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Having won two awards at the Asia Artist Awards, Lee Joon Gi gave a heart warming speech. He is happy and will continue to produce good acting for his fans to be happy. A day or two earlier at an interview with Allure, he was asked the question of marriage. He replied he is not ready yet.

He Said at the pictorial and Interview, that he may never marry sometimes. If the right partner comes, he might consider marriage. He said that with the warmth of the family life in the Flower of Evil, he was thinking about marriage lately, but who knows.

Interviewer: I Saw Flower of Evil for the first time on TV. Well, you were hanging from an apartment. Lee Joon Gi’s Reply was: “I wonder if that person is doing that again, right? When I start shooting, my body is not mine. The scene was taken by hanging from an actual apartment, indoors, and an outdoor set, divided into three parts.”

It was an interesting work for the viewer, but how was it for the actor? I did a really interesting drama in a short time. I know that every piece can’t be satisfactory, but it has achieved my intended purpose.

What do you mean by the intended purpose? his reply was, A work that maintains concentration until the end and keeps viewers curious. My goal is always to do good work that can convince viewers and give meaning. Several elements are condensed to create a single result, but it cannot always be perfect. Sometimes it ends up unfortunately because the concentration is distracted, but this work went to the end because the sum between the director, actors and productions was so good. Thanks to this, I was able to focus on acting comfortably.” Lee also added that at first when he was offered the script, he thought it was too difficult.

How were you convinced? “He is a director famous for being very good at directing. I thought it was a bit insufficient to express the depth of the character, because I have no experience of a family of my own. The director also had doubts about me at first, but after seeing all my previous work, he was confident that we could show a new Lee Joon Gi. Obviously this work was unique and difficult, but he said it would be a special work that we could leave something for each other.” Lee said, It Just happened.

Actually, this interview pictorial has been talking since the August issue. You said the filming has been late? Our goal was to end our drama in mid-August at the latest. Corona, rainy season, typhoon, and it took 7 months until September. I am fortunate to have finished well in the midst of various hardships. Perhaps that’s why the sum of the actors were good. Especially Moon Chae Won, who played the role of the wife and So Hyun-woo, who plays the role of Kim Moo Jin, Said Lee.

“Hhunwoo made a big contribution to creating the character of Do Hyunsoo. It is important for the actor to be immersed in the character, but as a result, each actor’s reaction must be supported by each actor. He did so well in the beginning, I should have looked like I was really a psychopath. Hyunwoo gave me a good reaction, so it was a great help to catch the character in the beginning. I had a lot of restrictions on expressing the character because I was supposed to be insensitive to expression.”

Do Hyun Soo is a person who has no emotions. But actually he has emotions. How did you approach this situation? “I started acting without knowing when a character named Do Hyun-soo would feel that kind of feeling. When will it open? I also waited every time. I kept imagining the warriors while waiting. Even a little bit of greed can destroy the balance of the character, and due to the nature of the drama shooting, I didn’t shoot in chronological order, so I took a little more care to keep my concentration on the character”

What was the most exciting scene? “Ji-won is at the center where emotions open and explode.”  After receiving the script, I thought about a month. Should I cry desperately or hang on with a long breath? When I first felt an emotion that Hyun-su had never felt in his life, I felt like I was crying like a newborn child. When the viewers who saw the scene were agitated and sad together, they formed a consensus with the viewers, and when they persuaded them, it was really exciting..

When questioned about the bodily” sufferings and emotion he has to undergo even if he played the part of a prince? lee replied to him “It is now lke an addiction ha ha…. when people personify blood, sweat, and tears, they say that it is Lee Jun Gi. That title is good. The part where others can take a little rest, I still have a desire to do when I am full of passion physically and mentally“.

When questioned, doesn’t it heart using the body? Lee replied laughing, “I am not sick yet. The body is controlled by the mind. Reporter, I am in my 20s. can do! Start now! Start over! I have to keep doing it.

The actor mentioned that he wanted to do different roles, without sticking to duplicate types of the same kind of acting. He said that he has been doing at least one project per year so far, and added “ but last year I did not do any projects and took a break. I was scared and burdened with having to show a new look. Works that can save my organs can be like self-replication. Some people say that it is important to stay constant. As I kept thinking about it, a year had passed. These days, the production period is long, so if you don’t choose it quickly, the work will pass.” The actor said, “ Even now, he is working hard to choose a project, he said, “but I haven’t decided yet.”

Nevertheless it is said that learning is a carrier of choice. What role are you waiting for now? Lee said,” As I enjoyed Suspense Melo’, I would like to go for a Melo. I want to show you a more comfortable and warm piece of pretty love, even when I am this bit younger”  He also said that, Previously, he wanted to surprise viewers even if his bones were broken and flesh was torn. “Now I like to gradually relax. As my career grows and I get older, I think I have a longing for a little more naturalness”

Except for the military, last year was the longest break since debut. What time do you think has passed? Actor said, during his break, he had worked hard and won a Jiu-Jitsu belt. He said winning the belt  was his achievement last year. Taking a break from normal work gives him motivation and inner expansion. Lee continued,  “While working, I thought I was too afraid. As I gain more experience, I get more and more apprehensive. I keep hesitating. I think those things were all useless. I don’t want to do that anymore.”

It was mentioned to Lee Joon Gi that lot of people have been staying home this year and some have been re watching old dramas. He was asked which drama he’d recommend from his own filmography. he replied.I never did anything half-heartedly. I hope you’ll watch ‘Time Between Dog and Wolf.’ ‘Scarlet Heart: Goryeo’ is also good. It’s been popular for four years now, and it has a lot of overseas fans too. When my co-stars do well, it becomes a hot topic again.

The interviewer commented that all the princes from the drama are outstanding, and Lee Joon Gi replied that the cast included Nam Joo Hyuk, EXO’s Baekhyun, and Kang Ha Neul. “The fans really want a second season, but that casting couldn’t happen now,” he said with a laugh. “Personally, the drama widened my fanbase. Even elementary school students like it. There were also a lot of people who said that they watched ‘Flower of Evil’ and then started watching ‘Scarlet Heart: Goryeo.” He joked, “Am I boasting too much?

There are a lot of people who see <Flower of Evil> and run for <Lovers of the Moon>. Are you too proud? Lee said that he was told it’s a good thing for actors to be proud of their work. “I really like my projects. There are reaction videos for my works on YouTube too.” He shared with a laugh, “When I have a drink during the evening, I’ll watch those and cry along with the people in the video.”

The interviewer laughed and asked if he still dances when he drinks. “Lately, I sing rather than dance,” Lee Joon Gi replied. “I like Kim Kwang Seok’s music. I have five wireless microphones at home. In terms of new songs, I like BTS‘s music but it’s hard to sing along. I just keep singing ‘Blood Sweat & Tears.’ It seems like my own song now.”

Lee Joon Gi is known for his passion and hard work, and the interviewer asked if his motto is still “blood, sweat, and tears.” He replied, “That’s right. It does mean that I do things intensely, but it also means that I give everything I’ve got to whatever I do. It would be impossible to have zero regrets, but that’s how I manage to have the fewest regrets possible.”

Source: AllureKorea.com, Soompi.com

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