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After seeing so many historical Korean dramas, I wanted to do a project in finding the beautiful hanbok fashions depicted in certain eras. Goryeo Dynasty women’s fashion is much detailed in Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart. I don’t know who the fashion designer is. but the attention to detail is breathtaking. Every piece is done with so much care. Princess fashions and queens fashions are gorgeous. Even the court ladies fashions are elegant and exquisite.

Hanbok has three elements, first jeogari or cloth, second is baji or pants, third is chima or skirt. Modern days hanbok is worn during festivals and celebrations. Modern day hanbok originated from Joseon dynasty. Goryeo is before Joseon I am not an expert in history though.

Hanbok has many kinds of wear according to cast and event.

Princess or a noble lady

Heysoo’s white under blouse covering top blouse with dainty flower pattern matches with her skirt. this is a noble lady dainty rich look with a slight modern touch.

Making a wish. Look at the dainty outer robe which is the specialty of this type of hanbok style.

Bride dress which does not match her at all. and a mourning dress white.

Princess or a queen

Noble lady

Maid or court lady

I like the green court lady dress below. with the dainty green skirt.

I will be back with another collection. Till then enjoy the hanbok with a modern touch.

Mahesha Idddagoda

I am a passionate writer. I love Korean Drama, So I decided to blog about them. I love writing reviews.

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