Mr. Queen Recap and Review Episode 3: The palace has a new chef.

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Bong Hwan is being held at the sward’s point of the king as episode 3 begins. He tries to distract the king and escape throwing him stacks of coins. But the king is no way going to give up. Poor Bong Hwan then tells the king that he is from the army. While this conversation goes on, a sward swings past the king’s face unmasking him. That was Kim Byeong In. King hides his face with the sleeve, avoiding recognition much to the curiosity of Kim Byeong In. He is determined to fight and find out. They involve in a master sward fight much to Bong Hwan’s drunken hallucinations. A roof tile is thrown to distract Byeong In, and the king is gone with the speed of the wind.

Byeong In sends his men to try and find the king, while carrying a drunken Bong Hwan back to the palace. Youngpyeong and Hong immediately feign an argument and both men engage in a big fight while repelling the guards away thus clearing the room. With the space cleared, they approach King Cheoljong about their worry if the king’s intuition is wrong, this could spell bad news for them all.

After taking the queen back, Byeong In reflects for a moment the past surrounding how So Yong disliked at being the queen, and how he kissed her holding her face promising not to forget her. He wonders what happened to the queen to be but it seems clear that she was not happy about the marriage. Kissing her cousin does not instill joy in her either.

In the morning, hungover Bong Hwan is determined to have a good meal. but none of the palace meals are doing it. So She decides to do the cooking herself, much to the dismay of the head chef. She cuts and cooks like a pro much to their amazement, and when she leaves after cooking it. the head chef tastes the meal. It is unlike anything he’s ever tasted.

After his meal, Cheoljong arrives and asks the Queen, weather she was drinking the night before. Not knowing what the king’s true intention, Bong Hwan burps in the most unceremonious way, which makes him to turn and walk awa.

Bong Hwan is obviously unaware of what happened between So Young and Byeong In before the lake incident. Byeong In shows back in the palace and asks outright whether she was threatened or not. He eventually mentions the previous night, and wonders that, and the lake incident are related. When he finds out that she has no memory of the incidents before that day, he looks disappointed. but he is determined to help keep her visit in town a secret.

Court lady Choi arrives at the shops to find the valuable item she was instructed to find thinking it was silk. Instead, she was given a telescope. She is not that complaining though because she is seeing bluff men through it.

The new found chef, Bong Hwan returns to the kitchen and competes with the head chef. Cooking the same dish in the set time. She manages to finish earlier and the royal food taster finds her dish more tasteier. Proud winner now puts herself in charge telling every one to follow her lead.

Cheoljong calls Bong Hwan in to his royal chamber and asks her day has been, wanting to find out who she has been talking to. After a brief conversation, the pair fall asleep but cheoljong keeps dreaming about Hwa Jin, which makes them to fist fight in bed and eventually cheoljong succumbs to the queen.

Bong Hwan tries to impress Hwa Jin the next day, but in vain. Her Archery skills are excellent and Bong Hwan tells her the arrangement she and the king are on. Then the queen heads to the kitchen finding that the Queen Dowager is not eating her food properly.

While the minister of war inspects the army, Youngpyeong and Hong head into the war counsel room and discuss what their next move should be. Their façade of being gamblers locked in a bickering feud seems to hold up for the present but clearly eyes are on them.

Overcome with joy with the special mission given to him by Hong, prince Yongpyeong finds the king contemplating what “No touch” means. Yeongpyeong thinks it may be from a Buddhist text. When the room is cleared, Youngpyeong hands over the special item as he learns from the king tonight is the night they’ll be putting their plan of no touching into action. But he is delayed by the Queen cooking for the Queen Dowager. Despite her doing this to test her culinary skills, the king is convinced that she is avoiding him.

The Queen is up all night in the kitchen cooking a special meel for the grand Queen Dowager, who happens to be suffering from a dental pain. She manages to serve the food in the morning. She marvels at the food saying it loos like a piece of embroidery. When she learns the food is cooked actually by the Queen, she heads back and thanks the Queen who promises to keep cooking for her if she fills the lake with water.

The only way to fill the lake now is by buckets. and the tired court ladies we see arguing with each other, one accusing the Queen for jumping in the lake herself. True or lie, we have to continue watching. .The king is seen testing his dagger throwing skills with a make shift, after Byeong In’s attack. Then he finds out that throwing daggers is not that easy.

Bong Hwan sits with the king and the king serves her strong tea. However, she remembers the smell as the smell of her attacker at the night. She looks at the king and was furious ” It was you wasn’t it”, and the king holds the dagger to strike if need comes. but the two squares off, making Bong Hwan wander what to do next.

Episode review.

This drama has well managed to maintain it’s comedic value up to this point. The queen cooking in the royal kitchen, shows shift of power. King is not a bad one. He is just. We see in an earlier episode, that him rescuing an infant putting his life in the line. I ha da good laugh in this episode too. hopefully it can maintain the fun element with the episodes to come.

Undoubtedly there is a strong shout of the history being made fun at especially with the sexual jokes this drama brings. the production team had to publicly apologize for making fun of the history. With another period drama airing at the same time hopefully this drama can maintain it’s original fun element. It’s a waste if we loose the fun element of this drama. At the beginning it clearly shows this does not relate to history in reality.

Please keep up with the good work. and let us enjoy.

Episode 2:

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