Start Up ongoing review episode 10: We get to know that there is someone who wants to take revenge inside Sand box.

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Since Dal Mi found out the letter writer Han JiPyon redhandedly, She feels everyone is beguiling her. She starts to loose her confidence. Nam Do San tries to explain and goes all teary and emotionally, he tells her the real truth this time. Dal Mi needs time. She starts to avoid both of them. Meanwhile Han JiPyon also tells Dal Mi about his feelings towards her, Dal Mi stays immune.

Strangely it seems like Nam Do San’s father is the leader of protest against the security system of In Jae company. After finding out she is from the Sand box, he backs off from media thinking it will harm Nam Do San’s company. Meanwhile Alex makes a big offer to Nam Do San to work with him in a USA company, which Nam Do San turns down.

Dal Me prepares for the rehearsal of the sandbox funding for CEO’s project presentation. Nam Do San keeps following her and finds out that she feels like she is walking on a tight rope. regardless of the broken heart, she has to make the company work no matter what. She finds out that In Jae had stolen her idea of the swing, and confronts In Jae, who tries to make her feel unsure. Do San comes to the rescue telling it is In Jae who is feeling weak, not Dal Mi. He reassures her and tells her that he doesn’t want to lie to her anymore. “This is how I dress’s, this is who I am, but SamSan Tech. could not have made it this far without you” he tells Dal Mi.

Han JiPyon want’s others to pass a message to Dal Mi. If plan A fails there is a plan B, that is He will invest in the company. Hearing this Nam Do San goes to Alex again and tells him if plan A Fails he will agree to plan B with Alex.

We get to know that there is someone who wants to take revenge inside Sand box. Meanwhile, Dal Mi’s grandma finds out who has been removing her job openings for an assistant. It is Dal Mi’s Mother. She refuses to take her Daughter in law as an assistant. Hopefully she might change her attitude.

This episode has everyone mellow. each person on their own and hart broken. Nam Do San is the brave character here has swallowed a truth medicine. His personality is changing here. With nothing to hide, he lives on truth, towards his family and Dal Mi.

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