Start Up episode 13 Review and Recap

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We saw in episode twelve, Dal Mi joining In Jae company as strategic planning manager. Noongil continued to expand even after the acquisition. The new update can Identify different pills. After gaining the largest profit, In Jae makes the business development unit as a separate company. Dal Mi became the CEO of the new company.

2STO’s Noon Gill was acquired by the world’s top private foundation, and has promised ongoing support and continued investment in its ROI. Morning group was restructured too. They moved to a new building and started hiring new engineers.

Ji Peyon became 2Sto’s head. The 2STO team has been recognised for its contribution to the Silicon Valley project. His contract was for three years. Ji Peyon was seen as thinking DoSan won’t come back. Chul San has started his Video Channel. DoSan appears in it sometimes. Dal Mi looks sad when watching him. 

Meanwhile Ji Pyeon overhears a conversation about Dal Mi preferring men with larger hands. He observes compared to the person who said that, his palm is bigger, and feels happy. He plays cards with Dal Mi’s family on weekends.

Meanwhile the boys are getting towards the end of their three years. They were given a long vacation, and DoSan who has never been back to Korea on vacation before, decides to go this time. 

Dal Mi spots the two of their engineers in front of Morning grupe, when she questions, they deny. Meanwhile Dal Mi and InJae are preparing to launch their self-driving car. 

Chul San meets up with Sa Ha again. Do San goes to see Dal Mi, on the way he confronts Ji Peyon who shows him the ring he bought as a present to Dal Mi. DoSan leaves thinking their relationship is over. Ji Peyon goes to see Dal Mi and finds out that Dal Mi has just left. Dal Mi on her way senses Dosan, and runs after and misses him, while accidentally the man she grabs hand thinking Dosan,  spills his coffee on her blouse.  Meanwhile Dalmi is confronted with a ransomware problem.  Devastated Dal Mi Calls Sa Ha for help thinking she might know how to find people to fix the computers back again. 

Dal Mi was totally taken aback when she  got a call from DoSan. He comes with the other two to fix the ransomware problem. He blames the two twins for not taking backups. Twins leave the company. Do San and the team fix the problem. They find the ransomware was similar to what happened in an earlier date and find the twins responsible for the action.


This episode is a bridge to the three years past and present. Still Dal Mi has not settled. End of the episode shows that Dal Mi’s feelings for DoSan have not changed. She sense him passing by. That is enough to tell the viewer that she thinks of DoSan even now, and the liking for men with bigger palms is also telling that she thinks of DoSan. 

The three years have given in the drama for the two sisters to get along. InJae plays the elder sister role, yet she understands Dal Mi’s capabilities. InJae owns more shares, but Dal Mi is also successful on her own. Two have different views but put together they are stronger. They are both hard working dedicated individuals. 

The viewer has more positive feelings towards InJae now. DoSan has not contacted Dal Mi, showing that his hurtful feelings have not left. But him visiting her means his feelings towards her have not changed. When I think of it, all these three years why has not Ji Payon ever given Dal Mi a ring as a present. Why of all times is he giving the ring now? A bit Ironic.

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