Moon Chae Won Describes Her Experience Filming tvN’s popular drama “Flower Of Evil,” Working With Lee Joon Gi, And More

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After finishing the tvN’s popular drama “Flower of Evil” Moon Chae Won spoke about her experience working on the show. She said that She put her heart into this project more than any other work. She was fond of the project so she did her best to portray the role of Cha Ji Won and her emotions as truthfully as possible. Because of that it was an exhausting and difficult process. She did her best and was satisfied because the end result was rewarding. 

She said She was grateful to all the cast and crew. In the drama, Moon Chae Won performed the role of Cha Ji Won, who was determined to find out the real identity of the husband she’d loved for 14 years, played by Lee Joon Gi. The actress was asked to describe her character and share how she prepared for the role.

She said that Ji Won is someone who’s the same inside and out. She’s honest about her emotions and she’s very aware about how precious people are. The actress said when she was preparing for the role, She tried to become someone like Cha Ji Won. While she was acting, she put an emphasis on trying to portray how sincere she was.

She said when director Kim Chul Kyu hugged her after the end of filming, she felt bittersweet so she cried.

The drama came to a successful conclusion, recording its highest ratings in the finale. When asked if she felt the great response from viewers to the drama and her character, she said that she has seen through comments and real time reactions that a lot of people were loving the drama. She said that she was touched even more when she saw fans’ support posts after posts about their thoughts. She said that she was really grateful for the support of her fans. That has given her so much strength.

When asked if it was hard to portray the many changing emotions of her character, Moon Chae Won replied with a laugh, that she had expected since the planning stages that it would be difficult, since it was said that Ji Won would ‘go through a constant change of emotion.’ However, once she was actually acting, it was more difficult and exhausting than she’d imagined. That’s because Ji Won’s changes in emotion were more dynamic and she had to put a lot of thought into how to convey that in a convincing way to the viewers. I was glad that all that hard work had created good scenes.

The interviewer pointed out that Moon Chae Won was often seen in behind-the-scenes videos repeating her lines, and she’d ended up getting rave reviews for her portrayal of Cha Ji Won.

Moon Chae Won responded that she’d read the script for “Flower of Evil” more than any other work because she wanted to understand the overall flow of the show and her character’s feelings as best she could. She said because of that she was able to immerse herself more in the character of Ji Won, and that is why she received good reviews for her performance.

The actress was also asked about working with her co-star Lee Joon Gi. She said that she and Lee Joon Gi are a bit different in their personalities. Despite that, she said it was always great to act with Lee Joon Gi and she got a lot of strength from his bright energy on set, so Joon Gi was a great partner. She said that she thinks they became a bit closer than they were before through this project.

When asked to share any anecdotes she might have from the set or favorite scenes from the drama, Moon Chae Won said, Her co-stars who played her colleagues at the Kangsoo police station were full of energy and fun. She said that she enjoyed every moment that she spent acting with them.

Moon Chae Won was asked to share what she thinks happens after the “Flower of Evil” finale. She replied that she thinks they’ll live happily, because Hyun Soo and Ji Won shouldn’t feel any more pain or sadness.”

The actress said that she felt like she was in a happy and long dream while she was filming ‘Flower of Evil. She wrapped up thanking the fans of the show. She thanked all the fans for loving “Flower of Evil”. It has been a more rewarding experience because of the fan’s support. And she wished everyone happiness and health.


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