Kim Son Ho, Start-Up success and brand name synergy

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Start Up Kim Seon-ho, the general public attention has awakened and is hard to believe. He won the best Emotive Actor award at AAA awards Actor category. Actor Kim Seon-ho talked about the general public interest in him. In an Interview following the TVN drama Start-Up, he said “I’m spending endless happy days right now”

Kim Seon-ho said “I am quite not used to the attention I’m getting”, because of good work, I appear on TV a great deal more and therefore the public gets to see more of me. I can’t actually get the feel of attention I am receiving’ But I know Obviously that more people recognize me. It’s awkward, but I am grateful.” I also think that I made a good choice of becoming an actor. I am so happy lately that a lot of people stand by me and watch me grow. He added. 

Kim Seon-ho continued, “Many people around me tell me that I am doing well and even give me feedback on my work. Moon Se-yoonn from 1 night and 2 days jokingly says every now and then that he doesn’t want me to become famous.To Conclude, Kim Seon-ho said, “I am enjoying lately with people that are truly happy on behalf of me but I’m also trying to remain level-headed”.

Kim Son Ho’s “Start-Up” success proves the importance of brand name synergy.

Start Up isn’t much to seem at. The drama has consistently hovered on it’s 5% range. For its entire run. It’s neither improved nor weakened the profiles of its lead characters. Bae Zusy and Nam Joo Hyuk.

But their Co-Star, Kim Seon-ho, may be a different matter. Originally a stage actor, Kim Seon Ho made his debut with chief Kim, in 2017 with a supporting role as a philosopher turned accountant. His kind hearted character was successful with viewers. Kim Seon Ho had similar supporting roles in ‘Two cops’ and 100 days my prince.

His strong lead within the short drama “You drive me crazy” also convinced casting directors that Kim Seon Ho had the proper stuff to be a significant star. Nevertheless, Kim Seon-ho could never quite catch on together with his big debut in, “Catch the Ghost.”

Kim Seon Ho was in an awkward place though he had the proper face to be a big star. His best moments had always been during a group, instead of in his own right. Start-Up ended up being the right drama for the actor, ironically enough taking advantage of his past healed back success. Kim Seon-Ho’s image is that of a pleasant guy who may be a late comer, who didn’t start working on television until after his mandatory military service. 

His can do attitude was always an ideal fit the role of a person of experience within the cutthroat world of entrepreneurs, and a very appropriate fit for his younger co-stars, lacking his experience both in and out of the character. Kim Seon-ho has benefited quite a bit from the simulcasting variety shows 2  days and 1 night, in which he also stars. Simply by having the ability to observe both programs, fans grew to understand and were impressed by Kim Seon-ho’s surprising range. His undeniable work ethic has won appreciation from both co-Stars and crew. Despite being a difficult factor to quantify, Kim Seon-ho appears to have proven that attitude and synergy can take an individual far-but as long as they’re appropriately cast.


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