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In the time of transition from sword and arrow to guns, Park Yoon-Kang Played by Lee Joon-Gi is the son of the king’s most trusted and faithful master swordsman in the Joseon dynasty. His father gets killed during a mission against guns, where swards can no longer stand the guns.

His father’s opponents pressure the king to name the dead as a traitor. Being unjustly tarnished his name and his sister taken as a slave, he has to run away to escape death. In Korea, if a parent was named a traitor, his wife and daughters are taken as slaves and sons will be beheaded. He miraculously survives. and comes back to Joseon to find his sister, clear his name and take revenge. This time he is not the young youth who ran away. He is a thousand times better gunman, businessman and a detective on his own and is audacious enough to talk back to the king.

Lee Joon-Gi shows his talent in all aspects of this drama. He plays many roles and a master of each role plus his famous kicks. I must say he is an actor with a thousand faces. 


I started to watch the drama because it is a lee Joon Gi starer, true to the core, his charisma worked. I will start from the positive first. 

Posters were so beautifully done, anyone would be attracted by them. 

In this drama Lee Joon Gi speaks Japanese fluently on many occasions. That is something I praise him for.

Cinematography was beautifully done. Lighting effects were excellent, in the first episode, with the rain falling and the army with the lighting of the raindrops were very nice. Action scenes were done to the perfection to my understanding, they have taken the running men in correct angles. Music with each scene was well done keeping the viewer glued to the screen.

Both the protagonists and antagonist were equally important and played the main part in the drama for the viewer to equally enjoy both sides giving life to the drama. Wan Shin and his daughter played a fascinating part in the drama although they were the antagonists. If Wan Shin pours mud, his daughter would bring some sunlight. Sometimes we pity Wan Shin for the path he has chosen and what led him to choose that path.  

Drama and mystery plus entertainment surrounds the scenes with Hasegawa Hanjo again played by Lee Joon Gi. How he tries to avoid his love, Soo In played by (Nam Sang Mi) and his sister Yoon Ha Played by (Kim Hyun Soo). Hanjo is a completely different person from yoon Kang. He must not reveal himself until the mission is complete. To live a normal happy life with his sister and his love, he has to clear his name. I like the part of Hanjo the businessman. 

It’s hard to uproot the old school, but the new school has to rise up slowly, uprooting one by one. The corrupt system is very difficult to change. We get to see even women like Soo In keep experimenting new things and studying all in secret and in fear of being caught shows the people wanting new reforms, wanting knowledge, wanting to study.

Our antagonist Wan Shin has many chances to kill Yoon Kan, but he doesn’t. Ofcourse, if Yoon Kan dies the whole show ends. And also Yoon Kan has many chances to kill Wan Shin, but he does not kill anyone. Only one he kills is the minister. The writer seems to want to keep our hero in a good standing that may be the case. Yoon Kan was put in danger many times to keep the viewer in suspense, but he comes out unscathed somehow.

My disappointment is that the drama has taken all political stands. No romance is given a chance. The ending of the drama is not to my satisfaction. It is not a sad ending, so I am thankful for that. 


The realization Yoon Kan comes at the end is the gist of the drama. You cannot gain anything by serving the king. That he understands from his childhood. You have to abandon the king or rebel leader whoever. They are only working for themselves, If you want to serve the country’s interest, you have to be a powerful free man. 

Interesting drama full of thrills. I recommend you to watch the drama

Rating: 8/10

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