Mr. Queen Episode 9 Preview: Secret of the well reveled.

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The record breaking hilarious drama Mr. Queen is now airing in South Korea and in the whole world. A Man chef during an accident hits his head and his mind goes in to a queens body who lived in the Joseon era. Manly /womanly queen is slowly adjusting to being in the palace.

She is suddenly taken a back when the king kisses her. She wakes up to find herself lying with the king in the same room. She is apprehensive again, weather they did it or not. Directly speaking weather they made love or not.

Queen gradually develops affection towards the king in episode 9. The well, where the king went numb after spotting it, shows a little boy and a girl inside the well. Cheoljong and So young. Someone is closing the well. and another girl, probably Hwa Jin, says “I killed him because I let his secret out”.

The king and the queen goes on a secret outing and hears someone badmouthing the king. Queen is shown getting emotional and protecting the king saying it’s not like that. When asked “Who are you?” She tells them I am the leader of his fan club. The queen seems being protective of the king. What more madness is about to come, you must wait for the week end.

Make sure you watch the drama this week end and join the roller coaster with Mr. Queen. What do you think will happen? Please comment and join the conversation.

Mahesha Idddagoda

I am a passionate writer. I love Korean Drama, So I decided to blog about them. I love writing reviews.
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