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Goryeon era. Wang So / Gwangjong’s (Lee Joon Gi) clothing depicts the era’s Chinese influence to the max and with episode to episode, Wang So’s change is portrayed by his clothing. Artist masterpiece designing has no words to say. At the beginning episodes Wang So is portrayed by black wardrobe but even his black has a unique richness depicting Wang So’s Character. Gradually he is portrayed wearing sunny colors but rich in royalty. Mostly borders of Python is added to his clothing and also dragon. Python and dragon are symbols of Chinese royalty. He is wearing Han fashion clothing, that is, outer robe with loose sleeves and beautiful belt. Wang So’s clothing is a powerful tool with which to tell the story of his rise in the Goryeon palace. Weather clothing maketh a man or man maketh the clothing cannot say. Lee Joon Gi provides the justice the clothes needed and together they shine.

Episode 1

Wang So is described as a scary killer fourth prince who has been adopted to another family but wanting to stay in the main palace with his siblings. Few glimpse of him is given, but his outfit is dark and rich looking. Wang So’s black and grey robe and cloak with black and grey piping are stunning. More the person Lee Joon Gi provides justice to his demeaner scaring away all the brothers with his barbarian yet princely look with seriousness and steadiness. He wears a mask, to hide the scar on his face, and that is also exquisite. Wang So/Gwangjong, with his regal air and masculine strides, has done justice to his robes giving us the hint of his character.

Episode 2

Episode 2 shows the whole story of Wang So’s past. His wardrobe is shown murky but regal as stone imbedded outfit resembling him a prince at the adapted place coming out safe after he was put with the wolves, and he comes destroying them all, while the bystanders say “he is still alive”. It is hart felt painful experience of a person who has not received love. The wardrobe shows the story.

Quite contrasting to the previous, the below wardrobe with bluish grey tone and silver embroidered collar and silver piping at the inner and outer robes and the silver engraved hairpin and the glossy mask all show royalty and a man of few words and a strong character.

Sweet side of Wang So. He is not that hard hearted, when he was told to have a bath before the ceremony, he takes out his cloths and mask. When Su spotted his scar, he is ashamed, and he hides it with his hands although he tries to kill Su, his soft and vulnerable side is exposed.

As Wang So takes his position as the fourth prince at the dance, his wanting to be like his laughing happy younger brothers and the soft side of him is clearly shows with the color pink.

Because there is an assassination plot going on and the crown prince exchanges his clothing with Wang So and they change their positions, Wang So leads the dance with the crown princes regal red skirt and armor. In another man’s clothing still Wang So looks good. The collar shows Chinese influence.

Episode 3

When the prince fights the mute monks he looks in his stunning shiny copper-olive grey robes.

When Wang So confronts the king, his long robes with bell sleeve and the golden embroidered lining resembles Chinese influence. The mood is engraved in the robes.

Episode 4

Mood of episode 4 is depicted by Wang So’s wardrobe. He kills the mute monks and goes to his mother seeking her love for what he did to rescue her from blame, instead gets rejected by his mother. His clothing is of a notorious fearsome man everyone fears. But later he was accepted by the king to stay in the palace, because he saved the crown prince’s life. You can see the variation of clothing from homeless prince to the one who is in the palace.

Episode 5

Official Princely python robe with limited color pallet and a matching mask worn at a ceremony in the palace. Now Wang So is staying officially as a prince in the palace.

Casual princely three piece clothing, limited color pallet and the matching golden mask with the matching Hairpin. We see his clothing getting black, blue and lighter shades. Showing his transformation.

Episode 6

We see Soo’s marriage to the king and the rescue plus Lady hea’s funeral. Wang So is turning in to color little by little, but with limited color and gold masks. His cloths are done with nice piping borders and embossed material. They are longer and princely, Belle sleeve is definitely Chinese.

Episode 7

Eun’s birthday gift. Garden stroll, Unraveling the mask and secret of So’s martial arts. Watch the golden robes with the matching mask, and the character change with the pink outfits.

Episode 8

Rain Ceremony, Good bay to the scar. Note how his clothing changes to lighter colors. Interesting Goryeo Hanbok styles.

Rain does not fall for our wishes. What we can do is to hope for the rain to come soon.

Episode 9

Rain and Soo’s premonitions. Eun’s marriage. So’s happiness and unhappiness. So is more accepted to the royal palace now. He want’s to make soo his person, and Soo is now afraid of him. Not you too….! Wang So is disappointed.

Episode 10

Poisoning plot. So taking Su on a horse ride out of the palace claiming she is his and saving too people on one go. Will So and Su both be safe? Remarkable dragon outfit this time.

Episode 11

This three piece clothing with the hood and the gold borders is the most remarkable costume I feel. Black and white blending into neutral like yin and yang. Artist eye for detail is obvious. So is the one stepping up to save Su. Who loves better is obvious.

Episode 12

As a punishment for taking Soo’s side, King Sends Wang So on a mission to china on the promise that Hea Soo will be kept at Damivon palace. He comes back safe to find Hea Soo being transferred to be a water maid. King assumes him another travel, but he refuses telling “I kept my promise but you did not.” and he further states that he has no interest in being a king, but he will never loose those who are precious to him. Others see this statement as going against the king, but the king somehow is pleased to find that attitude in him telling the astrologer, ” I can die in peace now, because he will never loose”. His costumes are getting more colorful and sunnier to indicate that he is changing to a man with love, and the good person in him. Also the robe that Fourth Prince wears upon his departure for Later Jin and on his return from his mission there. It is the most flamboyant piece in his wardrobe. The voluminous robe, which is in different shades of grey, has loose sleeves and an oversized drape-collar with gold piping. The huge Chinese-influenced design of the drape-collar and other creative touches add drama to the magnificent robe. Showing his royalty.

Episode 13

King’s Death, buying time, Fighting among brothers: His wardrobe is colorful in this episode. The armor he wear is blue gold and silver in richness.

Episode 14

Stepping up uncle. Death of the second king, Yo’s Return and importance of honesty. Choice of the dead king or life of Soo. Feeling conveyed by the dress designer to the point by selecting light colored clothing. Wang So is a soft hearted worm person inside. That image is conveyed by this kind of robes. Rich in design yet bright and white with blue and silver also limited color pallet.

Episode 15

Yo returns, and starts his tyranny. So and Su are put to test. So is entangled to save Su and Beka only if he kills Eun. Will So be able to protect Eun? the mood is gloomy and sad. so are the clothing. How the artist used clothing to site the mood is really effective.

Episode 16

After Eun’s death So cannot forgive Su for not trusting him. He is bitter having not being able to save his brother. Every time he sees her he would remember Eun. His determination to be the king is also rising now, because he understands that he needs power to protect those he love. This is a distancing I think both in mind. and he will not be used by his older brother using Su as the bait. I think that is also an excuse for him to distance himself. What ever he resolves to forget Su, is not working on him. He visits the same spot again to meet Su, but tells her to keep the distance. and he has to save Su from a flying arrow sent by his brother. He and su are together again.

I like the light maroon, white and blue robes, at the seen where he saves su from a flying arrow.

Episode 17

Wang So/Gwangjong Comes to power without bloodshed. His coronation clothes are magnificent blue and gold Dragon engraved. His King’s wardrobe is black and gold Dragon engraved.

Episode 18

Hea Soo does not have much time to live according to the doctors. Every one is pressing the king to marry Yeonhwa or from powerful families. Jimong asks Soo to leave So on her own will unless So will not change his mind to marry her. So does not tell the problems he is facing about to Soo, but she knows. She asks So to go on a romantic outing with her. The clothes he wears for the outing is green and gold exquisitely rich robe, where he proposes marriage to Soo. To So’s disappointment Soo refuses. He is worried that she has overheard the rumors and asks her to forget them and be with him. Soo refuses to marry and So marries Yeonhwa, and leave the new bride to her own. According to So, Soo is his queen. Next day he exiles Jung to his mother’s relations. Kind of child like action when someone is not happy, taking it on someone else. Queen mother passes out without her too favored sons at her side. She only has to see the unwanted son. and Soo is being blamed for speaking up for Jung and not understanding him. This episode Soo decides to leave So, after Cheryong’s death.

Episode 19

“If I had not met him, I would not yearn for him. If I did not know him, I would not think of him so much. If we had not been together, I would not have to disappear. If I did not treasure him so much, I would not have so many memories. If I did not love him, we would not need to throw each other away. If we had not crossed paths, we would never have been together. Perhaps, if I had not met you at all…”

So leaves Wang So after Wook’s confession of having loved each other. Wang So deliberately want Soo to lie this time. But Soo says, “didn’t we agree not to lie to each other?” Wang So cries holding her wedding hanbok. Not much costume change for So this time. He wears Emperor’s clothing.

Episode 20

Soo says final farewells to wook and Beka before leaving. Jimong tells So why don’t you go say your farewell before it is too late? for the first time So says truthfully, “I did not leave her, She left me”. He visits Soo and Jung and spy on them. Without knowing Soo is not well and with his child. He misunderstands them as sleeping together in the same room and stops spying on them. and he does not open letters sent by soo because the cover is Jung’s hand writing. He does not know that Jung put Soo’s letter inside his letter covering, because Soo and So’s hand writing were identical. Soo writes letter after letter, but So misunderstanding does not open them. Soo dies without seeing So after giving birth to their daughter. Which Soo wants to keep a secret from So. because she does not want her daughter to grow up in a terrible place like the palace.

When So finds the news that Soo is gone. It is too late. He reads the letters. Then understands that She had always loved him and wanted to see him. Too late.

Some years later Yonghwa asks So to come to the birthday party and wish their Son. But So is not interested. He knows Yonhgwa is waiting for the time to take over the throne to her son. He is wearing the throne, Very much Korean style. Later So is seen standing at Soo’s memorial and finds the little girl running to him and making the same action Soo has done, Lo and be hold, Jung is running after right behind her and holds her tight half hiding her. “Why are you here? you are not supposed to come to the capital”? Jung excuses and says that he came to visit Soo’s memorial. Emperor So, looks suspiciously at the child, and recognizes the hairpin that he gave to Soo. “Hold on, leave the child here” to that, Jung kneels down and begs holding the child tightly saying that until Soo’s last moment, she worried about the child being raised in the palace. and says “Upon my dead body I will not leave the kid here” So grants Jung freedom to come to the capital and invites him to visit him when he is in the capital and walks away.

We are talking about So’s robes, this last scene, he is wearing darker toned colors always limited to one or two color tones. Always the robes are regal and dainty. May be the wearer makes them dainty. His dragon outer robe is also rich and dainty with black and gold. Normally a king or a monarch wears a limited color clothing. The artist, designing the clothing has done a good job. and Lee Joon Gi has empowered justice to the designer’s clothing.


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