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Start Up episode 15 begins with Do San and Dal Mi beginning their test drive on the Self driving car while In Jae and others watch on nervously. Morning group is also present fighting for the permit. Only people who are confident are Chul San and Yong San, They are confident because they redesigned the system based on what was already implemented.

System works well, even going beyond their expectations to detect a cat crossing the road. Team celebrate we Dal Mi and Do San get back to the main starting point and they were granted the temporary permit.

At the heat up of success, In Jae wants to strive up higher pushing Dal Mi to do so. Dal Mi is confident in their technology, but she is hesitant, because she knows what reckless decision bidding on this Smart project will be, especially given to her loosing almost all of her team last time.

Meanwhile, Sa Ha does her best to get rid of Chul San from her mind, but she has started to take a liking to and cannot stop it. She want’s Chul San to stop vlogging. The reason is, they don’t want anyone to know that they are dating. Chul San believing it another prank, Sa Ha suddenly kisses him, telling Chal San to stay quiet about this. Oops! She is a weirdo.

Cheon Ho shows up at the office with a video of their time on the track circuit together. However, he also shows them a fortune telling app. and encourages them all to try it. according to data, it is extremely accurate.

Dal Mi meets Ji Pyeong in the main atrium and asks his opinion whether they should bid on the project or not. ( He tells her it is a complete waste of time. (I wonder why Ji Pyeong never gives a positive answer. Is he jealous?) their conversation terns to her grand mother and the way she fattens him up with food. As they laugh at the elevator things get awkward when Do San happens to be there too. Silent and sulking as Ji peyong mentions grandma’s cooking. The elevator breaks down and leaves three of them inside together.

Do San believes bidding on the project is a good idea. even though he is fully aware of the fact that they they probably won’t win. This recklessness bugs me. How ever, because they are sailing without a map, then it will make them feel alive. but remember a ship sailing without a map will probably sink.

When the elevator door opens Dal Mi and Do San have a good conversation, with the former telling him she is more cautious now than she was before. She is not sure weather to go ahead with the bidding and even uses the fortune telling app which continue to tell her she needs to be cautious over and over again.

Ji Pyeong catches up with Do San the next day and asks for his letters back. In exchange Do San asks for the Money tree back which she gave him. Eventually they agree to the exchange but things are getting colder between them.

Dal Mi’s Mother Signs a commercial lease at the real estate office for her and her mother in law to carry out their food business. They will be leaving the cart and mowing in to a building. At the same time In Jae And Doo Jung both receive their documents regarding the dissolved adoption. Won Deok decides not to use Noongil app to read the documents in her hands, listening as A Hyun feeds back to her Mother that she’s got them a corndog shop together.

Do San in his leisure time reads a letter about the music box – the one addressed to Ji Pyeong and not him. Reading the letter, he instead changes his mind and decides not to swat back and to keep the letters for himself. those letters are Ji Peyonng’s which he gave Do San to understand Dal Mi at the first episode. When Ji Peyong finds out, he races to Do San’s house with the money tree. He demands nailing Do San in front of his parents on the spot. Do San is being rude of course, refuses to give the letters. Hints turn sour and turn into them drinking throwing insults at each other.

Ji Pyeong continues to ask for the letters back throughout the evening, and Do San asks him why Ji Pyeong used his name to write those letters? in return Jipyong replies that he was envious about Do San’s perfect life and the truth comes spilling out when one is drunk. Do San tells the same reason that he was jealous of Ji Pyong too. The reason why is because Dal Mi told him the letters made him her firs love. and the only thing Dal Mi Loved about him was his big hands. He refuses to give up telling despite all of that, he will love her for ever.

In the morning, a very hungover Ji Pyeong wakes up to find himself in Do San’s room wearing Do San’s pajamas. he remembers fragments of their conversation the night and heads out, overhearing Do San talking to his mum about cooking soup for his hangover.

Now it’s Ji Pyeong’s turn to feel bitter. He decide to take the money tree and the letter telling Do San than because Dal Mi likes big hands then he’s going to give up the pursuit. Telling Do San to work on his self esteem and if he does, then his hands will conquer their memories together.

Do San races up to find Dal Mi, telling her that they are going to bid on the project. He even admits that Ji Pyeong is her first love, and asks why she likes him. Dal Mi simply tells him there is no reason. She just likes him. and this time he asks the same question again. Dal Mi tells him “I like you for who you are.” at that point he hugs and kisses her.

They head over to the office, to find out that Morning Group has decided to work against Dal Mi. Doo Jung tells his son to contact reporters and come down hard on Dal Mi and their company.

Ji Pyeong continues to avoid Dal Mi, calling himself a looser finally falling strait into Dal Mi, when she opens the door. She apologizes to him and admits that she is going to bid on the project with Do San. Meanwhile Doo Jung and San Su speak to Hyungju reporters about Dal Mi’s start up group and their ransomware attack that has been kept a secret. While they are about to bid on the project the reporter comes and start scribbling down details of what happened. with the headline already written, the group has no idea what trouble they are getting into.


It was Dal Mi’s dream to take the upper floor elevator. Do San volunteered to do the project of the self driving care as he wanted to be her trophy and hero. Dal Mi was the one who decided to bid on the project. even though Do San wanted to bid, Dal Mi is the main decision maker here after going through all the facts except for the reporter.

Start up became a hit at the beginning, but the story line developer took the story in a dull poor line. It took no time to get down the ladder. Opening few episodes were beautiful. but it is a pity this drama became a really downward arrow. The idea of Ji Peyon and Do San, actually Ji Pyeon did was pay a past debt. He had no feeling for Dal Mi at all. Only when the younger Pair getting together, made him jealous.

What drove Ji Pyeong to Dal Mi was competitiveness itself. It is un fair of Do San to keep the letters. But given what Ji Pyeon did, it was fair enough of Do San to feel like what he did. More over I think Do San and Dal Mi matched better.

If Someone is dissatisfied with Dal Mi not pairing with Ji Pyong, I am totally against it. The way the drama paired was fine. but the drama lacks character. or an umh! factor. Thriller, something like that. Ji Pyon did not give sincere advice all the time. He was biased.

Drama does not mature the characters of Do San and Dal Mi. They are head over heals to jump, but where? can they run a company like that all the time. If she needs to remain in the CEO position, she needs to be analytical. More mature. not sail without a map. Drama fails because of this. at the end they might get lucky because of a narrow escape may be. but still. Caution, Caution, Caution. Not jump into conclusions based on your emotions.

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9 months ago

Love this drama too..

9 months ago
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Thank you

Mahesha Idddagoda
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Yes, but still sailing without a map is not good.