‘Mr. Queen’ Shin Hye-sun, Kim Jung-hyun, starrer is now airing

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Now Airing, tvN’s new Saturday drama “Mr Queen.” Played by Shin Hye-seon, Kim Jeong-hyun, Bae Jong-ok and Kim Tae-woo, melt the charm of a worldly novel character into the court’Insu Taguram’.

‘Mr Queen’ depicts a scandal that takes place between Kim So-Yong (played by Shin Hye-seon) and King Cheol-jong (played by Kim Jeong-hyun), a two-faced king, with Kim So-yong (played by Shin Hye-seon), who became a representative of South Korea through an accidental accident.

In the character poster released, Shin Hye-seon predicted a comical transformation as Kim So-yong of the Joseon Dynasty in the middle of the Joseon Dynasty where the spirit of the free-spirited Blue House Chef Jang Bong-hwan resides. The elegant appearance of the heavy war who lives under strict rules, and the bluffing pose of the ‘that world gnome’, which is not so, causes laughter.

The transformation of Kim Jeong-hyun, who was divided into two-faced king Cheoljong, is also interesting. Cheoljong is the king of scarecrows seemingly lax and easy, but he is a character with a sharp and solid inner side. Kim Jung-hyun is planning to give birth to ‘Kim Jeong-hyun’ Cheoljong with an acting that transcends charisma and power.

The character of Bae Jong-ok as Queen Sunwon and Kim Tae-woo, the younger brother of Queen Sunwon and the center of power, also attracts attention. Bae Jong-ok, who exudes a dignified aura, captures the force of the great king in power at a glance. Kim Tae-woo is radiating charisma with his ambitious eyes.

The production crew of ‘Mr. Queen’ said , “The unpredictable situations created by the free-spitited bluff man living in the modern world, living in the body of Jungjeon, living under strict rules will bring a quick laugh. Please watch the scandal of the soul runaway of Cheoljong, the ‘two faced king ‘who meets the change through the use of the heavy war.

‘Mr. Queen’ is now on air.

Source: https://www.news1.kr/articles/?4113737


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