Start-Up K-Drama episode 12 Recap and Review Nam Joo Hyuk and Suzy break up to follow their own dreams

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Beginning of episode shows as the ending of episode 11, Ji Pyeong giving the bad news that Do San and Dal Mi are signing an acquisition contract that will disband the Samsan Tech team. Ji Pyeong runs to warn them but he is too late. The deal is done. They’ve signed the company to Alex and already shaken hands. Their dreams turned upside down.

At home, Dal Mi is shown packing her bags cheerfully preparing for the trip to the US. Dosan is also getting ready for the trip. He asks his mother how to notice romantic signals from Dal Mi, showing he has completely hopelessly fallen for her.

At home Dal Mi confronts the problem, how she is going to give medicine to her grandmother, now she won’t be able to see the pills. She calls Dosan and suggests whether he can develop the app to identify pills.

Next morning Do San is outside Dal Mi’s home and they start to talk about his birthday. Do San feels happy now the incident about letters are forgotten and the things are going well for them.

They visit the coffee shop before starting and spot Sa Ha buying a coffee for Chul San. She pretends not to buy for Do San, he then takes the coffee out of Sa Ha’s hands saying it is nice to feel taken from someone. She is concerned that both of them have not heard about the aftermath from yesterday’s 2STO deel. 

Dal Mi catches up with her sister In Jae and brags about the acquisition. In Jae warns her sister but Dal Mi thinks she is jealous. In Jae tells her that she will be able to see In Jae’s prediction sooner than later. She sounds sincere. And she seems to pity her sister Dal Mi.

At the office, Do San and Dal Mi learn the truth about what happened. Alex only needs the three Engineers Do San, Chul San and Yong San. Dal Mi and Sa Ha are dismissed. Even Though Do San bursts out it is a fraud, he is the one who signed it and he has no ground to stand on. What is worse is, now Noon Gil service is going to be disbanded. 2STO is not interested in Noon Gil.

Dosan says that he is going to cancel the contract. But Alex explains if he cancels the contract they will have to pay back twice the amount of investment, six billion Won. Oops! That is not an amount they can afford.

Angry Young San tells the team that he didn’t reveal anything to the team because Ji Pyeong is the cause of his brother’s death, by driving the inverssterss away. He didn’t want the same thing to happen to them again.

Ji Pyeon explains simply about his role in the matter of driving the investors away, because he did not want the investors getting involved being hurt. Throwing questions that are harsh truth is his business.  

Contract is sent, there is no reversal now. Ji Pyeong tells Samsan Tech that they accept the terms. They’ve signed the contract on their own without reading properly, they have to accept the consequences. Everyone is flaring up. Ji Pyeong leaves followed by Do San. 

Outside, Ji Pyeong and Do San get into a fist fight until they are exhausted and wounded. While they are all lying flat on the ground, Ji Peyon tells Do San, the terms of the contract are not bad. Do San letting aside his pride asks Ji peyon to help him, and he tells that he developed the app because Dal Mi’s grandmother is going blind and she has asked him not to tell Ji Pyeong. 

Thunderstruck Ji Pyeong hurries to see Won Deok and spots her using the app. He cries hugging her and tells her that he is not a good boy. He says that he is a blunt speaking idiot.

On his way out Ji Pyeong runs into Dal Mi and apologises for his reactions earlier. They go to a noodle outlet and discuss the matter. Ji Pyeong tells her that the contract is legally valid. Dal Mi asks what they can do now. Ji Pyeong’s reply was if you can’t beat the enemy, join them. Meaning they have no option than joining 2STO and try to change their fortunes from inside.

Chal San discusses with Sa Ha about filing a lawsuit. She tells him it will take years. Meanwhile Dal Mi and Do San meetup on his birthday. Since there is no one at the office, Dal Mi decides to take Do San to places they could enjoy sight seeing and eating. Kind of a date. Do San has no ears for what Dal Mi is saying. He is engrossed in the possibility of filing a lawsuit. Their conversation goes neither of them coming to the same topic. 

Dal Mi instead of the lawsuit, asks Do San about his past. She tells Do San, that there are only one in a million with Do San’s abilities and Alex has found that one in a million guys. She tells Do San to go to Silicon Valley and work there for three years. Which he doesn’t agree with. Dal Mi tells him not to give up this once in a lifetime opportunity even though there may be some casualties. Do San is upset and walks away. 

To make Do San go finally Dal Mi tells him that he is not the Do San in her letters. She feels humiliated that he was chosen and not her and she breaks up with him telling him to follow his dreams. Deeply hurt, Do San asks Dal Mi, “you planned the whole day to tell me this didn’t you”? She, without looking at him, says yes. He leaves heart and Dal Mi cries out until she is exhausted. 

Back at their Samsan Tech office, Do San meets Yong San, who refuse to give in to predictions of Ji Pyeong. He wants to prove to Ji Pyeong one day that all start up companies don’t fail.

Sa Ha says goodbye to everyone with their sandbox dreams over. Dal Mi happens to be in the main entrance, looking at the girl on the swing. San Hak, seeing Dal Mi, tells about her memory of Dal Mi’s father and gives her some advice. Dal Mi Looks for positions of management online to put her expertise in to use and she finds In Jae company recruiting strategic planning managers.

She confidently goes and joins In Jae’s company putting into action “If you can’t beat them, join them”.

At 2STO, Alex greets Do San and Ji Pyeong, as the future of Noon Gil, Alex is not sure. There is a hint that Do San will continue to develop the app. 

As Dal Mi hands over her application to In Jae, the boys are shown on board an Aircraft heading to Silicon Valley. Do San is seeng with his laptop developing the app to recognise pills while on Aircraft. 

During the epilogue, it is shown after Do San and Dal Mi’s break up, Do San carrying the baseball “Follow your dreams”, and walking in the rain getting soaked with the collapsing sky to have Dal Mi’s experience.

The Episode Review

When signing any contract, buying a house, Job agreement, business agreement whatever the contract is, I make sure to read every detail in it no matter how long it takes me to read it. Once a building company tried to get my signature to a blank sheet of paper. Very dangerous. You can be handing over all your assets to someone just by trusting them.

This episode we get to know that Sa Ha is a lawyer. Even she fails to understand the contract means utter negligence. Everyone in the company is emotional wrecks and acts like they are kids. Only Dal Mi and Ji Pyeong are sensible people. I am not blaming the actors, the storyline developer has made them as that. They had this kind of experience with Morning grupe before. Once fallen into the trap on the daylight, why fall at night too?

Nam Do San is an unfortunate character even though he is a genius. From the beginning we see him wanting to start his own business but lacks management skills. Same goes with his two friends. Now for Dal Mi, he wants to give up everything. Finally Dal Mi has to break up with him to make him go. They could have parted on more friendly grounds if not Do San being too impractical.

I don’t know whether this drama is going to unite any of the characters in a relationship. Dal Mi might end up not having any of the two men. She was given plenty of opportunity to unite with Ji Pyeong than Do San, but she doesn’t. Hopefully the two sisters might be united. Let’s hope.

Full review is coming soon. Please feel free to leave a comment.

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