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Episode 4 begins with the king wanting to know how much Bong Hwan heard of their conversation, putting a powder to her drink that will make her confess the truth. Thankfully, Bong Hwan finds out from the aroma, that the king is the person who tried to hill him. Instead of drinking the tea she offers it to the king. Cheoljong takes the drink to his mouth and tries to put it in to her mouth through kissing her. Bong Hwan manages to push the king away. Through their fight home truths come out spilling out. Cheoljong realizes that she doesn’t know the full extent of the story, and leaves with many questions floating in his mind.

In his chamber Confused Cheoljong speaks with Youngpyeong contemplating what the Queen has said, and thinks what to do about her. Queen Sunwon decides they need to create a criminal and that seemingly comes in the form of a masked man snatching a court lady called O-Wol in the middle of the night. With a bag over her head O-Wol pleads for her life as the masked man wields his sward and demands answers to what happened at the lake.

The two thugs accompanying the man start loading cinder blocks on her knees. The man leaves in the morning dressed as an eunuch and seems to work inside the palace. A nasty scar on his face, makes him easily recognizable. He meets Jwa-Geun and reveals that he will soon make O-Wol talk.

Grand Queen Dowager speaks to Kim Jwa -Geum about the plan they have fabricated together. More scheming goes on especially when the king learns that Byeong In is on the King’s case, using the fabric torn from his clothing as evidence to find the culprit he fought with several nights ago.

Grand queen Dowager calls Bong Hwan and puts her in charge of selecting concubines for the king. What was initially possible was 81 much to Bong Hwan’s excitement, but later reduced in to 3, with a hilarious sigh of disappointment which grand Queen Dowager looking suspiciously at her. The reason for concubines comes off because of Jo Hwa Jin scheming and allegedly being involved in the drowning of the queen.

That finished, she decides to entertain herself by telling her royal escorts to run faster strait to the kitchen so she can feel the breeze, other escort ladies having a hard time running all the way to keep up with her. Inside the kitchen, she makes creamy potatoes using a rare ingredient called Tarak, making the eunuch run all the way to find enough quantities of Tarak. Meanwhile the same girl called Dam Hwang from the previous episode shows up. Bong Hwan gives her sweets and encouraging words much to the disappointment of the chef. helping feed her dog and naming the dog too. They call the royal chef a fool and “boomer.”

Bong Hwan makes creamy potatoes and delivers it to the Queen dowager herself. Where the Queen Dowger gulps down every bit of it licking her lips finally. but she tells Bong Hwan that she is not happy with the presentation, which she means the dish was cool when it reached the Queen. Bong Hwan races back to the workshop determined to build a food palanquin. Obviously they don’t know what this means.

After that, Bong Hwan goes to the lake fill site, much to her disappointment, the work is going very slowly. She relaxes there watching others work. She was sent a delicious drink by the chef, and she enjoys the drink. Then much to the surprise of the chef, she orders a drink to every one working at the site. They are all thankful to the Queen now.

Kim Hwan hides in the woods and watches what the workers are doing. He was approached by Hong Yeon who happen to have a beverage for him too. When handing over the drink to him, a love song starts playing in the hilarious segment. While Hong Yeon walks away she bumps in to Hong, and she is infatuated by him.

Queen Sunwon learns that one of the court ladies serving Jo Ha Jin is missing. Meanwhile Youngpyeong also finds out and updates Cheoljong about the goings on. Hwa Jin approaches Choljong after speaking to Sun Won too. Cheoljong contemplates this must be the doings of Bong Hwan because she found out who tried to kill her on the streets and now want’s revenge for it. He thinks of placing himself in the line and taking the blame for trying to kill the Queen.

Youngpyeong remains determined to find O-Wol no matter what. If he fails, then the king will have to step in and that will be letting out all of their plans, and Oh my god ” Noooo Way…….!” He calls their specially trained guards to be extremely careful while they head out on search of O-Wol. Brandishing masks, the men work swiftly and silently while Hwa-Jin waits outside the Grand Queen Dowager’s courtyard, determined to keep Cheoljong safe and awaiting her fate.

Down by the lake Bong Hwan doing some needle work, looking through the Queen’s basket, he finds something that looks suspiciously like a Will. He also learns that the queen lost her appetite in the days before the incident and was sighing a lot. All of this, he deduces, may well be signs that the queen actually committed suicide.

This equals to Hwa Jin’s confession to the Grand Queen Dowager, who hears from Hwa Jin that she was with the Queen that night and she willingly fell in the lake. But, the Dowager has a plan of her own. She taking out a letter allegedly confirming that came from O-Wol, stating Queen Dowager is involved in a big scheme with Hwa Jin.

With all hopes lost, Cheoljong shows up and tries to talk the Grand Queen out of her plan. but, with no good, Hwa Jin taking the blame for what happened. Just as she is about to meet her demise, Youngpyeong and the others manage to rescue O-Wol.

Believing the lake will be filled and she will be leaving that night, Who cares, wanting to be cool, Bong Hwan steps up and admits in front of the Grand Queen Dowager that she tried to take her own life. She asks for every one let go without punishment, while awaiting whatever her fait may be. While modern funny music playing on in the background. (Poor Bong Hwan, she does not now that the well is dried of water and the lake cannot be filled that night)

Episode review:

With the political scheming that is common in all historical K-dramas, So far so good. Mr. Queen managed to keep up the comedic spirit it originally had. infect turning into much more melodramatic style, yet comic element is there with the music and placing each character in the right spot. I thought with the opposition for the drama arising from some might ruin the show. Well done. Managed to maintain the integrity so far. With the next episode to come, we have more intriguing situations ahead. Hopefully Mr. Queen may be able to be one of the top rated dramas in 2021.

I find that Mr. queen trying to be cool because she has only one night in this world and then she will be gone to her world taking responsibility of her suicide, even without knowing it is suicide, with modern music playing in the background was the most hilarious scene in the show.

The world is watching up to you Mr. Queen.

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