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In the preview to ep 11 we see dal mi wondering who is actually the one inside her heart. Meanwhile she is also putting her personal feelings aside and making herself busey in preparing for the presentation on Demo day.

Episode 11 starts with Alex being propositioned by Shin Hyeon and Shin Jeong for joining 2STO, which means they are willing to leave In Jae Company. Meanwhile Do San confronts him moments later telling him that he will agree on Alexe’s proposal only on one condition, that is, If they fail the demo, as a plan B the whole team joins 2STO. Alex gives a may be ok may be we will see in Demo day. type answer. 

Meanwhile, Yong San grabs JiPyon by the throat and tells him with tears that he hopes at least JiPyon will remember his brother, and walks away. 

Yong San’s accusation of that he killed Dong Su goes into JiPyon’s heart and he does some research on 2011 incident before he left Korea, and finds out after seang Dong Su’s face JiPyon remembers on the Demo day him questioning Dong Su about the feasibility of the product and even accusing him that it is a fraud. That day the heartbroken Dong Su committed subside. 

Finally  at the demo event In Jae offers Dal Mi some Anxiety pills which she refuses. Dal Mi is confident. 

Samsan tech meets up again and Do Sun Talks them into the plan B 2STO with Alex buying Samsan tech. Chul San and Sa Ha Take Do San and Dal Mi to give advice respectively. Chul San warns Do San what if Dal Mi choses JiPyon, and their relationship breaks up? Do San says he will go with wha Dal Mi decides, he does not want to put her in confusion again. And he does not want to agree to JiPyon’s plan B either.Yong San also does not want to go with plan B with JiPyon because of pure hatred. 

Sa Ha asks Dal Mi, between Do San and JiPyon, who will she choose? Dal Mi is not sure. And she also does not seem to want to go with plan B. She is confident that she will win no matter what. Securing and investment now purly is on Dal Mi’s hands and her one performance.

It seems like Chul San and Sa Ha are the only people who will be ok with plan B.

JiPyon is deep in  thought about the incident of suicide blaming himself and does not make it to the Demo day.

In Jae explains their human recognition security system working 24/7 better than the human eye. She further explains its effectiveness and accuracy level is high. Samsan starts to worry. But Do San is positive that he can make the accuracy better. 

Suddenly a familiar voice, On Hee stands up and starts to speak. They try to manhandle him, but later let him question In Jae. Seong-Hwan then blames her because of their innovation, human labour reduction will affect many of their jobs. He asks her to justify.

In Jae ignores the financial aspect and human implications, and starts reasoning on the technological advancement with the years and shows Seong-Hwan that his son is doing the same in the technology side. 

Seong-Hwan’s passionate speech about people like him also need to live in this world while his son can march into the future, he needs to protect his present, brings tears to Do Sun, then he hugs Do San ensuring that no matter what their differences are, they still are family. 

In Jae does not need funding from her step father. She is looking for a global partner to invest in her company. 

Meanwhile, Sa Ha is suggesting tweaking the numbers to show better accuracy, But Do San suggests they’d stick on to the real numbers.

It is time for Dal Mi to show on stage. She seems to have got some nourishment from Seong Hwan’s speech. She is standing up for people who cannot adapt to changes. She brings up the human side of their app. Noon Gil

Problem is their market is small. But she wishes to make it available to the global market,

What Alex wants to know is the accuracy rate. Dal Mi tells the real accuracy rate, which is a little bit lower than In Jae company. But Do San explains why. And he can improve the accuracy rate.

Another hackathon between In Jae company and Samsan Tech. This time Samsan Tech wins the fifty million won investment. 

All this time it was JiPyon’s strict guidance that helped them to win, Ji Pyon doesn’t feel like celebrating. He is filled with guilt of Dong Su’s case, even though San Huk explains to him it is natural for investors to ask strict questions and he did the right thing, JiPyon doesn’t seem to get it. He feels guilty for always telling samsan Tech that they would not make it and always criticizing them. 

Happy Dal Mi goes home and finds her mother has come to stay. Dal Mi is not that happy, but after listening to her grandmother that her mother has been having a hard life with her husband, she agrees, but not whole heartedly.

Dosan hears his parents talking about Dal Mi as a very competent CEO. He asks his father to teach him how to win her heart.

JiPyon takes a sick leave to overcome his guilt and unhappy feeling. Seeing he is not at work, Dal Mi calls him. Over the conversation, she tells him without his nit picking, they would not have come this far and thanks him. Because he sounded not well. She leaves some porridge at his doorstep. 

Meanwhile Alex is quick enough to sign the deel of three billion Won and hands over the papers for them to read through. Dal Mi asks whether they can offer Noon Gill service, of course replies Alex,

Now the team is considering Dosan’s question. What will happen to Samsan Tech. Name. probably it is going to be part of 2STO.

Do San takes Dal Mi to show his real office where he started his business to freshen up their relationship. They find Chul San and Sa Ha already inside the closed doors. They don’t believe when Cul San says nothing happened. Later on Yong San also shows up with drinks. They have a good bay party at Samsan Tech.

Meanwhile Dal Mi suggests a self driving car, and all are interested.

JiPyon arrives at his office the next day and finds out that Samsan Tech is signing an acquisition contract. He is too late. Dal Mi and Do San are about to sign the contract. He tries to stop them from signing the contract by calling, but Yong San grabs the phone and stops him calling. And blames him for stopping everything and hindering their path. Reminding his brother, he asks is this what you did to my brother. 

Ji Pyon explains as soon as the contract is signed your team will be disbanded and they only want the engineers. Not the company. Their Noon Gill service is at jeopardy. What 2STO wants is their accurate object recognition technology than Noon Gill service. 


Beginning episodes were really good in this drama. What I cannot see is this love triangle which is shown more than the business side of the Start Up, is really boring. Somehow the director gives a little bit of umh by showing the ink on the face scene. 

We don’t know whether love is a bull curve sometimes in this drama. Romance is kept at bay by keeping the main players apart most of the time. 

Ji Pyon being in an emotional situation and not coming to the Demo is a way the writer takes to get Samsan Tech under Alex’s wing. Dal Mi being an excellent leader turns into a careless idiot by not consulting a reliable person before she decides to sign the contract. Everyone’s life depended on her. Except for her brilliant project proposal, all she does is Idling with others. That is not the Dal Me we saw previously, even JiPyon is sick,  previous Dal Mi would seek out his opinion. Especially before signing a contract in English. It is obvious that the contract was written in English because the other two foreigners were present.

When I think of this Start Up company, a business should always have an Accountant and a Lawyer to sort legal matters. What really is Sa Ha’s role? It bugs me.

JiPyon even though he is blunt would never do anything to disband the company. While Alex hides his true colours until they sign the contract. Members prevent JiPyon calling Dal Mi, thinking he is being a spoilsport. Suddenly bringing up the suicide case and revenge of Yong San is abserd. Maybe that is the way the writer wanted to create a rift between JiPyon and the company. 

However it is natural to think that JiPyon’s extended hand for plan B was in favour of Dal Mi. No wonder Dal Mi also not wanting JiPyon’s plan B funding, because she wanted to prove herself. What I am thinking is, How In Jae company got funding. They should have shown more about it in the drama. Two of them are already prepared to go to the US. The team did not matter to them.

Maybe episode twelve will bring a further update where the story is heading to. I am looking forward to watching ep twelve.

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