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One of the main genres of Korean TV is historical epic, became popular and won many prizes. 2016 drama “Love in the moonlight”, also referred to as the Moonlight drawn by clouds in Korean terms. has a Shakespearian touch in it. Also witty, comedy plus sweet pure love. Based on a A fantasy novel “Moonlight drawn by clouds” which was written as a series online in 2013 and published as five separate books in 2015. I am not sure who the author is, this beautifully crafted, romantic 2016 South Korean historical drama series set in the 19th century Joseon era, and very loosely based on a real Prince who became King, a man who loved literature, art, music, and dancing, but who had a short reign because he died young at only twenty two years of age. He is said to have actively participated in politics and has brought some political reforms during his short life.

The story was focused on teenagers a pure teenage romance, but anyone young at hart can enjoy. If you hesitate to watch period dramas because they have sad endings and cruelty, this drama is a must see one for you. This is a happy story. What the characters had to face in their lives later is not included.

The series opens with our heroine, Hong Ra-on (played by Kim Yoo-jung), living dressed as a man for some strange reason even she is not sure of, and her mother has always made her live as a man.  She has multiple jobs to support herself, but remains drowning in debt.

Both hilarious and romantic situations cause Ra On to cross paths with the prince Lee young, the first son of King Sunjo (Kim Seung Soo) and heir to the throne. crown prince Hyo-myoung played by (Park Bo Gum) and thus the nobleman Kim Yoon Sung played by (Jung Jin Young) Young Sung immediately figures out that she could also be a lady, and helps her to escape from nasty creditors. The prince being a little bit astute, fails to recognize her gender. On the opposite, he too is in disguise as an ordinary noble. Ra On and the prince take far too long to figure out the truth. Ra On’s debts ends up her getting sold as an eunuch and from which she was shipped to the royal palace to work. a mix of fantastic luck, and helpful friends protect her from castration check. She befriends the prince (who remains hiding his identity from her) and his ally and personal guard Kim Byung-yeon (Kwak Dong Yeon).

The early episodes are fun and light. Ra-on is brazen in her attempts to flee the palace. She chuck food and drinks and jokes like a man. There is certainly some political set up going on that is the non romance part of the plot. The king is being manipulated by his corrupt advisers into being a paranoid, week ruler. What ever the chief advisor Kim tells him, he agrees.

Ra On becomes embroiled in a political power struggle with Queen Kim (Han Soo Yeon) and her father, Prime Minister Kim Hun (Chun Ho Jin), who somehow manage to keep King Sunjo in a perpetually weakened, hallucinogenic state, for cruel, secret motives of their own.

Prime Minister Kim is grooming his grandson, Kim Yoon Sung (Jinyoung), to take over the throne but that would put the young scholar in direct competition with his childhood friend, Lee Yeong, to become the next King. It is inevitable that court jealousies, rivalries, and outright battles will take place over the succession (a common plot device in these sageuk) and drive the two former friends apart.

Inevitably, both Yoon-sung and the prince Lee Young fall in love with Ra-on. However the cross dressing comedy part of the series is, that the prince Lee Young believing her to be a man and is genuinely confused by his feelings for her, makes those feelings obvious to everybody around him. Byung-yeon proves his friendly relationship with the prince and Ra-on by supporting this ontogenesis romance, Where everybody else expresses concern (or glee at the prospect that this might oust the prince).

At first, Yoon-sung seems like the better match. He is a painter and scholar, smart enough to sort out both who the new Eunuch Hong is and why she may be living in a man’s clothing. (how ever both of these do end up being more confounded than even Ra-on herself figures out). The prince is viewed as a tearaway by the castle seniors, continuously putting himself and his staff in danger by escaping the royal residence in camouflage.

But Ra-on rapidly goes from fun, sassy, chatty courageous woman to accommodating, calm, tormented soul who is requiring to be spared from something. The soundtrack switches to the same few K-op numbers at each key passionate minute. The sentimental storyline is unsurprising and hits all the recognizable beats, counting an undesirable organized marriage.

It is a beautiful fantasy story adjusting the chronicled political viewpoints and the sentiment as well. All the youngsters are excellent and the sets and outfits are done in detail, exceptional. wrapping up the plot is very nice. Although one character does not make it to the end, main character survives. can watch happily with everyone.

Both Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung brings life to the drama with their warm smiles and chemistry.

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