on a different level, leaving the rest up to their much anticipated interpretation.

Da-in enters the store of an artist, and looks for the craftsman’s elective ability of discovering individuals. She’s searching for somebody who worked at Seonjeonkwan, the government authority in charge of the King’s orders, ten years back. The craftsman charges a lofty cost of 50 nyang for the errand and clarifies that the assignment requires looking through private government records. Da-in hesitantly agrees and makes an initial installment, promising the rest when he conveys the data.

Secretary Jang cannot identify a single candidate for the investigator role, and his military guard suggests that they remain patient in their search, as they may discover the individual in an unforeseen spot. As they retreat for the evening, Secretary Jang and his gatekeeper notice a lit administrative office and choose to examine who’s working late

It’s Yi-kyum and his gambling colleagues, and they discuss the news about the chief royal secretary searching for a new royal investigator. Yi-kyum doubts that he’ll be selected because Secretary Jang only chooses upright and inflexible people, and Secretary Jang catches this. At last, Yi-kyum wins his bet against Eunuch Kim, and Secretary Jang emerges to congratulate him and orders for the card sharks to be detained.

Secretary Jang looks into briefings on Yi-kyum, the son of a chief censor from the Royal Office of Censors who resigned ten years ago and became a teacher in his hometown. Based on the timing of the resignation, Secretary Jang suspects that it may be related to Prince Hwiyoung. He also finds out that Yi-kyum has a younger half-brother, a lower ranking official. Secretary Jang notes that he’s found his ideal candidate.

In the slammer, the players accuse Yi-kyum for acquainting them with this bad habit, and Yi-kyum turns the fault on Eunuch Kim for winning the entirety of their cash. Yi-kyum is accompanied away to meet with Secretary Jang, and he acknowledges his bad behavior. Without any associations, he likewise acknowledges any discipline, and shockingly, Secretary Jang relegates him as a Secret Royal Agent.

Secretary Jang reports this assignment to the king and justifies his confusing selection to the king. For the civil service exam, Yi-kyum’s response, a sharp criticism of corrupt officials, moved Secretary Jang and received high marks from the king. The reason for Yi-kyum’s changed motivations are unclear, but Secretary Jang argues that Yi-kyum is their best option.

The King meets detained Yi-kyum and formally doles him out as a secret investigator. He guarantees that he’s confined up much the same as Yi-kyum, secluded from the world outside of the castle. The king realizes that the ministers hide the real factors of his country, and he just trusts Secretary Jang and the agents to be his eyes and ears.

Yi-kyum questions his capacity to satisfy this enormous errand yet can’t deny the king’s task. Secretary Jang allows him three days to plan and hands him Park Cheol-kyu’s diary to refer ahead of time. At the point when he gets back, Yi-kyum opens up the diary and reads a passage about Cheol-kyu putting aside his main goal to meet with a gisaeng named Sa-wol.

In the royal court, Secretary Jang runs into Prime Minister Kim, who gets some information about finding another candidate. Secretary Jang pretends a battle, and Prime Minister Kim reprimands the court’s need on allotting an investigator while the residents are suffering. Unbothered by Prime Minister Kim’s analysis, Secretary Jang noticed that he should have loads of time to consider the residents while visiting the gisaeng house.

Da-in visits the artist for an update on her request, and she’s surrounded by royal guards for her illegal request to gather information from secured records. She’s dragged away and imprisoned, but with a bribe and her beauty, she manages to convince a guard to notify Secretary Jang of her imprisonment.

Secretary Jang bails her out and scolds her for her bold request for royal records. With a tone of disappointment, Secretary Jang orders her to follow him.

In the wake of going the entire day drinking ceaselessly his disbelief about being the secret royal agent, Yi-kyum has a tanked tantrum at the proprietor woman. She takes steps to report him, and Yi-kyum cautions her that she should know what his identity is. He ushers her closer and afterward says that his identity is a mystery. Before he raises more ruckus, Choon-sam collects him and takes him home.

On piggyback, Yi-kyum thanks Choon-sam for always caring for him, and Choon-sam expresses gratitude for a lifelong loyalty to his owner. Yi-kyum seems comforted by the loyalty and then shares that he’s been delegated the role of secret royal investigator.

Shocked by this news, Choon-sam drops Yi-kyum and smiles widely in excitement at his new status. Contradicting his previous statement about his loyalty, Choon-sam is ecstatic to be free from slavery and join the secret royal investigative unit. He says that Soon-ae would have been proud to hear this news, and Yi-kyum sobers up at the mention of Soo-ae. Before Yi-kyum can chase his now former servant down, they’re captured and dragged away.

Secretary Jang scolds Da-in for her dangerous search for royal records, and she responds that she wants to find the truth behind her parents’ deaths. As punishment and for her safety, Secretary Jang assigns her to the secret royal investigative unit and says that she is an essential part of the unit. In return, she asks for information on the Seonjeonkwan official she’s searching for.

Blinded by the hood on their heads, captured Yi-kyum and Choon-sam scope out their environment. Yi-kyum guides crybaby Choon-sam to get up and gradually feel their way to the door. They manage to escape the storage room and yell into the void about being secret royal investigators. What a duo.

Turns out, they’re captured in Secretary Jang’s home, and Da-in witnesses this commotion on her way out. Secretary Jang assures her that these two are not part of the secret royal investigative unit and sees her out. As Da-in leaves, someone follows her to the gisaeng house.

Secretary Jang chastises Yi-kyum for publicly announcing his royal investigator title and putting the king’s life at risk. Yi-kyum apologizes for his bad mistake, and loyal Choon-sam offers to receive the punishment in his owner’s place. Secretary Jang considers this a firm warning and informs them that another member will be joining them for their departure tomorrow morning.

The follower observes Da-in entering the gisaeng house and reports this to Prime Minister Kim. Convinced that Da-in is Secretary Jang’s informant, Prime Minister Kim orders her capture the next morning.

The prime minister’s son barges into the gisaeng house the next morning and demands for all the gisaengs to be dragged out. He notices a suspicious figure, Da In dressed as a man, rushing out the back door, and he follows her. When approached, Da-in denies any knowledge of the gisaeng they’re looking for, but he quickly recognizes her. She pokes him in the eye and escapes.

Yi Kyum receives a secret royal investigator badge at the palace, and the written mission. And he is being informed that someone will be there waiting at the gate to accompany with them. A person named Hong Da In. When Yi-kyum and Choon-sam reach the gate, Da-in is nowhere in sight. She’s being chassed by the prime minister’s men. And she arrives late to meet Yi-kyum.

Out of breath, Da-in introduces herself and immediately recognizes Yi-kyum. After a moment, Yi-kyum recognizes Da-in from the gisaeng house, and they’re both astonished by their unexpected partnership. But they barely have any time to process their shock, with the prime minister’s men running straight toward them.


The drama seems all clear and set for the mission is clear from the first episode. That is good. Sending Three unreliable people on a dangerous and important mission is hilarious itself. Kwong Na Ra is the show Steeler on this episode. With her acting. Yi Kyums trivial habits provides the purpose of entertainment. Mistry is there already unfinished business of the previous agent. Hong Da In’s parents case is a mystery too. How will these funny trio work out is in future to see. Kim Myung-soo is one of my favorite actors. He has not shown his full potential yet. But he is a fun character, we can expect comedy and mystery hopefully.

The drama is still in a low key, unlike Mr. Queen, the first episode itself was a buzzer.

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