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This episode is all about getting back DoSan and Dal Mi and making their misunderstandings clear. JiPeyon hears about the ransomware attack and runs to see Dal Mi. He finds DalMi seated alone and brooding over what happened. She tells JiPayon how she feels humiliated, after all those things she said to DoSan, Why did he have to come and help her when she was all messed up and she cries. JiPayon hands her a tissue and comforts her. Dal Mi is seen holding DoSan’s coat. Obviously showing her feelings towards him has not changed. 

DoSan is on his way to get his coat back and JiPyayon confronts him at the elevator. DoSan asks him “Do I need your permission to see Dal Mi?” Ji Pyeon replies yes and in three years is more than enough to change relationships. DoSan leaves believing that Dal Mi and JiPeyon are in a relationship. JiPyeon feels bad and stupid, and he clls Dal Mi and tells what happened. Dal Mi tells him that’s fine, she doesn’t have the confidence to face DoSan just now and anyway he is leaving in a few days. DoSan tries to call Dal Mi and she does not answer.

Chul San and Sa Ha bump into each other several times and they go to a coffee shop. Chal San asks Sa Ha whether she would join them if they start a new company again, and he offers a good payment to her if she joins. Meanwhile boys discuss whether to go to Silicon Valley or opening their own company in South Korea. They decide upon a home run company in South Korea. They go on a photo shoot before starting the company and DoSan finds JiPayon’s photo in a magazine and expresses his dislike. 

InJae’s two programmers have left for Morning group and they hear that the Morning grupe is going to launch a self-driving car and they already have a temporary permit. InJae confronts Dal Mi and tells her to recruit DoSan and the team. Dal Mi refuses telling how embarrassing it is for her. But InJae is adamant, She tells DalMi either you recruit them or you lose your job, knowing very well DalMi’s capabilities. She swallows her pride and visits DoSan’s company.

Dal Mi finds DoSan’s building full of investors. They have not decided a company name yet, and the investors have come to invest because of their fame. Dal Mi rings DoSan, but he does not answer her phone. Dal Mi finally barges in and requests a meeting with him in private. The two have a lot of past damages and scars to brush aside. 

DoSan uses the same words said by DalMi when they parted three years ago and also tells her he is not the one Dal Mi loves and he does not want to get confused anymore. He tells Dal Mi that he does not want to see her ever again. This hurt Dal Mi to the core. Now she understands how DoSan must have felt right then. She apologises and leaves. Obviously DoSan must have regretted afterwards. 

In the car park Dal Mi meets JiPayon, and he approves it is for the best that they did not get back together. We see DoSan riding a bicycle to forget Dal Mi. but it is no good. He cannot forget her. Meanwhile Dal Mi visits Dosan’s home to return his coat, and also hoping to meet him there. She is not giving up. His parents tell her where he is and Dal Mi follows on foot. She meets up with him telling she wants to talk to him. 

It took DoSan five hours to arrive there on bike, and he thinks how hard it would have been for her seeing her bruises. She tells him it wasn’t easy for her either. She suggest that they should talk. Dal Mi lays down her pride aside and hopes DoSan would do the same. Two discuss over a campfire, and DoSan asks her why she named her self driving car “Tarzen”? She replies that she remembered a story told by him three years ago and that’s why she named the car like that. DoSan tells her that he has been working on a self driving system because the company has asked him. Dal Mi falls asleep tired from the journey. DoSan realises that how hard he tries to push her away, he cannot. He tells her how fascinated he was with her idea of the self driving system, while tucking her hair behind her ears while she is sleeping. Meanwhile DoSan Reads her business plan and his eyes show that he is interested.

Meanwhile Yong San seeks advice from Sun Hak. She l explains to him by showing all the business cards Yong San has, none of them knows your company and what you are doing exactly. If you are taking a wrong turn, they will not be able to advise you. And she further says they are more likely to take their investment back if they did not do well. She advises him to throw all those cards away and look around from the companies that he already knows yong San seems to have matured over the three years and he understands. 

He meets JiPayon and requests advice. Saying that he no longer blames Ji Payon about his brother’s death. And he says he wanted to put the blame on someone at that time. Ji Payon also apologises for his harsh words. Yong San says, this time he needs an honest direct answer to their problem. Ji Payon tells YongSan if they wanted to work under someone, they can work as developers, or if they really did not want to work under someone and wanted a company of their own although he personally disliked the idea, it is better to join with Dal Mi and In Jae.

In Jae bumps over her grandmother, now gone blind. She offers her a seat and she understands what family she really belongs to. She files an annulment of adoption. It is a good thing that the family is getting back together.

Meanwhile DoSan is shown giving a piggyback to Dal Mi, and she has forgotten her business plan, and insists on going back. DoSan says it is safe with him. He offers Dal Mi that he will invest his money and buy shares of the company. That way he can join the team with his mates. This shows us that their relationship is going to continue.

At the end of the episode we see their test driving the Tarzen, Dal Mi at drivers seat and DoSan at the front seat with his laptop getting ready to drive the car. Indicates that the boys have joined the company.

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